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09 Sep

Custom Becoming Customary

Made-to-order goods gaining favor…

The Wall Street Journal recently discovered what you already know – more products are being made to meet personal preferences.  The article says there’s an increased interest in customized goods, ranging from specially made toilet paper to one-of-a-kind pet food. The article even mentions a guy who “rests on a mattress he designed himself.”
It seems younger customers – ones who’ve grown up personalizing their ring tones and building play lists – pretty much expect products to be tailored to suit their needs.
The article describes designing online as highly interactive,  something consumers enjoy because it adds a level of excitement that not only makes the best bed, it makes buying it more fun.
Of course, here at FloBeds we’ve been personalizing latex mattresses (for each sleeper) since 1997.

FloBeds 'Firmness Advisor' - Click to find your perfect firmness.
FloBeds ‘Firmness Advisor’ – Click to find your perfect firmness.
31 Aug

FloBeds Builds World's Largest Dog Bed

Worlds Largest Dog Bed with my smallest grandchild

 A Bed For All Sizes

Now that’s a big dog bed!

FloBeds, pioneers in the eco-friendly latex mattress industry, and a market leader in organic mattresses, will set the Guinness World Record Labor Day Weekend, for the Largest Dog Bed.  The run at the record will take place during Paul Bunyan Days, Fort Bragg’s festival that honors their timber history, the larger-than-life logger, his blue ox, and now Spot, his reversible dog.

Joan, the ‘magic fingers’ behind the big dog bed

FloBeds will make the record-setting dog bed of the same all-natural materials they use in their organic mattresses. That means it will not only be the world’s biggest dog bed, it will also be the most comfortable and most eco-friendly.

A mini dog bed model – wonder if it’s the world’s smallest dog bed?

The dog bed will be 7 ft by 9 ft – that’s bigger than a king size mattress, bigger than the largest FloBed mattress – and ten times bigger than a large-breed dog bed.  The cover will be organic cotton, the pad will be Talalay latex customized for different firmness preferences, just like the beds they make for people.   The dog bed will be built at FloBeds, presented at 6:45 during the 1st Friday kick-off party on Friday Sept 3rd, then moved to the Ugly Dog Contest on Saturday.
The record attempts will be documented with pictures and videos, and certified by the City’s Mayor Doug Hammerstrom in accordance with guidelines provided by the Guinness Book of World Records.
FloBeds  invites staff, friends and family to the reveal; they’re also inviting people who sleep on a FloBeds mattress to bring their dogs and join them for the record setting events.

Murph and his friends
Asked why he’s building the world’s biggest dog bed, Dave Turner – the man behind FloBeds – explained, “We think it’s the perfect world record for FloBeds and our hometown. We’ve been celebrating a larger-than life logger for more than 70 years, and we were just named #5 on Dog Fancy Magazine’s list of best dog towns in the country.  What makes more sense than setting the record for a really big dog bed?  And besides, with our Big and Tall Mattress line for Paul Bunyan and others, it only seems fair.”

Did you hear we built a REALLY big dog bed and sent pictures and documentation to Guinness to claim the world’s record for the Largest Dog Bed? It was 7 by 9 ft, bigger than any of our people beds, and made of the same all natural components that go into our latex mattresses. Maybe you heard that we took the bed to the Paul Bunyan Days Ugly Dog Contest to see how many dogs we could pile onto it?  The answer was 25, 25 dogs of all sizes and shapes shared the bed without mishap. Actually, I did hear from Hairy Putter, Director of Barketing for Mendocino County, that he was momentarily buried under a rather big brute, but no real harm done.

25 Dogs Pile onto Bed

The logical question of course was how about one for my dog? People commented their dog has a FloBed – theirs! But folks have been asking if we’d make him or her one of their own.
So, drum roll please…. introducing FloBeds’ Dog Beds! They come in small, medium and large, just like your dogs. They’re all natural, just like your FloBeds bed, and like our people beds, they’re great for people – I mean dogs – that wake up stiff  and sore.
We have two styles, one with just the bed, another that includes bolsters on three sides. A small is 24 x 35 inches, $132 or $225; medium is 30 x 40, $142 or $240, and a large breed bed is 36 x 48, $179 or $308 with bolsters.
But, because you’re among the first to order, you save 25% on our introductory Paul Bunyan Sale. Click HERE to find out more, see the pictures and video, or place your dog bed order.
Life just got a little sweeter and a lot more comfortable for your four-legged friends!

01 Jul

Video: Sheep Liberation

original FloBeds Logo

Original FloBeds Logo

(way before Serta Rustlers got some of our sheep:)

Historical Point on Sheep Liberation

  FloBeds, The First Personalized Latex Mattress, started using the Jumping Sheep in 1997, when Anne decided to draw something to better represent us. Serta must have liked Anne’s Jumping Sheep. In 2001 they started sticking Counting Sheep in showroom windows across the country: inhumane! We had to act. Not only was it the right thing to do, freeing all the Counting Sheep helps set the “Who is the Sheep Mattress Co” question straight.   So we made this little video for you:

This Video is the first of our YouTube videos, involving everyone that was at work that day. It also involves another local business, Furniture Mart. And as you will see, we liberated their Serta Sheep from their show room window. Enjoy!

02 Feb

Worlds Smartest Bed

L&P to introduce “world’s smartest bed”

David Perry — Furniture Today, 1/11/2008 6:17:00 AM

Starry Night monitors movements, plays movies, music
CARTHAGE, Mo. — Leggett & Platt has developed what it says is the world’s smartest bed, packed with high-tech gadgets that monitor body movements, warm and cool the body, play movies and music — and help alleviate snoring.

Leggett & Platt's new Starry Night bed will include high-tech devices that monitor sleep, detect snoring and tilt the bed slightly to prevent it, heat and cool the mattress and project high-definition images on a wall screen.
Leggett & Platt’s new Starry Night bed will include high-tech devices that monitor sleep, detect snoring and tilt the bed slightly to prevent it, heat and cool the mattress and project high-definition images on a wall screen.

The supplier giant is introducing its Starry Night Sleep Technology at CES, the big consumer electronics show in Las Vegas next week, and at the Las Vegas Market later this month.
The bed, expected to hit the market in the first half of 2009, will retail between $20,000 and $50,000, depending on which features the consumer wants.
“Consumers told us they use their beds for much more than sleep,” said Mark Quinn, group executive vice president of sales and marketing in L&P’s bedding division. “The bed is a place for reading, watching movies, spending time with the kids, listening to music and even folding laundry.”
The Starry Night bed doesn’t fold laundry, but does accommodate all of those other functions.
It uses vibration sensor and load cell technologies to measure how much a sleeper tosses and turns, and how often he or she gets out of bed during the night. The vibration sensor technology detects and monitors rhythmic breathing patterns that indicate relaxation. It then compares those movements to a 30-day baseline measure of the sleeper and provides tips to improve sleep quality, which are displayed on a bedside monitor called the Good Morning Screen.
The Starry Night bed detects snoring with the vibration-detection system, which was originally developed for the military. It automatically changes the sleep position of the adjustable bed by seven degrees to open the nasal passages, which helps to alleviate mild to moderate snoring, according to L&P. Once the snoring subsides, the bed returns to its original position.
Using liquid-based Peltier technology, the mattress can be set to pre-heat or pre-cool both sides of the bed, from 68 degrees to 117 degrees. By eliminating the need to heat or cool the entire house during sleeping hours, the bed saves money and helps the environment, according to L&P.
The bed also has entertainment features. It has a 2,500-watt surround sound system with four eight-inch subwoofers. A projector in the headboard can show movies, books, music navigation features, the Internet, the Good Morning screen and even the local daily weather on a 120-inch screen mounted on the wall.
The bed also provides wireless Internet connectivity with a wireless keyboard. The bed and electronics can be controlled from the Good Morning touch screen or a wireless remote. Of course, there’s an iPod docking station.
The bed includes an enormous disc storage capacity of 1.5 terabytes — that’s 1,500 gigabytes — which can hold almost 400,000 songs or up to 2,000 hours of video. Its operating system runs on a solid-state hard drive for fast data transfer, L&P said
A Joey Coil innerspring system provides support for sleepers with different body builds. Joey Coils use a pocketed coil-within-coil system to create comfort for any size sleeper. According to L&P, the exterior coils have a luxurious feel and respond to body movements, while the interior coils are pressure sensitive and increase in firmness in response to the amount of weight applied.
L&P says the bed is the first to incorporate diagnostic and entertainment technologies to create an intelligent, intuitive and comfortable sleep environment. It says the Starry Night bed “is the equivalent of having a home theater and a sleep clinic in the bedroom, with diagnostic tools to measure body movements and surround sound to pump up the volume.”

Without equivocation we can assure you that the best mattress to put on this amazing smart bed is the FloBeds Personalized Latex Mattress. Not only is it customizable for your support needs, it flexes perfectly with the smart bed’s movements.

03 Jan

Who’s In bed with us?

Peel back the covers.

Lets see what they say!

Back in 2002 Newsweek writer purchased a FloBed for herself and ended up writing about it.
One day the phone starting ringing… Read: Goldilocks Was Right.

Newsweek 2002

Elle Decor: What the Pros Know
Elle Decor

A sports agent for the then Clemson Tigers linebacker DaQuan Bowers purchased a FloBed vZone Latex Mattress. He loved it and called us saying we need to make a line for his client: big guys who make a living with their bodies. The Big & Tall Mattress was born.

da-quan bowers stance
Da Quan Bowers Sleeps

Soon other athletes were sleeping on a FloBed. Gold Star Hannah Teter got a customized vZone latex mattress.

Hannah Teter Jump High and sleeps on a FloBed

Babara Barry first purchased an all natural FloBed Deluxe Latex Mattress years ago. She recommends FloBeds to her clients.

House Beautiful on favorite mattress
Barbara Barry recommends
03 Jan

House Beautiful & FloBeds

House Beautiful on best mattresses

Barbara Barry Chooses FloBeds

Los Angeles designer Barbara Barry shares her list of favorite home products with House Beautiful, from Augarten dishes to Häagen-Dazs ice cream!

Barbara Barry in House Beautiful

By Abby Tabak Barbara Barry
Los Angeles, CAFLOWER: Peony

SOFA SHAPE: Crescent

STATIONERY: Pineider Capri in pale celadon;

LAMP: Costanza by Luceplan



MATTRESS: Flobed! Extra Firm/Firm/Medium on top (there are layers you can interchange to get a custom fit!);


COFFEE TABLE BOOK: Exceptional Gardens by Wim Pauwels (Beta-Plus;

ALL-PURPOSE GLASS: TableArt Tumbler;

SOAP: Luxo Bahno Creme Soap/Portugal;

ICE CREAM: Häagen-Dazs Coffee

TOWEL: White Abyss; The Golden Goose, Mendocino, CA; 707-937-4655

BED PILLOW: 100% White Polish down from Seventh Heaven; The Golden Goose

SHEETS: Pearls by Barbara Barry Dream;


SHOWERHEAD: I take baths




COFFEE: Zibetto’s; 6th Ave., NYC

TEA: Orange Grove Oolong;

KITCHEN GADGET: Jura-Capresso Espresso Machine- Impressa Z5.

ARTIST: Ben Nicholson

2009- House Beautiful

01 Jan

Better Business Bureau, Zero Complaints and An A+ Rating

Zero Complaints and An A+ Rating

In our 9th Year of Zero Complaints (2007) the Bureau went to a letter grade…
Since then we have always received an A+ !
(It turns out applying the Golden Rule can be measured… and has been since 1998:)  We sell a personalized latex mattress you can adjust for the 20 year life of the mattress.  And since 1998 we have proof we back up our promises.

To see our current standing:

This doesn’t mean that we take care of complaints…
It means our customers don’t even have cause to complain to the Bureau…
We treat our customers like we would like to be treated! It means when we say Satisfaction Guaranteed … we mean it.
Ask for our 2007 Letter Congratulating FloBeds on 2006 Complaint Free Year, or the 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 or 1999.
At FloBeds we are crazy to make you happy! After all, why wouldn’t we be? We ask you to try our bed. We give you a money-back guarantee. If you have an issue… of course we are going to take care of you. FloBeds wants you to sleep happy… and we don’t want to give your money back. We are small enough to care about every sale. We will take care of you. All of us here would  like to think that we would do it anyway, but we have set it up for a win-win. If you are happy, we are happy.
Sweet dreams!
Here is an example of the first 9 years:

2001 BBB Honor Roll

David R. Turner, Vice President
234 E. Redwood Ave
Fort Bragg, CA  95437
Dear Mr Turner:
The Better Business Bureau serving Alameda, San Francisco, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Solano, Lake, Sonoma, Mendocino, Trinity, Humboldt, and Del Norte Counties processed 13,032 complaints in 2001.
We offer our congratulations to you for accomplishing a year of outstanding customer service.  The BBB commends your complaint free status and realizes that this milestone deserves to be recognized.  We are committed to businesses such as yours, and are happy to announce you’ve earned the BBB’s “Honor Roll” decal.  We encourage you to display it so your customers can see your achievement!
On-going independent surveys consistently reveal 3 out of 4 consumers prefer to do business with a Better Business Bureau member company.  Imagine your potential customer’s confidence in doing business with a complaint free BBB member!  Be sure to let your customers know!
Congratulations on your success!

D, Patrick Wallace

Serving the Northern California Counties of:
Alameda, San Francisco, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Solano, Lake, Sonoma, Mendocino, Trinity, Humboldt, and Del Norte
Membership Office
114 Sansome Street, Suite 1108 – San Francisco, CA  94104

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