What Is A Vegan Mattress?

By FloBeds

There are an estimated 8 million vegans in the U.S. That’s about 3% of the population, and the number grows every year. There are three key reasons most people choose to adopt a vegan lifestyle, including:

  • Avoiding animal slaughter and mistreatment.
  • Eliminating a variety of health risks.
  • Reducing their carbon footprint.

Whatever your reason, if you have chosen the vegan lifestyle, you have likely discovered there are many challenges to completely following the vegan way. That can include finding products that fit with the lifestyle, including mattresses. This article will explain what a vegan mattress is, what you should look for in vegan mattresses and why a natural Talalay latex mattress might be best for you.

What Is A Vegan Mattress?

What Does It Mean To Be Vegan?

In the simplest terms, vegans do not eat or use animal products, instead opting for plant-based alternatives. Vegans not only avoid eating meat, they also don’t use or consume animal byproducts.

Common products vegans avoid include:

  • Leather
  • Wool
  • Honey
  • Silk
  • Dairy products
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Poultry
  • Gelatin
  • Whey
  • Beeswax
  • Casein

Once you start looking, you’ll find a long list of animal products and byproducts used in food, clothing and a variety of items, including mattresses — hence the need for vegan-friendly options.

For example, wool is used as a natural flame retardant in many mattresses. Silk bedding and leather headboards are off-limits for vegans as well.

What Is A Vegan Mattress?

A vegan mattress is a mattress manufactured without any animal-derived materials or materials that have touched animal products during the manufacturing process.

What Products Are Used to Make a Vegan Mattress?

Organic cotton and latex are vegan and the most healthy products to use in vegan mattresses. Poly-foam and memory foam both could be considered vegan, however, they are not natural and can potentially release toxic chemicals.

Seal of Organic Cotton Wool
What Is A Vegan Mattress?

Is Latex Vegan?

In brief, yes, natural latex is vegan. Natural latex comes from a milky-like sap that is drained from the rubber tree and used in mattresses, pillows and other products.

There are two main ways manufacturers produce natural latex: The Dunlop Process and the Talalay Process. The Dunlop Process uses a mixture of the sap from the rubber tree along with water and bubbles to create a solid latex foam. This process has been used since the early 1900s and creates a dense, firm and more durable product.

At FloBeds, we use a newer manufacturing process called Talalay, which adds a flash-freezing aspect to the process. Prior to mixing the water and bubbles with the sap, the bubbles are frozen and stabilized. Talalay latex offers different degrees of firmness but has shown to be the best option when you’re looking for a latex mattress with a softer, fluffier, more pillow-like texture. Our natural Talalay latex mattresses will help you experience the comfort and quality sleep you need.

Vegan vs. Organic Mattresses

A vegan mattress is made from non-animal based products, which could include synthetic materials, while an organic mattress doesn’t contain synthetic materials but may contain non-vegan materials like wool. Many mattresses advertised as organic are actually only semi-organic and contain materials like steel for the springs. So, it is possible to have an organic vegan mattress if the mattress is made from all non-animal based products without any synthetic materials.

What Should You Look For In Vegan Mattresses?

It can be quite a challenge to find a truly organic vegan mattress that doesn’t contain synthetic foams. But with FloBeds, you can trust that our mattresses will meet your vegan needs. Although not every product containing latex is vegan, the Talalay latex FloBeds uses in its products is completely 100% vegan-friendly. That’s because we only use completely natural, Oeko Tex certified latex that is sustainably harvested from rubber tree plantations. No animal byproducts are ever used in any FloBeds mattress cores.

Sleep Easy With A Vegan Mattress from FloBeds

Our Certified Pure Green Natural Latex mattresses are made from the finest materials to help ensure you get a restful night’s sleep. Let FloBed help you find the organic vegan mattress you need to sleep better and sleep easy knowing that you have chosen a healthier mattress option. Try one today.

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