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04 Feb

Custom Mattresses

16th Century Chinese Emperor Bed

Custom Mattress Size for Any Type of Bed

Custom Size Mattresses for All Speciality Bed Types and Shapes

Have an RV or boat that needs a custom size mattress? Perhaps you have always wanted a round bed, or you have an antique bed frame that doesn’t fit standard mattress sizes? Whatever your specific needs, FloBeds is happy to work with you to create a custom mattress that fits.

Can you get a custom size mattress?

You can get a custom size latex mattress for any bed. Whether you need a non-rectangular mattress to fit in a certain area, a smaller mattress to go in a recreational vehicle, or perhaps you are taller than an average person and need a different sized bed for reasons related to comfort, FloBeds can work with you to get you exactly what you need for a peaceful sleep.  Not only are our mattresses 100% Talalay latex, they are surrounded by a cover made with organic cotton and organic wool.

All you need to do is give us a call with your measurements, and we will give you a quote for your mattress. And if you are happy with it, we can get to work on creating your dream bed!

What are the different bed sizes in order?

Sizes differ from country to country — another reason you may need a custom mattress — but there are a few sizes that have become the standard in each area. Here is a chart to show you where the consistencies are:


N. America


UK / Ireland

Europe / Latin America

Twin / single

39 in × 75 in

99 cm × 191 cm

36 in × 75 in

91 cm × 191 cm

35 in × 79 in

90 cm × 200 cm

Full / double

54 in × 75 in

137 cm × 191 cm

55 in × 79 in

140 cm × 200 cm

(US/Aus) queen

(UK/Ire) king

60 in × 80 in

152 cm × 203 cm

60 in × 78 in

152 cm × 198 cm

63 in × 79 in

160 cm × 200 cm

(US/Aus) king

(UK/Ire) super king

76 in × 80 in

193 cm × 203 cm

(California king

72 in × 84 in

180 cm × 210 cm)

72 in × 80 in

183 cm × 203 cm

72 in × 78 in

183 cm × 198 cm

71 in × 79 in

180 cm × 200 cm

When it comes to our standard mattresses, the different bed sizes in order of smallest to largest are Twin, Twin Long, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Dual King. Of course, these are standard adult mattress sizes, and Twin is generally the smallest. However, if you are looking for something smaller than a twin mattress, we also have crib mattresses that are 28″ x 52″.

If you need a bed that is smaller than a twin mattress, or a different size or shape completely from these standard measurements, that is why we provide our custom mattress service. All you have to do is give us a call where we will discuss your needs, and then we will start building your custom mattress in no time.

Custom comfort and size

The benefit of a custom mattress from FloBeds extends beyond simply creating something that is the right size and shape. Whether it is a custom size mattress or a standard mattress size, you will be able to customize the firmness of your latex mattress, building the layers throughout the entire bed to fit your body’s needs perfectly. This makes each FloBeds mattress the best for comfort as well as convenience. Start building your personalized standard mattress today, or give us a call to get started on a custom mattress right away.

16th Century Opium Bed
Chinese Emperor Bed from 16th Century
Round Bed
Round Latex Mattress

01 Sep

Talalay team builds awareness – Furniture Today

Turners and Fishers at Talalay Global

Talalay team builds ‘awareness’

Dave, left, and Dewey Turner, both of, join Dave and Kim Fisher, both of Talalay Global, in the company showroom.

SHELTON, Conn. — Long before online mattress retailing was a trend, was spreading the gospel of Talalay latex.The Fort Bragg, Calif.-based producer and retailer began selling Talalay latex beds online back in 1997 and has been selling that design exclusively since 2005.
“Consumers like the durability and comfort of Talalay latex,” said Dewey Turner, the company’s general manager. “There is nothing else like it in the industry.”Talalay Global, North America’s only producer of Talalay latex, based here, agrees with that assessment. The producer is also doing its part to spread the word about Talalay latex, created in a multi-step, high-tech process that officials say produces a highly durable, resilient and comfortable sleeping surface.
The company says its new marketing campaign, based around the theme that Talalay latex is “Earth’s Most Perfect Sleep Material,” is connecting in the marketplace.
“We are creating awareness around the world for Talalay latex,” said Kim Fisher, the company’s president.
A suite of materials for the marketing campaign was a big hit at the recent Las Vegas Market, “flying off the shelves,” Fisher said. The message that Talalay latex is “the premier material in bedding” is one that growing numbers of bedding professionals are embracing, officials said.
“Our new tag line, ‘Earth’s Most Perfect Sleep Material,’ is resonating in the market,” said Jim Huffstetler, recently named vice president of marketing. “It’s an honest message.”
More than half of the Top 15 U.S. bedding producers have Talalay latex offerings, officials said.
That sleep surface is gaining share in a tough bedding market, one that some say is down so far this year, they added.
“The disruption in the market is good for us,” said Fisher, one of the few women to head a major manufacturing operation in the bedding industry. “We are a superior sleep product, and we are seeing growth at a time when others say that flat is the new up.”
Fisher said that Talalay Global is winning with its lifestyle story, one that stresses the natural, buoyant and breathable qualities of the product.

The team at is sold on the benefits of Talalay latex. The company has been a customer of Talalay Global for two decades.
“They have always delivered for us,” said Dave Turner, president of “They have a good rapport with our company, and their quality has been consistent. They are a tremendous resource for us.”
“As long as I’m here, I can promise our customers that our product will be the best in the world,” Fisher said. “That’s my personal commitment.”

view actual Todays World article

06 Aug

Battle Of the Bulge. . . Pillowtops

Pillowtop Mattresses

Today you can’t go into a bedding department without seeing the new extra thickmattresses.  Just like french fries, beds are being “super sized”.   But what does this mean?

Are Thicker Beds Better?

Have the leading brand name mattresses companies invented a new way to build a bed?  In a word, no. They are working hard to provide more of the same:  bigger beds that require different sheets, sometimes even different headboards.  Yet still they are using the same spring construction, with more layers polyurethane foam.  Sometimes they add a layer of latex.  But in order to keep profits up, you will usually find lots of poly-foam going by the name super-soft foam, upholstery layer, extra plush pillowtop or ….. And at first blush, it looks like a million bucks.  But it doesn’t last. And the actual sleep and support is pretty much the same as your old innerspring/poly-foam bed before it started packing down and having body-impressions where you lay. Our latex mattresses don’t have pillowtops.  Just 100% organic cotton euro stretch-knit quilted to 1″ wool. Our mattress cover has a 360 degree zipper, allowing you to unzip the top and see the actual components of your mattress.  Nothing hidden.  All quality goods.  And we recommend hanging your cover-top in the sun a couple of times a year.  Sunning will freshen and sanitize your mattress cover, as well as helping to eliminate dust mites.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam, or poly-foam, is a petroleum product designed to imitate latex derived from the rubber tree (foam rubber).  It weighs about one fourth the weight of latex, and lasts about one fourth as long (3-5 years instead of 20 years for Talatech Latex).  The auto industry loves it.  Cars get more mileage, and they /don’t need it to last more than 5 years without loosing its shape.
Poly-foam is like a sponge.  Because of its open cell structure, every time you move on your bed you are sucking into  the bed  dust, moisture, old skin, pollens and whatever is in the air.  Wool and latex don’t do this.

Dust Mites

There is nothing more frustrating than having a good night’s sleep ruined by the sneezing, coughing, and wheezing caused by bedroom allergies. Chances are you have thought about replacing that expensive down comforter or throwing out those pillows.   According to the latest research, the house dust mite has been found to be one of the most common causes of asthma and allergies in the bedroom.

What are dust mites?no dustmites
Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live by the millions in your bed. Normal beds provide them with the warmth, humidity and food they need for ideal growth and reproduction. It is the allergens produced by the mites, in the form of waste particles, to which allergic people react. It is these particles, when inhaled, that have been shown to induce allergic reactions, aggravate asthma and can exacerbate the symptoms of child eczema.

Wool doesn’t provide dust mites a place to live.  Its dry, porous nature prevents dust-mites and other allergens from settling in. Latex is naturally resistant to dust mites. Mites don’t like rubber. In addition, latex does not provide a hospitable home for mites.

On the other hand, dust mites like polyurethane foam.  They like it a lot.  It has an open-cell honeycomb structure that provides a perfect apartment complex for mites to live in.  Every time you move on top of polyurethane foam, you compress this sponge like material, as it expands to its original shape, it sucks in dust, old skin, moisture or whatever.  It’s like a little dust mite city with automatic food delivery.  Most companies use polyurethane foam in their mattresses, especially in pillowtops.

The FloCare Clean Mattress

We don’t use any poly-foam for added plushness in our better beds.   Instead, we use wool.  Naturally better.  Our covers are not as “fluffy” as the “high-profile” mattresses sold in many stores, just better.   Our covers unzip, so you can easily hang your mattress-top in the sun.  We suggest sunning your mattress-top a couple of times a year.  Sunning will kill dust mites. Latex is dust mite resistant.  If you suffer from servere allergies, with the top off, you can vacuum  your mattress components to remove allergens.  That, combined with your sunned mattress top will provide you with the cleanest and most comfortable mattress possible.

Real Components Providing a Real Sleep Environment

A good bed has 3 main parts
1) Top Cover
Cover should be durable, breathable and of quality fibers. Our cover is made of 100% Organic Cotton Euro Knit quilted to 1″ Organic Wool. Wool is a natural bedding wonder. It breathes well. On a hot night it will wick away a third its weight in moisture. Dust mites don’t like it. It springs back to its natural spring shape. The cover should not interfere with the pressure relief and core support of the components beneath.
2) Pressure Relief–
Under the cover comes the 100% Latex FloCare Comfort Pad made up of a 2″ convoluted latex pad.  This spans the whole bed and contours to your body, eliminating pressure points. The one piece topper also makes it so you will not feel the individual cores below.
3) Support Cores
The main part of a bed is the core…the component that actually does all the heavy lifting.
In our Latex mattress we use 100% Latex cores designed to support the person sleeping above. Since most couples have different weights and different spinal support needs, the FloCare Latex Mattress customizes each half of the bed to the proper firmness.   In addition to our 100 Day Money Back Guarantee we offer a Goldilocks Firmness Guarantee.  We will send you a softer or firmer core if you need it.
And that’s it.  You don’t need a pillow-top.  You don’t need another 5″ of mattress.  Its just fluff.

29 Jul

Englander Mattress compared with FloBeds Latex Mattress

Englander Mattress compared with
FloBeds Latex Mattress

When choosing a mattress, you want to consider all your options, so that before buying you can be certain that your mattress is the best on the market. So to help you see how a FloBed stacks up, we have broken down the differences between an Englander mattress, and the natural Talalay latex mattress you will get at FloBeds.

(note: every FloBed is a Talalay Latex Mattress:)Quoted from a site with Englander Latex Mattresses:
(our comments in blue-green italic)

Englander Mattress vs Flobeds’ Talalay Latex

Our latex inner unit is the same one that is used in all of Englander’s latex mattresses sold in the Pacific Northwest. It is 100% pure latex. The ticking is a 60% cotton blend to allow for breathability. The ticking is quilted to polyester fiber and a thin layer of polyurethane foam to provide a deep pattern.”

This polyurethane foam in Englander sleep products acts to stop air flow and maintain heat.  Poly-foam looks like a million bucks when quilted, but doesn’t last long or breathe well….and it also harbors dust mites. By contrast, every FloBed is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, and encased in 100% organic cotton and wool. 

“We also put a layer of fiber pad over the latex unit so that the mattress retains a nice ‘crowned’ look. This prevents the bed from looking blocky when made up with sheets, blankets and comforter. However;some other makers use a latex / synthetic blend. We feel that 100% pure natural latex is superior to blends of synthetic latex. Natural latex is more resilient than blends, thus, it will bounce back to its original shape for many years of sleeping comfort.”

All FloBeds FloCare latex mattresses are made with Talalay Latex.

Talalay Global’s flagship product, Natural Talalay Latex, is100% natural rubber. Our 100% Natural Latex is now also made by Talalay Global’ with the Talalay process. FloBeds Natural Latex is produced using no fillers or shortcuts. It is made from 100% Latex Rubber from the Rubber Tree. Then it is poured into the latex mold. A vacuum is applied to the mold to remove air pockets. Flash freezing ensures consistency and will allow the Talatlay Latex to be made in variations of softness and firmness unequaled by any other latex manufacturer in the world (from 4ild to 70ild…our beds range from 20ild to 40ild). Then it’s heated and cured which gives the latex a lifetime of support and durability. A five stage washer removes any residue. It takes 3 to 4 hours to make a latex mattress core.

“The Latex core is made with pincore construction which helps keeps the mattress cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The density of our latex foam is an impressive 3.4 lbs./cu.ft. There are 3 important reasons for this heavy density. They are:

  1. Long life. We expect this bed to have a 15-20 year service life. The more material, the greater the life.
  2. Exceptional comfort and support. Foam that is less dense must be made stiffer to prevent full compression, or a feeling of sinking deeply into the surface. Stiffer, low density foam is less comfortable and breaks down quickly.
  3. Our Englander Latex Mattress is designed to be a premium, top of the line mattress. When we designed this bed, the goal was to make the best, not achieve a certain price. We have achieved our goal.  Latex foam unlike polyurethane foam, is poured into a mold that is the product end shape and simply dries. Polyurethane foam is poured onto a large -table and then rises to form a “bun” that is then cut into several finished foam products.

Natural latex foam compresses differently than poly-foam. Latex compresses throughout its entire structure as weight is applied. This equally distributes the mechanical burden of compression and creates a soft surface with underlying support. Most poly foam compresses from the surface, with interior compression occurring only under extreme load. This means that the surface foam does most of the work and is subject to wear. The bottom line in foam is that the greater the density, the longer the foam will last. Natural latex can be made very dense and, since it compresses through its full length, is still very comfortable.

I mentioned that our latex mattress has a density of 3.4 lbs./cu.ft. To determine this we actually measured and weighed a foam piece to calculate density. Since our Englander Latex Mattress features pincore construction (the latex unit is pierced with a series of pencil diameter holes to enhance breathability), the actual material density is somewhat greater.”

Every custom Flobeds Natural Latex Mattresses is carefully crafted from 100% natural Talalay latex in a way that meets the specific needs of your body and sleep requirements. That Talalay process, used to create every FloBed mattress core, is what sets our beds apart from the rest. In particular, the longevity associated with Talalay is second to none — and vastly superior to the common Dunlop process. We even have video proof that backs that up. While an Englander mattress might look pretty, only a FloBed can provide the full customization, durability, and attention to detail that will perfectly suit your needs. Don’t believe us? Compare the Englander mattress reviews with our latex mattress reviews, and you’ll see that FloBeds difference. Then contact us and start building your adjustable bed today!

22 Dec

Often imitated, never duplicated | FloBeds

Pt Cabrillo Lighthouse by Bruce Lewis

Quality + Customer Service

We began by offering a unique product, with stellar customer service.

We still offer a unique product.  Some have began to offer mattresses that appear similar, but as they say:  “often imitated, never duplicated”.  Our product, service and guarantees remain unmatched.

Back in the 90s, we were shipping common carrier. We worked hard to make it possible to ship our latex mattress and quality foundation in ta people friendly manor.  By 1999 every FloBed could be shipped via UPS in manageable cartons.  Don’t expect FloBeds to fit 100% real natural latex foam rubber into one box like you see on over 100 brand new mattress company web sites,  all who offer variations of inexpensive polyurethane foam.

And we never lost sight of the importance of having the right support for each person. We knew that people of different age, weight, height and sleeping positions deserve a mattress that is built for them.
It is fun to see all the mattress companies popping up on the Internet, making “bed-in-a-box” ubiquitous. But as they say:  “Often imitated, never duplicated.”

The “Boxing” is just one part… Many of these ghostly wanna-be’s promote “one firmness fits all”. Crazy, but at last count there were over 100 of these companies… usually offering a excellent marketing with incredible descriptions of inexpensive polyurethane foam. Glad you found us in the increasing noisy Internet mattress market. We know we have to make each side right. We believe you deserve a mattress made with 100% real natural latex foam rubber, from the rubber tree. Top-to-Bottom and Side-to-Side every FloBed uses natural Talalay latex to support your body the way it wants.

And of course you deserve a company famous for its unparalleled customer service. Maybe age does matter.

In beds since 1971, on the web since 1996.

The original
The original bed in box… but way different – a personalized latex mattress!

09 Sep

Dual Adjustable Firmness

Best Mattress for Couples: Talalay Latex with Dual Adjustable Firmness

The exclusive FloBeds Latex Dual Adjustable Firmness provides each sleeper with their own firmness. Make your side of the mattress JUST RIGHT.

Dual Adjustable Firmness

Not every person sleeps the same. It’s the fact FloBeds was built around! This principle also makes picking a mattress as a couple a massive task. Does your partner like it hot while you like it cold? One of you toss and turn? Every couple has different preferences, but those disagreements shouldn’t extend to your mattress. Our exclusive Dual Adjustable Firmness provides each sleeper with their own firmness that can be adjusted to make your side of the mattress JUST RIGHT. And if you don’t get it Just Right, we offer you a 100 Nite Money Back Guarantee. 
As we age, we get more sensitive to a restless or tossing and turning partner. FloBeds has been solving this issue for couples for 20 years. Back in 1997 FloBeds developed a bed that each person could adjust the mattress firmness on their side. And FloBeds fixed it without leaky air cells. Instead, they took the best mattress material in the world, Talalay, and created a layered and adjustable firmness mattress. Then we took it to a whole new comfort level with the “Goldilocks Guarantee,” letting you switch for a softer or firmer core as your needs change. FloBeds General Manager Dewey Turner said it succinctly: “Everyone should have the right to be a Goldilocks, making sure their bed is ‘Just Right’”. FloBeds customers agree: The FloBed is the “Best Mattress for Couples”.
Make your side of the mattress JUST RIGHT.Under our 2-inch comfort pad of pure convoluted latex, each sleeper has two or three layers of Talalay latex cores in the firmness combination best suited for your body. By bracketing the firmness you think is right for you (for instance we might make your side firm/extra-firm and your partner’s medium/firm) we guarantee you will get the comfort and support your body deserves.

Our Guide to Selecting the Best Mattress For Couples

What Type of Material Makes the Best Mattress for Couples?

Adjustable firmness beds are widely considered the best mattressesvZone Natural Talalay Latex Mattress - Exploded for couples. This makes adjustable air-cell mattresses seem appealing — just use the attached pump to increase or decrease the firmness as you need! It sounds great…until you have to sleep on one for an extended period. Pump malfunctions, leaks, the “trench effect”, unwanted deflation, none of it makes for a good experience. Add to the list that you will never get the same contouring support properties of natural latex and air cell options look worse and worse. 

What then? Do you have to know exactly the firmness you want for both you and your partner the day you buy your dual firmness mattress? Our Goldilocks guarantee lets you change your firmness anytime during the 20-year life of your mattress. Need a little extra support? We simply swap out your all-natural Talalay latex core for the core of your desired firmness. Under the Goldilocks Guarantee, you can order up to two additional firmness cores for up to 5 years for only $75. And then, for the next 15 years, as life happens, you can order additional cores to adjust your FloBed to your life at a prorated price.
You CAN have the best of both worlds. No trench effect, no leaky air cells. Just cool, breathable, environmentally friendly, customized comfort for you and your partner.
For a demonstration of how you can adjust your firmness, check out our Natural Latex Mattress build-bed page.

What Size Bed is Best for Couples

A full size (53” x 75”) mattress can work for many couples, but keep in mind that’s only a foot wider than a twin. Most couples opt for at least a queen size mattress (60” x 75”), or an even larger king size (76” x 80”) mattress.

Flobeds can make any size, any model into a dual firmness mattress. Whether you opt for a traditional queen or a California king, we can ensure that both you and your partner get custom fit support. Does your partner’s lumbar, shoulder, or hip pain keep them rolling around restless at night? Our V-zone model allows for even more specific customization for each portion of your unique relationship’s unique needs. Couples everywhere have found their sleep needs met in the utter comfort of our all-natural Talalay mattress cores,

We’re Plus-Size. What’s the Best Mattress for Heavy Couples

Talalay Latex. While many heavy people like memory foam mattresses, Talalay latex’s durability and consistency make it a clear winner. It’s firm, responsive, strong, and doesn’t leave a weightier person feeling “absorbed” by the bed.

One’s weight is always a key factor to consider when purchasing a mattress. Often cheaper mattresses will break down after just a few months if they aren’t the quality needed for a big guy or portly individual. Springs bend, foam compresses, and your overall comfort is diminished. Our Talalay latex cores, on the other hand, are produced with a twenty-year life in mind – no matter your weight.  Check out our Big & Tall Mattress for extra flexibility.

The FloBeds Difference

Life is too short to sleep on a cheap mattress! At FloBeds, we know how you want to sleep, and will offer the customization to get you there — as an individual, as a couple, now, and in the future. Build yours today!

20 Jul

How to Purchase a Bed Online | FloBeds

How to Purchase a Customizable Mattress at FloBeds

Shopping for a mattress online is an exciting new step towards achieving better sleep. However, because there are many options available, finding the right mattress can be difficult. The mattresses sold by online retailers might be comfortable, but many of them are sold as-is and cannot be modified to meet the customer’s needs. Unlike other retailers, FloBeds offers our customers the opportunity to create their own, one-of-a-kind customizable mattress. On top of that, we provide the best latex beds in the business, made from natural Talalay latex.

Are you interested in learning more? Here are 5 easy steps you can take to purchase a quality latex bed and get yourself back on a great sleep schedule:

1. Browse Our Selection of Talalay Latex Mattresses

Before you get started, you’ll need to visit our natural latex mattress page to choose from one of our three mattress types: Select, Deluxe and vZone. No matter which one you pick, each Talalay latex mattress is sure to give you the best sleep you’ve ever had.

2. Get Personalized Firmness Suggestions

If you’re unsure about which mattress type is best for you, you can consult our Mattress Firmness Advice section. Our handy tool allows you to enter key details, such as your sleeping position, your desired mattress firmness and weight and the number of sleepers who will be in your new latex bed. After entering your specifications, you’ll see tailored results that recommend the best Talalay latex mattress settings based on your needs.

3. Apply Mattress Firmness Settings

After you’ve completed the Mattress Firmness Advice tool, a button will appear which will give you the option to apply the recommended firmness to your natural latex bed. All you have to do is click this button and your mattress will be updated with your specifications.

4. Manually Choose Your Mattress Firmness Settings

If you don’t need recommendations when choosing your new natural Talalay latex mattress, you can skip our tool and start shopping right away. At the top right of our mattress product page, there will be a drop down menu with four separate options — size, mattress model, left side firmness and right side firmness. Simply fill in these fields and add to your cart once completed. And, if you would like to add twice-fluffed pillows to your order for free, you can!

5. Add a Mattress Foundation

Before you confirm your purchase, make sure you browse and order one of our many foundations which properly support your natural latex bed. We offer FloBeds foundations in three variants — Fir Slat, Euro Slat and Adjustable. These foundations fully elevate the mattress to meet the shape and size of your body, allowing for complete comfort.

Find Great Talalay Latex Mattresses at FloBeds

Now that you’ve created a wonderful customizable mattress, it’s time to complete your order. Once we’ve received your confirmation, our team will begin constructing your mattress right away. After a few days, your latex bed will arrive at your doorstep, just waiting for you to indulge in blissful comfort. If you have any questions about our customizable mattresses or require assistance, please contact us at any time and one of our Firmness Advisors will be happy to walk you through the process.

31 May

4 Sleep Tips for Success

What you can do in the bedroom to sleep better

Here are some pointers on how the right bedroom setup can help you sleep better. Check these tips off your list and your will be on your way to dreamland in no time.

  1. A custom mattress: Many people sleep on mattresses that are too firm or too soft. FloBeds can be customized, so your mattress can fit your body and sleeping habits just right. Our latex mattresses are extremely supportive and the layers in the mattresses can be switched around to achieve different firmnesses.
  2. The right height frame: Make sure it isn’t too difficult to get in and out of bed because of your bed frame height. Even the rules of Funghi suggest you pay attention to the height of your frame. FloBeds offers various height legs so you can find the best one that fit your needs.
  3. The right sleep temperature: Research shows that your bedroom should be between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. Invest in a smart thermostat to make sure your room is the right temperature.
  4. The right humidity: “Extreme weather conditions impact our mood, our health, and can even our sleep. When the air has a high humidity concentration, we feel hot and sweaty – which means uncomfortable sleep. When the air is too dry, on the other end, our skin, eye and nasal passages dry out which is also uncomfortable.”-Huff Post According to the National Sleep Foundation your room should always be at 50% humidity.
26 May

Sleep Better During Pregnancy | FloBeds

FloBeds creates a mattress that’s better for pregnant women, while sleeping on their side.

“We received our latex bed in early October due to a recommendation of a friend. About two weeks later, we were lucky enough to find out our second kid is on the way come June 8. My wife spent her first pregnancy on a 15 year old mattress and didn’t sleep well. This pregnancy she is sleeping better and more soundly, even with our 3 year old daughter in the bed with us. It is amazing how less movement transfer there is between sides of the bed and the latex support is “awesome” for the wife. We’re looking forward to the next 20 years of sound sleeping. I’m so enamored that when the kids get old enough I might need to buy them latex beds themselves.” –KENT D WEDEMEYER
FloBeds Talalay latex mattresses are great for women who are pregnant because they are adjustable . As a mother progresses through each trimester, she can switch around the layers on her side of the mattress. This will ensure that she gets the support she needs throughout her pregnancy.

24 May

The Big and Tall | FloBeds

A latex mattress fit for a king.  We combine Natural Latex, with horse hair, and coconut fiber.


Big & Tall Performance Organic Mattresses
Our Organic Big & Tall Performance Latex Mattresses feature premium 100% Natural Talalay latex inside a luxurious organic euro knit cotton quilted to organic wool. Our multi-layer latex cores accommodate the firmness needs of each individual sleeper by allowing each of you to choose your own firmness combinations. The Big & Tall Performance Latex Mattress adds an organic sateen encased wool over horsehair layer on top for the ultimate in sleeping cool.Big & Tall Mattress - exploded view
Build the firmness (and softness) for each side.

Organic Natural Big & Tall vZone– 16 inches of Top-to-Bottom, Side-to-Side and Head-to-Toe adjustable zoning for relief at hips and shoulders plus lumbar support.

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