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Everyone Is Built Differently,
Why Not Have A Mattress Built For You?

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Newsweek Magazine article on FloBeds layered latex mattress
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What Sets FloBeds Apart

1.  We Customize Every Bed
2.  We Use Natural Talalay Latex
3.  You Can Adjust Your Bed For 20 Years

Personalized Firmness

  • Our unique design.
  • Multiple layers of natural latex cores.
  • Personalized firmness for each side of the mattress.
  • Goldilocks Was Right: This Side Is Just Right
Deluxe Latex Mattress showing Talalay Cores

High Quality Materials

  • Organic cotton and organic wool cover.
  • 100% natural Talalay latex inside.
  • Certified FSC Pine for foundation and legs
  • Every inch of our mattress is made from the highest quality, ethically sourced materials and is free from harmful chemicals.
  •   Certified Pure!
Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Natural Latex

The Talalay Latex Difference

pouring talalay latex for our natural mattress
FloBeds Deluxe Latex Mattress with organic cotton, organic wool and natural latex

Unique Design for Custom Comfort

  • Multiple layers of natural latex cores to create personalized firmness for each side of the mattress. 
  • Five different firmness levels (ranging from Soft to SuperFirm)
  • We use only natural Talalay latex, so you can move a firmer layer closer to your body and still get the comfort and support only Talalay can provide. 

The FloBeds vZone

Contoured Support with adjustable pressure relief zones.

  • Need to address specific pressure points?
  • Need extra lumbar support? No problem. Each zone fits into a zippered pocket and can be moved to get the right firmness for your lumbar, shoulders, and hips.
  • Customized comfort from head-to-toe, it’s no wonder this is our most popular mattress.

How the vZone relieves pressure:

Click arrow to see inside.

Our Promise

100 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee Test Rest

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
If we can’t get your Talalay Latex Mattress “Just Right” within 100 days we will refund your purchase price. No restocking fee, no questions asked.

Goldilocks Guarantee

Change your firmess for the life of your mattress

Change your firmness anytime for the 20-year life of your new Talalay mattress. Life happens, change is inevitable… make sure your latex mattress can change with you!  Goldilocks was right… this bed is Just Right


“Wonderful service and truly the best bed I have slept in.”

                                                                                   -Sarah T.

From the Blog

vZone Deluxe Mattress Video
Learn how we do it.

Deluxe Natural Talalay Latex Mattress - Exploded

See how your FloBed can be “tuned” for your body on one side and your partner’s body on the other.  It can even be half vZone and half Deluxe, and only your body will know.  As always, the goal is “Just Right”.

Furniture Today Honors
FloBeds as Pioneer

Newsweek Was Right!
(June 17, 2002)

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