FloBeds Original Somma Waterbed

Dating back to 1971, FloBeds’ original vision was to create premium-quality waterbeds. Our Somma waterbed was intended to provide customers with a comfortable night of rest while alleviating pressure points. While our positive control flotation bed did exactly that, we began to see the potential of using Talalay latex as the primary material for our mattresses. Eventually, we decided to discontinue our waterbeds and make the switch to Talalay latex, and it paid off! Now, you can build your own one-of-a-kind latex mattress that offers more comfort than you would have experienced from our Somma flotation mattress. However, if you would like to dive into some history and gain insight into how we designed our positive control cylinder flotation bed, read on to learn more!

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How We Designed Our Last FloBeds Flotation Bed System

Positve Control

The original Somma flotation mattress was a drop-top design with 3 inches of foam in the top. However, when Land and Sky purchased the Somma trade name, they modified the design. Then, a few years later, Halcyon purchased the flotation business from Land and Sky, and the Somma design was, once again, further removed from its original composition.

We realized that our customers wanted a bed that felt as good as the original Somma waterbed. That’s when we decided to make our Somma style positive control cylinder flotation bed. We felt this design would give the best Somma-like comfort, and because we used 100% latex foam rubber, it would also outlast the original Somma flotation mattress.


FloBeds Somma Style Flotation Bed
FloBeds Somma Style Flotation Bed

Positive Control Cylinder Flotation Bed Features

  • Adjustable his/her cylinder firmness
  • Belgium Damask cover quilted to Northern Californa Shasta Wool
  • 2″ convoluted latex (2-1/2″ memory foam used in the Memory Somma)
  • 2″ zoned latex (for lumbar support and shoulder relief)
  • Dual contour safety liners to protect the mattress and contain water in case of a spill

Why Customers Chose the FloBeds Flotation Mattress

FloBeds’ flotation bed effortlessly cradled and caressed every curve of the body to mimic the effects of floating on water. These mattresses eliminated sleep-disruptive pressure points to allow the body to rest naturally in deep, soothing comfort.

dead bed A conventional mattress creates pressure points on areas with the greatest weight concentration.
space FloBeds flotation mattresses, on the other hand, conformed to the body’s exact shape, providing total support and while reducing uncomfortable pressure points.

Order a Comfy Talalay Latex Mattress from FloBeds

Once we started producing Talalay latex mattresses, we knew that we made the right move. Don’t get us wrong — our flotation beds were comfortable and enjoyable to many customers. However, we’ve seen greater benefits of resting on a Talalay latex mattress compared to sleeping on a Somma waterbed. These include:

  • Customization capabilities (being able to add cores to adjust comfort)
  • 100% natural materials
  • No springs
  • Easier setup compared to flotation mattresses

If you’re ready to experience a wonderful night of sleep on a mattress that is personalized to your needs, browse our store and start building the perfect all-natural Talalay latex mattress for you today!

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