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Boy were we surprised when this showed up in Forbes:

Best Latex Mattress with Customizable Support

A Personalized Mattress By A Brand With A Devoted Customer Base

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FloBeds Natural Latex vZone Mattress (Queen)


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Type: Foam | Firmness: Adjustable  (Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm) | Trial: 100 days | Warranty: 20 years

FloBeds builds its vZone mattress according to your preferred specifications, so you get a bed made of Talalay latex that’s tailored to your exact needs. The bed has three layers of latex, and the middle one is adjusted with different pieces of latex based on your preferences for a soft, medium or firm sensation. This is designed with strips of latex that provide more or less support for different parts of the body where it’s needed, and help keep your spine aligned.

FloBeds makes impressive customer service guarantees, too—you can swap out any (or all) of the pieces in the vZone layer for different firmness levels at no cost within the first 100 days. After that period, the company will still send you new latex “cores” of the firmness of your choosing, at a fraction of the component’s original cost, for up to 20 years after your purchase. Though it’s a smaller company you might not have heard of, our mattress and sleep editor owns a FloBeds mattress and swears by it.

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