Custom Mattress Size for Any Type of Bed

Custom Size Mattresses for All Speciality Bed Types and Shapes

Have an RV or boat that needs a custom size mattress? Perhaps you have always wanted a round bed, or you have an antique bed frame that doesn’t fit standard mattress sizes? Whatever your specific needs, FloBeds is happy to work with you to create a custom mattress that fits.

Can you get a custom size mattress?

You can get a custom size latex mattress for any bed. Whether you need a non-rectangular mattress to fit in a certain area, a smaller mattress to go in a recreational vehicle, or perhaps you are taller than an average person and need a different sized bed for reasons related to comfort, FloBeds can work with you to get you exactly what you need for a peaceful sleep.  Not only are our mattresses 100% Talalay latex, they are surrounded by a cover made with organic cotton and organic wool.

All you need to do is give us a call with your measurements, and we will give you a quote for your mattress. And if you are happy with it, we can get to work on creating your dream bed!

What are the different bed sizes in order?

Sizes differ from country to country — another reason you may need a custom mattress — but there are a few sizes that have become the standard in each area. Here is a chart to show you where the consistencies are:


N. America


UK / Ireland

Europe / Latin America

Twin / single

39 in × 75 in

99 cm × 191 cm

36 in × 75 in

91 cm × 191 cm

35 in × 79 in

90 cm × 200 cm

Full / double

54 in × 75 in

137 cm × 191 cm

55 in × 79 in

140 cm × 200 cm

(US/Aus) queen

(UK/Ire) king

60 in × 80 in

152 cm × 203 cm

60 in × 78 in

152 cm × 198 cm

63 in × 79 in

160 cm × 200 cm

(US/Aus) king

(UK/Ire) super king

76 in × 80 in

193 cm × 203 cm

(California king

72 in × 84 in

180 cm × 210 cm)

72 in × 80 in

183 cm × 203 cm

72 in × 78 in

183 cm × 198 cm

71 in × 79 in

180 cm × 200 cm

When it comes to our standard mattresses, the different bed sizes in order of smallest to largest are Twin, Twin Long, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Dual King. Of course, these are standard adult mattress sizes, and Twin is generally the smallest. However, if you are looking for something smaller than a twin mattress, we also have crib mattresses that are 28″ x 52″.

If you need a bed that is smaller than a twin mattress, or a different size or shape completely from these standard measurements, that is why we provide our custom mattress service. All you have to do is give us a call where we will discuss your needs, and then we will start building your custom mattress in no time.

Custom comfort and size

The benefit of a custom mattress from FloBeds extends beyond simply creating something that is the right size and shape. Whether it is a custom size mattress or a standard mattress size, you will be able to customize the firmness of your latex mattress, building the layers throughout the entire bed to fit your body’s needs perfectly. This makes each FloBeds mattress the best for comfort as well as convenience. Start building your personalized standard mattress today, or give us a call to get started on a custom mattress right away.

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