Certified Pure Green Natural Latex Mattresses

Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Natural Latex

Did you know that you spend 1/3 of your life in bed? It’s true! As a result, it’s really important to think about what you’re sleeping on. FloBeds certainly has. That’s why we created our pure green natural latex mattress selection

Manufacturing the Perfect Pure Latex Mattress

When it comes to creating the leading green mattresses on the market, FloBeds cuts no corners. We make each bed with only the finest materials to ensure premium quality and an incredible night’s sleep. 

A Truly Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress

Some companies use the term “100% organic latex mattress,” but don’t let them fool you — there’s no such thing. When companies claim to have a certified organic mattress, it can still be made without using the most eco-friendly practices or sustainable resources. The fact of the matter is that the typical criteria used to classify something as “organic” are often flawed. However, there are better criteria you can use to decide which mattresses are the most eco-friendly. 

While no mattress can be 100% organic, our pure green latex mattress selection is as close as it gets. What’s our secret? The Talalay Latex. This exceptional material is unparalleled in comfort, firmness, longevity, durability and breathability. Superior to Dunlop latex, Talalay makes each pure green mattress we offer hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and in compliance with the global organic textile standard (GOTS.)

Natural Talalay Latex

Natural Milk of the Rubber Tree

Made from the milk of the Rubber Tree our Talalay latex is 100% natural, baby-safe, buoyant and breathable.  Oeko-Tex gives you the assurance of purity you deserve.

100% Organic Cotton

natural cotton

With a luxurious Euro-stretch knit, our organic cotton meets the global organic textile standard (GOTS.) Since it is next to your body, we even wash it before quilting it to our organic wool.

100% Organic Wool

Organic Wool

At FloBeds, we were the first to use organic wool to pass the federal fire standards for mattresses. Sourced from healthy sheep raised outdoors, our wool is how we pass the Federal Open Flame Test. In comparison, most other companies use chemicals or artificial components that prohibit them from passing this test. 

FSC Ponderosa Pine

FSC Certified Ponderosa Pine from Collinswood

We use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Ponderosa Pine in our foundations. Know that your Flobeds foundation is part of keeping “Forests For All & Forever.”

To top it off, we also use solid, FSA-certified Ponderosa pine for our slat foundations.

What Sets Our Green Mattresses Apart?

At FloBeds, we believe in doing things the right way instead of the easy way. Each pure mattress we offer includes the following: 

  • Personalization. Every green latex mattress we sell is personalized and adjustable. You can create your own firmness that has contoured support with adjustable pressure relief zones, and even adjust the firmness as time goes on.
  • Certified pure ingredients and materials. All of our green mattresses are ethically made and chemical-free. There is also no polyurethane foam, and it’s spring-free. 

The Goldilocks Guarantee. Your comfort is our number one priority. That’s why over the entire 20-year life of your bed, you can order a new firmness based on your needs. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles
GOTS organic seal
GOTS organic seal
FSC - Forests for all - forever
Okeo-Tex for your assurance of purity.

Certificates of Purity:

Oeko-Tex is an organization that looks world-wide for assuring human ecological safety in regards to textile related products. Their strict guidelines ensure that products are free of petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic products. FloBeds is proud to have a Oeko-Tex certificate for our pure green natural latex mattress selection. 

A Difference You Can Feel

The components you find in our green mattresses are free from unnecessary and harmful chemicals. We use sustainable ingredients and processes wherever possible, from our latex cores to our bedding covers. In the long run, you will be able to feel the difference and have the peace of mind and comfort that you need after a long day. 

Sleep Well with a Pure Green Latex Mattress from FloBeds

Whether you’re looking for a pure green natural latex mattress topper or a new latex mattress, FloBeds has you covered. We offer a wide range of designs so you can get the perfect, natural mattress with GOTS-certified materials for your living space. Shop our pure green latex mattress selection today! 

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