Made-to-order goods gaining favor…

The Wall Street Journal recently discovered what you already know – more products are being made to meet personal preferences.  The article says there’s an increased interest in customized goods, ranging from specially made toilet paper to one-of-a-kind pet food. The article even mentions a guy who “rests on a mattress he designed himself.”
It seems younger customers – ones who’ve grown up personalizing their ring tones and building play lists – pretty much expect products to be tailored to suit their needs.
The article describes designing online as highly interactive,  something consumers enjoy because it adds a level of excitement that not only makes the best bed, it makes buying it more fun.
Of course, here at FloBeds we’ve been personalizing latex mattresses (for each sleeper) since 1997.

FloBeds 'Firmness Advisor' - Click to find your perfect firmness.
FloBeds ‘Firmness Advisor’ – Click to find your perfect firmness.
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