Talalay Latex Mattress vs. Dunlop Latex Mattress

At Flobeds, we only use Talalay latex mattress cores for our products. That is because this manufacturing process is the best in creating a better mattress, and thus better sleeping experience altogether.

Every Talalay Latex mattress core takes almost 5 hours to make, compared to just 2 hours for a Dunlop processed core, but the extra time spent is well invested, and it’s part of what makes natural Talalay latex so much better than other mattresses for your bed. Talalay is well worth the wait! We will discuss the differences between Talalay latex mattress and the Dunlop latex mattress and why Flobeds prefers Talalay latex in all of our mattresses.

Talalay vs. Dunlop Latex

A Resiliency Study of Latex


Let’s start with the basics: what is Talalay? Talalay describes the manufacturing process of creating a latex mattress out of latex foam rubber. It is similar to the Dunlop process, but with a few additional steps (you can see the full FloBeds Talalay process here). The result is a more even feel and more flexible mattress that gives you the support and softness you need. We wanted to produce an organic Talalay latex mattress, but originally we could not get our natural latex foam in Talalay, so instead, we imported natural latex made in the Dunlop process by the container from Sri Lanka. However, we couldn’t help but notice that our Latex International Talalay Latex (blended) kept its shape and resiliency much better than the Dunlop.

As our natural and organic latex mattress sales grew, we kept asking Latex International to consider making a 100% natural Talalay to go inside our organic cotton and organic wool cover. Finally, in 2005 they did, and FloBeds was first in line. We have never looked back.

Dave inspects Talalay Latex Core coming out of mold

So what is Talalay’s secret? What makes a Talalay latex mattress so much better? The main difference is that the Talalay latex process creates a more consistent and supple latex than any other latex. Conversely, the Dunlop process creates a latex that is not as consistent and is stiffer than the Talalay latex. Because of this, Dunlop can be cheaper, and some manufacturers choose to save money by using Dunlop for the bottom layer and Talalay for the top layer. The reasoning being that Dunlop in the bottom layer is not felt as much as the layer of Talalay on the top layer. This is a way to save money, but the FloBeds Invention takes advantage of the sleeper’s ability to move a firmer layer up if your body needs a slightly firmer or softer sleeping surface for pressure relief. This is why we are so famous for being able to get your mattress “Just Right” — you can customize until you get the firmness that works for you, specifically so you can get the best support and sleep you need. Our Talalay latex mattresses can be as unique as our customers that buy them. We have even heard some folks selling Dunlop as a firmer mattress than Talalay, but that simply makes no sense at all! Since all latex is measured in ILD (indention load deflection), a 32 ILD in Dunlop will take the same 32 pounds to compress 4 inches to 3 inches as a 32 ILD pure Talalay mattress core.

For example, to prove this point, we performed a simple experiment. In July of 2009, while cleaning out the upper shelves at our Latex Shop, we found some latex cores — both Talalay and Dunlop — that had been stored compressed for years. We wondered how dramatic the difference in resiliency between Talalay and Dunlop would be and wanted to share the study with our customers.  And even we were surprised at the results.

In this video, you will notice the latex core made using the Dunlop Process does not spring back like the Talalay does, despite being stored for years. The Dunlop requires more attention, and will still not come back to its original shape. By contrast, you can see that the Talalay still looks brand new. We believe this same study happens on your latex mattress in your bedroom every night. When you sleep in the same place year after year, the Dunlop will not come back to its original shape after years of use. However, Talalay latex mattress offers much more support and long term resiliency — which could not be more important given how much time you’ll spend on it.

For years we have been serving our customers with only the best products. The difference in our Talalay latex mattress is so positive that it is easy for our customers to see, both right after purchase and the years that follow. And we have the reviews to prove it! Peruse some of our over 500 five star reviews, and see for yourself just some of the reasons why our customers love our Talalay latex mattress so much.

How Talalay Latex is Made

FloBeds Talalay Latex Core

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I believe firm Dunlop latex is better for the support. Do you have such an option?
    We only offer Talalay. We feel it is superior in consistency and longevity. Latex firmness is measured in ILD, which is how many pounds it takes to compress a 4” piece of latex to 3”. A 36 ILD Talalay piece of latex takes the same 36 pounds to compress as a Dunlop piece. Dunlop is stiffer, and can be used as a bottom layer without compromising the mattress. This will allow for a lower cost mattress. However, we feel that it is important to be able to move layers up and down in your mattress to achieve the best support for your body. If you have a Dunlop layer on the bottom and want to firm up your mattress, moving the Dunlop to the top will bring a stiffer, less conforming layer closer to your body and compromise the comfort.
  1. Convoluted latex is soft. I prefer a bit of firm as a top. Does convoluted latex also have a firm, medium and soft type?
    We offer our 2” layer of convolute on all our mattresses. It is for pressure relief and blood circulation. If, after trying our mattress with convolute, a FloBeds customer wants a solid 2” layer instead, we will exchange (no charge) the convolute for any firmness desired from 22 ILD to 36 ILD.
  1. After purchasing, can I change one of the layers, e.g. Change the firm for medium… What is the cost?
    We offer our Goldilocks Guarantee which allows you to purchase new cores (half-width in King, Queen or Full) at a deep discounted price of $75 for the first 5 years. Here is a link to the complete details of the Goldilocks Guarantee: https://www.flobeds.com/goldilocks-guarantee/
  1. Returning cost
    Our 100-day test rest allows you to return your FloBed for a full refund of the purchase price. You only pay the shipping. For example, a queen mattress would cost about $79 to ship to the Continental US. We offer our UPS account to return at the same price, so your risk would be about $148.
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