Original FloBeds Logo

(way before Serta Rustlers got some of our sheep:)

Historical Point on Sheep Liberation

  FloBeds, The First Personalized Latex Mattress, started using the Jumping Sheep in 1997, when Anne decided to draw something to better represent us. Serta must have liked Anne’s Jumping Sheep. In 2001 they started sticking Counting Sheep in showroom windows across the country: inhumane! We had to act. Not only was it the right thing to do, freeing all the Counting Sheep helps set the “Who is the Sheep Mattress Co” question straight.   So we made this little video for you:

This Video is the first of our YouTube videos, involving everyone that was at work that day. It also involves another local business, Furniture Mart. And as you will see, we liberated their Serta Sheep from their show room window. Enjoy!

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