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Organic Cotton

100% Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton Surrounds Every FloBed Latex Mattress

Organic Cotton where is counts most…next to your body. You spend all day in a harsh world. Retreat to a natural bed covered with organic cotton for a true safe haven. Cotton, the original sustainable fabric, grown and processed without chemicals.

natural cotton

What is organic cotton? Organic cotton is the version of its conventional counterpart grown without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or any other chemicals, and that makes it hugely different, especially considering that cotton (organic or otherwise) provides about half of all the world’s fiber needs.

Conventional cotton is one of the most chemically-dependent crops, sucking up 10 percent of all agricultural chemicals and 25 percent of insecticides on 3 percent of our arable land; that’s more than any other crop per unit. That adds up to 1/3 of a pound of chemicals to produce enough cotton for a t-shirt, and 3/4 of a pound for a pair of jeans. And that’s just not bad for the planet; 20,000 deaths occur each year from pesticide poisoning in developing countries, many of these from cotton farming, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Organic cotton on the other hand, uses agricultural methods designed to help sustain the land it grows on, the people who grow and harvest it, and the planet in general. Organic farming really starts with the soil. Compost, frequent crop rotations and cover crop strategies replace synthetic fertilizers to keep the soil healthy and productive. Weeds are controlled by innovative farm machinery, hand labor or flame devices rather than herbicide applications. Rather than attempting to eradicate all insects with chemicals, organic farmers cultivate a diversity of natural enemies which prey on insect pests, and lure pests away from cotton by planting trap crops. Insect pests can be effectively kept in balance with well-timed introduction of beneficial insects to fields. In warmer growing regions, where the cotton plants must be killed or defoliated to pick a quality crop before the onset of winter rains, organic growers shut off water early, and apply certified certified materials to promote cotton boll opening and leaf dropping, readying the fibers for harvest. In the US, both conventional and organic cotton are mostly machine-picked; in some developing countries, cotton is still harvested by hand.

When it comes time to harvest by hand, it follows then that organic cotton is also much safer for those who pick it. Workers aren’t exposed to breathing or otherwise ingesting toxic chemicals while active in the field, and don’t have to worry about the same nasty chemicals getting into their water supply if they live nearby. They can raise healthier children and livestock, and everyone is happier (okay, we made that last part up, but it seems to fit, right?).
Organic cotton certification: Like other organic products (food is the most prominent example), organic cotton must be certified as such by a third party, based upon pre-determined rules and regulations for what is and isn’t allowed in the cultivation process. Here in the United States, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates the organic certification process, based on the standards set in the Organic Food Production Act of 1990 (OFPA); because organic cotton is grown around the world, and the US supply is not large enough to keep up with demand, other certification groups are often cited for products we see and use.

The Dutch organization SKAL (one we’ve seen around a lot), for example, works in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia to certify different agricultural products as organic. Among the rules for certification, in addition to the ongoing ban of pesticides and other chemicals, is that the soil cannot have been sprayed with any of the banned substances for three years, so proper organic certification takes significant time, effort and bureaucratic rule-following (some might call it hoop-jumping or cutting red tape, but we won’t) but the results are something to be proud of: a truly sustainable product.

04 Feb

Custom Mattresses

16th Century Chinese Emperor Bed

Emperor Beds, Boat Beds, Travel Trailers, Tree Forts, Round Beds, Antique Beds, World; Largest Dog Bed, French Beds… you name it, we’ve built it!

To get a rough estimate, give us a call with your measurements.  We can give you an idea of the cost.  Production of some projects, like v-berths, may require a template (paper, cardboard, etc)




16th Century Opium Bed





Round Bed






15 Jan

Consumers Report- Sheets: Wake-up call

Consumer Reports Linens
We posted this years ago.  When we reviewed it we thought folks would still appreciate the information.

Sheets: Wakeup call

Silk pillowcases that shred in the wash? Linen sheets so wrinkly after laundering that you might as well not bother making the bed? Sky high thread counts based on creative calculating? Note to the makers of sheets in our tests: Stop sleeping on the job.

Much has changed in the bedding business. Tried and true names such as Cannon and Charisma are largely gone, a result of company bankruptcies. High quality percale sheets — the kind we have recommended — are harder to find, too.Consumer Reports: Nightmare

Instead, consumers are faced with high prices, unfamiliar brands, poor wearing fabrics, and marketing that wrongly places a premium on the highest thread count. Standard sheets used to last years; some of those we tested don’t even come close.

In short, we didn’t find much to like among the 19 queen sheet sets we tested, which are priced from $30 to $385 and are found in bed and bath and department stores and online. They included trendy weaves such as sateen and satin, and nontraditional fibers such as polyester and modal, a cellulose fiber made from wood.

Unsuitable fabrics. In 20 launderings following the manufacturer’s directions, the Domestications Washable Silk pillowcases were in shreds. The Linens ‘n Things Home Brilliance Jersey knit sheets shrank so much after just five washings that they no longer fit the bed. Then there was the Cuddledown Heirloom Voile set, which is sheer. Who wants to see through to the mattress pad or pillow protector? Even the percale sheets in our tests were only fair for strength, typically a standout feature for percale.

Almost all the tested sheets needed ironing to look their best. Some of the unusual fibers require even more care. Silk needs delicate laundering. Sateen can rip on a toenail or cat’s claw; satin can snag even on chapped hands.

Poor quality control. Fresh out of the package, a Bed Bath & Beyond sheet, now discontinued, was 10 inches shorter than it should be. With other sets, we discovered missing or torn components.

What-were-they-thinking design. Buttons on the DKNY Play pillowcases allow you to fit kingsized or queen sized pillows. But you might greet the day with button imprints on your face. With the Domestications Washable Silk set, unseemly seams down the middle of the fitted sheet could haunt a restless sleeper.

Questionable claims. Some manufacturers use creative math to boost thread count (see Thread counts). Likewise, some sheets are labeled organic. But that simply means that the material is grown without pesticides. Federal regulations don’t exist regarding the processing of the raw material, so all kinds of environmentally unfriendly chemicals could be used. “Natural” or “green” labeling may indicate that harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde or chlorine aren’t used in processing. Without standards, though, there are no guarantees.

Some thread counts are bogus

Thread count is the new marketing mantra for sheets. The higher the better, you’ll hear. But some sheet makers are boosting thread count simply by counting wrong.

The right way to count is to add up all vertical and horizontal threads in a square inch of fabric. Two hundred is typical and perfectly fine; 400 may provide a finer, softer sheet. Above 400, the only difference is likely to be price.

Our tests included some sheets listing thread counts of far more. The Linensource Regency Collection, $280 per queen set, claims a stunning 1,200.

Then we checked the math. Many sheet makers, including Linensource, count plies very thin yarns that make up a thread. We hired an independent textile lab to count threads. The actual count: 416. That’s just 35 percent of what Linensource claims.

Bottom line: Pick a sheet between 200 and 400 thread count that meets your other criteria. Paying more for higher thread count is wasting money.

Bedding basics

Combed cotton. Fibers are combed and the short ones are removed. The process makes the fabric smoother.

Egyptian. Cotton grown only along Egypt’s Nile River.

Jersey. A plain knit fabric.

Linen. Fiber made from the flax plant.

Modal. Cellulose fiber similar to rayon.

Percale. Cotton or cotton-polyester plain-weave fabric with equal or similar vertical and horizontal thread counts.

Pima. Cotton grown primarily in the Southwest.

Plain weave. The simplest weave structure: single vertical and horizontal threads woven under and over.

Polyester. A synthetic fiber. Sateen. Smooth, fairly glossy fabric in which the horizontal threads are woven over four or more vertical threads.

Voile. A plain-weave, sheer fabric usually used for curtains or blouses.

How to choose

Focus on fiber. Traditional cotton remains your best choice for sheets that combine easy care, comfort, and durability. If you’re a stickler for sheets that look their best and you don’t want to iron, look for cotton-polyester blends.

Note fit and construction. For the new, thicker mattresses, we found that buying bigger is best. If your mattress is 18 inches thick, choose sheets that claim 20 inches, to avoid popoff corners.

Look for elastic all around the edges of a fitted sheet. Elastic along each side of the sheet is second best. Elastic in the corners only is the last choice. Check the seams on the wide hem of the top sheet and on the pillowcases. Stitches should be tidy, tight, and fairly small.

Never mind thread count. Thread counts between 200 and 400 are fine. Within that range, a higher number may provide a softer feel. With counts over 400, the main difference is price.

Guard against poor quality. In the store, make sure all pieces of the set are there and in good condition. With darker fabrics, buy and set aside extra pillowcases that can document color changes in laundering over time. That’s especially important if you’re buying coordinating bedding or accessories. Keep receipts and ask for your money back if the sheets fade after laundering or do not otherwise hold up.

FloBeds Linens

07 Jan


quilts by Anne Turner

Tree of Life II (for Katie)
Celtic Pride (for Packie)


Tree of Life

Presentation in Otsuchi, Japan
Packie and Superintendant Steve Lund
“Hands Across the Pacific”



Katie’s Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Otsuchi after the tsunami





Dave’s Office




Self Portrait




Dyed In The Wool


Sweet Dreams


Storm At Sea


Dream Mill


I’ll Fly Away


Amish Blues

See more of Anne’s Quilts at iQuilt.net



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More ZZZs

Doctors know how important sleep is

Sleep is Essential

Powerful people: How they do it all How do high-achieving people balance work and family? One way is by remembering the important role of sleep. Sleep deprivation can negatively impact coordination, agility, mood and energy.  The right mattress purchase is essential for keeping your career on track while you cope with everything from kids to aging parents. Mom was right, you shouldn’t shirk on the shut-eye.

Get more sleep and live betterspaceSleep is EssentialDon’t Skimp on Essentials: Most of us are staying home more these days; eating at home, finding entertainment at home, even vacationing at home. That makes it important to focus on items essential for good at-home experiences.  Join the ranks of people who are cutting back, but recognize the importance of things that make their home more comfortable and healthy.  And what could be more comfortable and healthy than the right bed for YOUR body?
Doctor SleepspaceSleep ResearchStudies show Sleep is Essential: “German scientists say they have demonstrated for the first time that our sleeping brains continue working on problems that baffle us during the day, and the right answer may come more easily after 8 hours of rest.”
Couple achieving comfort and relaxationspaceComfort, Relaxation and RejuvinationSleep Loss Can Cause Weight Gain: Several recent studies have confirmed that there’s a link between lost sleep and weight gain. In one study, participants who slept six hours per night were 27% more likely to become obese than those sleeping seven to nine hours; people getting five hours of sleep per night were 73% more likely to become obese! Who knew? A good night’s sleep, on a good mattress, helps you stay slim and trim.

Get More Sleep to be ready for your dayBenefits of a Good Night’s Sleep: Better heart health, weight loss, more attractive appearance, and increased libido.

06 Jan

Down on The Farm

Stanford circa 1970 (Down on The Farm)

Stanford University circa 1970

A long time ago… in a far away…

Stanford, where we first built and sold mattresses back in 1971. Making sleep, part science… part art. It’s been an interesting journey. First the store on University Avenue in Palo Alto while still working on my Poly Sci / Social Thought and Institutions degree (which I am pleased to inform the reader I am proud to have put to use as four-term Mayor of Fort Bragg, California). After that… I am repeating what we said on the history page.

30 Dec


Water Mattresses and Waterbeds

Opened a waterbed store  in Palo Alto, California as a means to pay for college.

Formed FloCare National, providing specialized home delivery and warranty service for Sears, JCPenneys and regional specialty stores in 10 states.

SoundSleep, a FloCare subsidiary, began supplying JCPenney and other retailers with high quality softsided flotation sleep systems.

FloCare  added hard to find/fit replacement part sales direct to customers of national retailers’  and regional waterbed  chains.

One of our accounts referred a quadraplegic who needed a waterbed that would work on a hospital bed to relieve pressure and prevent pressure ulcers. The FloCare Fluid Mattress received US Patent 5,513,400 in May 1996 and US Patent 5,850,646 in December 1998

We put our new hospital mattress on the Internet. . Soon we were shipping our components around the world.

Designed a latex mattress to provide dual adjustable firmness. Introduced our “90 Night Test Rest” SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Built the DreamMaker, allowing users to configure the “Bed of Your Dreams” online, creating “The First Personally Crafted Mattress” – A mattress that is built to order for the specific requirements of each sleeper and shipped within days.

(from History of FloBeds)

We don’t have waterbed parts listed anymore in our online catalog, but just give us a call and we will do our best to find your replacement part

17 Dec

Dave Turner Day

City honors Councilmember/Mayor Dave Turner (FloBeds President)

Dave celebrates with former City Manager Linda Ruffing and City Attorney Sam Zutler


My dad, my boss, and for the past 16 years, the Mayor, or city council member of our small coastal town, Fort Bragg CA just hung up his suit and tie and retired from his service to our community. Sure, he’ll still have his hands in many projects, such as the Noyo Center for Marine Science, he’s the president of Fort Bragg Rotary, but for the most part, he’ll just be my dad and my boss again.
Sharing my dad with our city has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  For 16 years, I’ve watched as he shaped dreams into reality,  stood up for people with no voice, stood up to people with loud voices, and always kept his voice, the voice of reason, truth, and the voice in his heart of hearts that he knew was right.


My dad is not your average business owner, he’s not your average mattress maker, in fact he’s not your average anything, because everything he does, he does 110%.  If you take a look at our customer reviews, even our policies, such as the goldilocks guarantee, you’ll see my dad shining thru, he cares about . . . people, he wants to “do what’s right” for the customer, for the homeless, for fellow members of our community.  And you can bet, thats how he’ll be remembered in our city, and the mattress industry alike.
Our biggest competitor in the bed business saw me at a trade show once, and old guy who had known my dad for years, he introduced himself, I was taken back, “He said, tell your father I said hello, and make sure you listen to him, he’s always wearing the white hat.” I could really go on and on, but perhaps I can sum it up with this.  On December 10th, my fathers last council meeting and 67th birthday, the city proclaimed it “Dave Turner Day”! Who gets something like that?
Dad invented the “Original Personalized Latex Mattress” 22 years ago, lead FloBeds to become the leader in Talalay latex mattresses online and off-line and taught the FloBeds team to provide the best customer service in the industry, for the last 16 years he has also lead the City of Fort Bragg to be the greatest little city in the world.


City Clerk June Lemos put together a slide show for dad’s last meeting.

Here is what the local newspaper wrote:

New council members were seated and outgoing members were recognized during the Dec. 10 City Council meeting at Town Hall…
…Dave Turner was recognized by Congressman Jared Huffman … Turner received a congressional records statement – something that is entered into the congressional record – honoring his years of service.
Lindy Peters, in one of his last acts as mayor, read a proclamation declaring Dec. 10 Dave Turner Day. Many at the meeting wore shirts with Turner’s face on them that said “Dave Turner Day.” The proclamation cited Turner’s work on the mill site, the Coastal Trail, the successful Georgia Pacific/Office Max litigation, the Noyo Center for Marine Science, the Downtown Streetscape Project and more.
Fittingly, Dec. 10 is Turner’s birthday.
Turner was first elected to the council in 2002, then re-elected in 2006, 2010 and 2014. Dave served as mayor from 2004 to 2006 and from 2010 to 2016. He served on the city’s Finance and Administration and Public Works and Facilities committees as well as several ad hoc committees. He also served as the city’s representative to the Fort Bragg Fire Protection Authority and Mendocino Solid Waste Management Authority.
“I would like to thank the citizens of Fort Bragg for the honor of representing them these last 16 years. I love Fort Bragg,” said Turner at the meeting. “As I said in 2002, Fort Bragg will not dry up and blow away. We are a community of ornery, independent, caring, resourceful people. Anne and I moved back to Fort Bragg with Katie, Dewey, Packie and Bryna because we saw this as the best place in the world to raise a family. We have all seen obstacles along the way and our town has risen to meet them.”
city council and dave

20 Sep

Macy’s Bedding Supplier Under Scrutiny in Texas for Thread Count

By Hema Parmar and Matthew Campbell
September 17, 2018, 9:23 AM PDT
Sunham’s 1,400-thread sheet set found to have count of 505
Company’s products also sold at Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon
A supplier of bedding to Macy’s Inc. is under scrutiny in Texas for allegedly misleading consumers about the quality of one of its products.
Sunham Home Fashions markets its four-piece Barrett Collection queen sheet set as having a 1,400-thread count. Yet a third-party test commissioned by the state’s Agriculture Department found it has a thread count of 505, “which constitutes a materially false, misleading or deceptive act or practice,” the agency said in a July 25 letter.

Four-piece Barrett CollectionSource: Macy’s.com​​​​​​​
“TDA has determined the distributor, manufacturer and retailer may have engaged in deceptive acts and practices within the State of Texas,” according to the letter sent to Sunham’s New York office, Sunham Bedding Ltd., and Macy’s, and obtained by Bloomberg.
Thread count is the term for how many threads are in each square inch of material. Broadly speaking, the higher the count, the softer and more pricey the sheets.
Sunham President Jane Bognacki initially said she would speak with a reporter, but then didn’t respond to subsequent voicemails or emails. Macy’s declined to comment.
Vartest Laboratories conducted the test on the sheet set. The state agency, in its letter, called for the companies involved to either stop selling the sheet set or to accurately repackage it to reflect the correct thread count.
Discounted Price
As of Sept. 17, Macy’s was still offering the Barrett Collection sheet set, which is made of a cotton and polyester mix. The queen-size set has a list price of $200 on the retailer’s website, though a sale and extra discounting brought the price to $55.99. The package back says the set is made in India. Amazon.com Inc. and Bed Bath & Beyond are among other retailers that carry products from closely held Sunham, which was founded in Hong Kong in 1962.
The TDA also recommended that the Texas Attorney General and U.S. Federal Trade Commission investigate further and, if they determine deception occurred, “prosecute said actions to the fullest extent of federal and state law.”
The state’s Agriculture Department can enforce penalties on Texas-based companies, according to spokesman Mark Loeffler. But in situations where a company is based outside of the state, it refers the case to the Attorney General’s office and the FTC.
Kayleigh Lovvorn, a spokeswoman with the Texas Attorney General’s office, confirmed receipt of the letter, though declined to comment further. A spokesman for the FTC declined to comment.
This isn’t the first case of alleged linen fraud. In 2016, Target Corp. ended its relationship with textile giant Welspun India Ltd. after the retailer discovered that 750,000 sheets and pillowcases labeled as Egyptian cotton under the Fieldcrest brand didn’t contain any Egyptian cotton and were made from a mix of lower-quality fibers. Target, whose investigators analyzed sheet fibers under microscopes and tracked their supply chain, had been Welspun’s second-largest customer, behind Bed Bath & Beyond. Target offered refunds to customers.
original article can be found here:
FloBeds has been wary of thread count claims for some time:  see earlier article here:

20 Jul

Mattress Review Sites

Stanford Quad
I got into the mattress business while a student at Stanford University in 1971.  It was supposed to be a summer job…but that’s another story.  Back then, like now, there were businesses that would say or promise anything to get a sale.  They usually sold really cheap products for as much as they could get.

Twenty years ago we started selling our Latex Mattresses on the “World Wide Web”.  It turns out it is a great marketplace.  We provide lots of information and images to anyone who is interested.  And we  customize every mattress for every customer.  We guarantee each sleeper will get the firmness they needed.  Or their money back.
For the next 18 years we enjoyed competing in the “new” Internet space.  Other companies copied our design… but that’s to be expected with such engineered comfort.  Some used similar quality latex and sold through stores for $1,000 to $2,000 more.  Others used inferior foams and sold for less.  No one matched our customer service.  And our business grew steadily.
A new trend started.  Create a review site.  Charge the companies you review a percentage of any sale generated by a clicks to the mattress site.  Real review, or con?  Here is a sad, but true, news article on the state of affairs:
The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare
Over 200 new bed-in-box stores are selling on the internet.  Many make some bold claims:
1) “Our One Perfect Design fits everyone”– this buy the the dominant online store that now has 3 models, and has discontinued that “perfect” original one.
2) “All Natural” — except for this, that and oh yeah, that too.
3) “Designed by a Rocket Scientist” — it worked for Tempurpedic, why not try it?
4) “Look an unbiased review site that says we’re great!”  (they only have to pay the review site $50 to $100 per sale generated!)
5) “Trust Us” — yeah, right.
custom crafted talalay mattress
We are lucky to have 20 years of satisfied customers who are repeat customers and tell their relatives and friends about FloBeds.com.  Our business will hold steady through these “Mattress Wars”… and after the shake out… our name and address will be the same.

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