St. Dormeir Wool Mattress Protector

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St. Dormeir Natural Wool Mattress Protector quilted in 100% cotton terry cloth cover (16 inch pockets fit up to 12 inch mattress)



Protect your mattress investment with a washable and breathable wool mattress protector.

St. Dormeir’s wool mattress protectors are natural, breathable, and insulating. A mattress should be kept fresh and new with a removable, washable wool mattress protectorA good mattress will last 10 to 20 years, so you should choose a protector wisely.


St DORMEIR® protectors will keep your bedding clean and fresh while keeping you cool, dry and comfortable. Quilted in Spain with pure virgin wool and a special chemical-free terry cover with 100% cotton pile and a polyester base for durability.

The mattress protectors are designed to enhance the comfort of your mattress, and the pillow protectors will make your pillow feel firmer.


Wool has a reputation for insulation and absorbency making it perfect for use year-long. It naturally wicks moisture vapour away from the skin and allows it to evaporate. This can be particularly beneficial for people who always ‘sleep hot’, as the protector will reduce the clammy, uncomfortable feeling. Ultimately, we designed this protector to provide comfort and breathability, enhancing the quality of your sleep.


St DORMEIR® protectors are made primarily from natural fibres – wool and cotton, which are both renewable and biodegradable. St DORMEIR® products are also certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100: they meet the highest safety standards and are certified to be free from harmful chemicals.


The washing instructions have changed slightly in the past year. A product containing wool, must be washed carefully.  If machine washing, use a cycle with low agitation, high spin, and warm water only.  Machine wash only in a front loading machine, or a top loading machine without an agitator. Fill the machine to maximum; if needed add towels to achieve a full load.  Use an enzyme free detergent like Woolite baby or Kookaburra wool wash.  Hang to dry, this unique mattress protector will dry over night, while hanging due to the moisture wicking characteristics of wool. Or, the protector can be dry cleaned.

St Dormeir wool protectors are natural, breathable, and insulating. Quilted in Spain from ethically sourced virgin wool and terry fabric with a pure cotton pile, they are perfect for use in both winter and summer. Wool absorbs perspiration much better than polyester and will keep your mattress clean and fresh while keeping you cool and dry.

The Perfect Amount of Thickness

One of the great benefits of having our mattress protector is that it’s not too thick or too thin, but just right! The protector isn’t thick enough to change your mattress, but thick enough to feel a difference that gives you the right amount of cozy softness. 

dormeir mattress protector - washable cotton & wool
Dormeir Mattress Protector for FloBeds Latex Mattresses

Temperature Neutrality

Wool is exceptionally breathable, which allows it to wick away sweat and keep sleepers cool during the summer, but wool also insulates heat very well when temperatures drop. That is why wool mattress toppers are superior to those made from other materials. They save you the need to buy a wool mattress pad, topper or protector to switch over to during the changing of the seasons.

Allergy-free and Healthy Sleep

If you suffer from allergies, then an organic wool mattress topper or protector is just the thing for you! Wool naturally repels dust mites, allergens and fungal spores that can trigger allergies. The natural fibers found in wool help force out moisture, which is what repels dust mites and mold from residing inside your mattress. You can have peace of mind knowing that our wool mattress toppers and protectors will help avoid allergies in your mattress, topper or protector. 

Organic cotton inside of the natural latex mattress
washable cotton & wool mattress protector

What’s the Difference Between a Protector and a Topper?

A wool mattress topper is an additional padded layer that goes on the top of your bed to increase comfort. A Protector provides a layer between you and your mattress, helping to keep you cool and comfortable. Although the differences are slight, it’s important to know the distinct characteristics of each — all protectors are toppers, but not all toppers are protectors. With FloBeds, you always have a protector.


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