Englander Mattress compared with
FloBeds Latex Mattress

When choosing a mattress, you want to consider all your options, so that before buying you can be certain that your mattress is the best on the market. So to help you see how a FloBed stacks up, we have broken down the differences between an Englander mattress, and the natural Talalay latex mattress you will get at FloBeds.

(note: every FloBed is a Talalay Latex Mattress:)Quoted from a site with Englander Latex Mattresses:
(our comments in blue-green italic)

Englander Mattress vs Flobeds’ Talalay Latex

Our latex inner unit is the same one that is used in all of Englander’s latex mattresses sold in the Pacific Northwest. It is 100% pure latex. The ticking is a 60% cotton blend to allow for breathability. The ticking is quilted to polyester fiber and a thin layer of polyurethane foam to provide a deep pattern.”

This polyurethane foam in Englander sleep products acts to stop air flow and maintain heat.  Poly-foam looks like a million bucks when quilted, but doesn’t last long or breathe well….and it also harbors dust mites. By contrast, every FloBed is naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, and encased in 100% organic cotton and wool. 

“We also put a layer of fiber pad over the latex unit so that the mattress retains a nice ‘crowned’ look. This prevents the bed from looking blocky when made up with sheets, blankets and comforter. However;some other makers use a latex / synthetic blend. We feel that 100% pure natural latex is superior to blends of synthetic latex. Natural latex is more resilient than blends, thus, it will bounce back to its original shape for many years of sleeping comfort.”

All FloBeds FloCare latex mattresses are made with Talalay Latex.

Talalay Global’s flagship product, Natural Talalay Latex, is100% natural rubber. Our 100% Natural Latex is now also made by Talalay Global’ with the Talalay process. FloBeds Natural Latex is produced using no fillers or shortcuts. It is made from 100% Latex Rubber from the Rubber Tree. Then it is poured into the latex mold. A vacuum is applied to the mold to remove air pockets. Flash freezing ensures consistency and will allow the Talatlay Latex to be made in variations of softness and firmness unequaled by any other latex manufacturer in the world (from 4ild to 70ild…our beds range from 20ild to 40ild). Then it’s heated and cured which gives the latex a lifetime of support and durability. A five stage washer removes any residue. It takes 3 to 4 hours to make a latex mattress core.

“The Latex core is made with pincore construction which helps keeps the mattress cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The density of our latex foam is an impressive 3.4 lbs./cu.ft. There are 3 important reasons for this heavy density. They are:

  1. Long life. We expect this bed to have a 15-20 year service life. The more material, the greater the life.
  2. Exceptional comfort and support. Foam that is less dense must be made stiffer to prevent full compression, or a feeling of sinking deeply into the surface. Stiffer, low density foam is less comfortable and breaks down quickly.
  3. Our Englander Latex Mattress is designed to be a premium, top of the line mattress. When we designed this bed, the goal was to make the best, not achieve a certain price. We have achieved our goal.  Latex foam unlike polyurethane foam, is poured into a mold that is the product end shape and simply dries. Polyurethane foam is poured onto a large -table and then rises to form a “bun” that is then cut into several finished foam products.

Natural latex foam compresses differently than poly-foam. Latex compresses throughout its entire structure as weight is applied. This equally distributes the mechanical burden of compression and creates a soft surface with underlying support. Most poly foam compresses from the surface, with interior compression occurring only under extreme load. This means that the surface foam does most of the work and is subject to wear. The bottom line in foam is that the greater the density, the longer the foam will last. Natural latex can be made very dense and, since it compresses through its full length, is still very comfortable.

I mentioned that our latex mattress has a density of 3.4 lbs./cu.ft. To determine this we actually measured and weighed a foam piece to calculate density. Since our Englander Latex Mattress features pincore construction (the latex unit is pierced with a series of pencil diameter holes to enhance breathability), the actual material density is somewhat greater.”

Every custom Flobeds Natural Latex Mattresses is carefully crafted from 100% natural Talalay latex in a way that meets the specific needs of your body and sleep requirements. That Talalay process, used to create every FloBed mattress core, is what sets our beds apart from the rest. In particular, the longevity associated with Talalay is second to none — and vastly superior to the common Dunlop process. We even have video proof that backs that up. While an Englander mattress might look pretty, only a FloBed can provide the full customization, durability, and attention to detail that will perfectly suit your needs. Don’t believe us? Compare the Englander mattress reviews with our latex mattress reviews, and you’ll see that FloBeds difference. Then contact us and start building your adjustable bed today!

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