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Somma Style Controlled Cylinder Flotation

FloBeds Somma Style Positive Control Flotation

After offering waterbeds since 1971, this was the last water based system we offered. We made it so it was convertible to 100% Talalay Latex. Most of our customers chose to go all latex… and we finally said goodbye to water:) Latex has the same natural pressure relieving qualities, without the hassle. See which latex mattress is right for you.
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How we made our last FloBeds Flotation system

Positve Control
Positive Control Cylinder flotation mattress.
The original Somma was a drop top design with 3 inches foam in the top. When Land and Sky purchased the Somma trade name they modified the design. A few years later Halcyon purchased the flotation business from Land and Sky and the Somma design was one more step removed from the original design.
Our customers were not looking for the cheapest tube bed, but one that felt as good as the original Somma waterbed. We decided we needed to make our own (we already make latex and memory foam mattresses). This is the design we feel will give the best Somma feel and because we have used 100% latex foam rubber in the design it will outlast the original Somma Flotation Mattress.

FloBeds Somma Style Flotation Bed
FloBeds Somma Style Flotation Bed
  • Adjustable His/Her cylinder firmness.
  • Belgium Damask cover quilted to Northern Californa Shasta Wool.
  • 2″ convoluted latex. (2-1/2″ memory foam is used in the Memory Somma)
  • 2″ Zoned Latex (for lumbar support and shoulder relief)
  • Dual contour safety liners protect mattress and contain water in case of spill


Why FloCare Flotation Mattress?

Because water naturally yields to the weight and contours of the body,
FloCare’s flotation mattresses effortlessly cradle and caress every curve.
Sleep-disruptive pressure points are eliminated, allowing the body to rest naturally…in deep, soothing comfort.

dead bedA conventional mattress crates pressure points
on those areas of greatest weight concentration.
spaceFloCare flotation mattresses and Latex Mattresses conform to the body’s exact shape, providing total support and eliminating uncomfortable pressure points.
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