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15 Nov

Engineered Natural Latex Comfort vZone Deluxe Latex Mattress | FloBeds

Natural Deluxe Mattress

Engineered for Sleep, Designed for Comfort. FloBeds All natural Latex mattress.

I am so proud to show you the video Dewey (star) and Paul (camera) put together to showcase our unique latex mattress.  Enjoy!

Text of Video
Custom Engineered Talalay Comfort
Custom Engineered Talalay
vZone Deluxe Latex Mattress

Morning at the Pacific Ocean
As the sun breaks through the redwoods, a world begins to wake up.
In Fort Bragg, 120 miles north of San Francisco is an extraordinary California Mattress Company, home of Custom Engineered Talalay Comfort.

Here at FloBeds every mattress we make and ship worldwide is 100% Talalay, Earth’s most perfect sleep material. Buoyant Talalay has a breathable cell structure no foam can match.

In every FloBed the Talalay inside is surrounded with luxurious 4-way stretch double knit cotton quilted to wool. Inside the cover we first have our convoluted Talalay which provides immediate pressure relief and keeps your blood circulating through your skin.  Under the full-width convoluted topper are layers of 3” Talalay, engineered for the comfort and support of each sleeper.

Your FloBed is custom engineered Talalay Comfort made to your body’s sleep demographics.Over here we have a Talalay vZone Latex Mattress.  Depending on your sleeping needs, your FloBed can be made Deluxe or vZone on both sides, or half Deluxe and half vZone.

Side sleepers often have pressure point pain in their Shoulders or Hips… or sometimes their spine aches from bridging those two points.  The vZone addresses each zone to provide both targeted pressure relief and spinal alignment.

The unique FloBeds vZone allows  you to change any zone as your body requires.  If your hip is sinking into the mattress too far, simply exchange the Hip and firmer Foot zone, which are sized to be interchangeable. When you change the position of your hip, you adjust your spinal alignment.  If your body needs a firmness that is not built in to your vZone, we will send you the Zone you need no charge for the first 100 days.  No charge.  Nothing to send back.

FloBeds adjustability does not end there.  With our Goldilocks Guarantee, for the 20 year life of your latex mattress, you can order zones or complete full length latex cores at a fraction of the cost Years 1-5 a zone is only $25, and up to 2  full length cores for just $75 each.

Custom Engineered Talalay Comfort.  JUST RIGHT today, JUST RIGHT in 20 years. The Goldilocks Guarantee.

Hi, I’m Dave Turner, President of FloBeds.  Thanks for watching this video.  At FloBeds, we like to say:  If you listen to your body, we will listen to you, and together we will get your mattress JUST RIGHT.

24 May

The Big and Tall | FloBeds

A latex mattress fit for a king.  We combine Natural Latex, with horse hair, and coconut fiber.


Big & Tall Performance Organic Mattresses
Our Organic Big & Tall Performance Latex Mattresses feature premium 100% Natural Talalay latex inside a luxurious organic euro knit cotton quilted to organic wool. Our multi-layer latex cores accommodate the firmness needs of each individual sleeper by allowing each of you to choose your own firmness combinations. The Big & Tall Performance Latex Mattress adds an organic sateen encased wool over horsehair layer on top for the ultimate in sleeping cool.Big & Tall Mattress - exploded view
Build the firmness (and softness) for each side.

Organic Natural Big & Tall vZone– 16 inches of Top-to-Bottom, Side-to-Side and Head-to-Toe adjustable zoning for relief at hips and shoulders plus lumbar support.

21 Feb

Tips for Different Types of Sleepers

Tips for Different Types of Sleepers

Your sleep quality has a massive impact on your overall health and productivity. Much like you can suffer an injury throughout your day, you can also injure yourself while sleeping. Therefore, it is essential to have a healthy sleep routine that sets you up for a successful life.

Did you know there are risks associated with the three different types of sleepers: side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers? Each poses a unique type of threat, which is why it is vital to implement healthy sleeping positions and practices. Keep reading to learn several healthy tips for different types of sleepers you can start using tonight.

Tips for Side Sleepers

Below are some of the most effective, science-approved tips for sleeping on your side. They are also pretty straightforward and easy to apply, so you can easily try them out for your next slumber.

Place a Pillow In Between Your Knees

Positioning a pillow between the knees is an effective method to relieve pressure points. Pain in the back and legs is a common problem for a side sleeper because of the minimal support. Your legs and hips support your opposite side while you sleep, which can be damaging to your joints. A leg pillow will enable optimal spinal alignment, which minimizes pressure on your back and entire body.

Try To Sleep On Your Left Side

One common misconception is that it does not matter which side you sleep on. However, it is actually more beneficial to lay on your left side because of the arrangement of your organs. Your stomach sits on the left because it allows for easier digestion and flow of food. When you sleep on your left side, it also facilitates healthy blood flow, reduces the chance of heartburn and limits symptoms of acid reflux.

Choose a Mattress with the Right Firmness

Choosing a mattress for side and stomach sleepers with optimal firmness is critical in supporting your waist and neck. With an ideal mattress, you’ll notice relief in common pressure points, and your ligaments and muscles will start to heal while you sleep. Plus a latex mattress for side sleepers is much more breathable and responsive than memory foam. The best side-sleeping mattress allows for adjusting pressure in the hips, shoulders and lumbar. Our vZone mattress can be easily adjusted from head to toe at six different areas of the body, making it the perfect mattress for side sleepers.

Tips for Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is not the healthiest option out of the three sleeping styles. However, you might not be able to sleep any other way since you have done it your whole life. Here are some helpful tips for stomach sleepers to limit any issues or complications.

Sleep with a Thin Pillow

Try sleeping with a thinner pillow or with no pillow at all. Your head and neck will rest at less of an angle with a thin pillow. This sleeping style will reduce the chance of pain in these critical areas.

Place a Pillow Underneath Your Hip

A latex pillow for stomach sleepers beneath the pelvis will provide many alignment benefits. This pillow position will assist your back in keeping a neutral posture. Putting a pillow under your hip will also help reduce the pressure on your spine throughout the night.

Perform Morning Stretches Every Day

Stretching is useful before and after physical activity, but it can also benefit sleeping performance for a stomach sleeper. Consistent stretching helps your body retain its alignment. A quality routine will also give your supporting muscles the strength to produce a healthy night’s sleep. As you start stretching, be sure to get some movement in first.

Tips for Sleeping On Your Back

Sleeping on your back provides many benefits when it comes to alignment and digestion. There are also a variety of strategies and solutions you can implement to elevate your sleeping experience. Here are some of the best tips for sleeping on your back.

Prop Up Your Head

Sleeping on your back may worsen sleep apnea symptoms. Because of how your tongue rests in your mouth, it can block your airway when you sleep on your back. To solve this, you can prop up your head so that it rests slightly higher than the rest of your body. Doing so will relieve any symptoms and help with the angle.

Place a Rolled Towel or Pillow Underneath Your Knees

Some back sleepers complain of severe back and hip pain. If you are a back sleeper, there might be extra pressure on these areas. However, you can address that pain by putting a rolled-up towel or pillow underneath your knees. This strategy will make your spine more rounded and take off some pressure. Stretching before bed also makes your hip flexors loosen and relieves further spine pressure.

Build a Barrier of Pillows on Both Sides of Your Body

Creating a pillow barrier on either side of your body will help keep your body straight throughout the night. It will also reduce the chances of your body rolling over. You will also feel a sense of protection and security, which will improve overall sleep in this position

Find Mattresses for All Different Types of Sleepers at FloBeds

As you can see, there are simple (but truly effective) ways to elevate your overall sleep quality. Using pillows, supportive mattresses and a little positioning, you can instill healthy habits at night. Try some of these helpful tips tonight, and then watch your health and happiness rise. At FloBeds, we’re passionate about a good night’s sleep. That’s why all of our latex mattresses are customized to the exact level of support you need. Shop our selection of mattresses, bedding and more to get the sleep of your dreams today!

10 Jan

Restored Body Upon Awakening – Hannah Teter | FloBeds

Rest, relax, rejuvenate.

These are all things that not only Olympic athletes want in a bed, but what we all deserve.

FloBeds is proud to craft latex beds for some very talented athletes. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, and that can be especially hard for athletes. That is what we are here for! Here is what snowboarder Hannah Teter thinks about FloBeds:
“I could not be more happy about my FloBed… it provides everything that I‘ve ever been looking for, from comfort to recovery. It is so important to sleep on a healthy Organic bed that can give you more than just a good night’s sleep, but also a restored body upon awakening. I wish that I could pack this bed in my bag and bring it everywhere with me!” -Hannah Teter

Hannah jumps (on her bed?)

18 Aug

We Stand Behind Our Mattresses

Look High and Low… FloBeds Remains On Top

“My husband and I spent two years researching and trying out organic and all natural mattresses from manufacturers such as OMI, Savvy Rest, and Hastens before deciding on a Flobeds mattress. We took a road trip to Fort Bragg just to try out the talalay latex mattress and we could not be happier with our purchase.
My husband is a rotating shift worker and a good night’s sleep is extremely important. When our Costco latex mattress started to sag in the middle after only a few years we decided it was time to upgrade to a mattress with a longer life and better support. When I read the research on the chemicals used in cheap latex mattresses and the off-gassing that occurs with chemically stabilized talalay latex I quickly became convinced of the need for an all-natural and organic alternative. I also spent a lot of time comparing Dunlop latex vs. talalay latex mattresses and was reassured to learn that the process Flobeds uses to create their talalay latex is all natural without any chemicals used to stabilize the latex. There is no question that Flobeds is offering a top-of-the-line quality product at a significant discount than their competitors.
Following over an hour of extensive showroom research we decided that a Z-Zone talalay latex mattress was the right fit for us (v-zone over firm over extra firm). We also bought the euro slat foundation and like the flexible support if offers. The bed shipped in a week and was easy to assemble as per the instructions and online video.
What should really be noted is the exceptional level of customer service. Our salesperson, Dewey, was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and his father Dave was also a delight to work with. We both love the sleep firmness guarantee and plan on buying a medium or soft layer to accommodate a possibly pregnancy in the next few years.
This was a major purchase for us and we really felt more comfortable dealing with a company that will stand behind our mattress. With over 33 years in the business, Flobeds is obviously leading the industry in quality and customer service. ”
Natalie, CA

25 Mar

Our Most Popular Mattress

Our Most Popular Mattress

Often times when people call FloBeds to learn more about our latex mattresses they ask, “What is your most popular bed?” Well the answer is the vZone.

The vZone Mattress

vZone Layers provide adjustable pressure relief for shoulders and hips and extra lumbar support

In addition to the top to bottom & side to side customization of our Select & Deluxe models, the vZone features head to toe adjustable zoning to provide pressure point relief for hips and shoulders as well as additional lumbar support. With the Natural or Original vZone, your latex mattress is customized and adjustable in every direction!

What Our Customers Have to Say
four stars

My wife and I have been customers of Flobeds since almost the beginning. We started with an individual control air bed and then migrated to the latex once that was available back in 2000. It was now time to replace a couple of the foam cores and we upgraded to the vZone! What a difference a day makes! My wife woke up after the first night with absolutely no back pain and each night keeps getting better!
The products and people are just the best. I applaud them for their innovation and keeping a step ahead of all the other brands you hear on the radio and TV. Keep it up Flobeds!!
Thanks Dave!

07 Mar

Imagine Pressure Relief In Bed | FloBeds

FloBeds Latex mattresses offering pressure relief for sleepers of all sizes.

Fort Bragg, CA
Imagine you could choose any spot on your body and make your mattress softer or firmer in that exact spot.  That is relief, relief a FloBeds vZone Latex Mattress delivers to thousands of sleepers.  The genius of the vZone lies in the six adjustable latex zones, all encased in an organic cotton sleeve, within the zippered luxurious Euro-knit organic cotton cover.  Most bodies need attention in three areas: shoulders, hips and lumbar.
Need a little softer in your hip zone?  Simply open cover, unzip the pocketed hip zone and insert your soft zone.  Each sleeper controls their own firmness or pressure relief. provides a “Mattress & Firmness Selector” and ships worldwide.
Add a European Slat Foundation with flexible beach wood slats under the mattress and one finds sleep and comfort most only.
FloBeds is able to make a pure clean mattress by using natural latex from the rubber tree surrounded by organic cotton quilted to organic wool.  The wool acts as a fire barrier and passes the Standard for the Flammability of Mattress Sets (Open Flame Test).  The new standard required mattresses and foundations to be able to withstand an open flame for 50 seconds on the side and 70 seconds on the top without igniting. Most companies use FR chemicals or other artificial components to pass this test… FloBeds is proud to use only wool to make our mattresses meet this standard. dream of.
Customer reviews cover the gamut from “herniated disk pain gone” to “our son’s FloBed is far cozier and more comfortable than our more expensive Duxiana.”
FloBeds was started by Dave Turner while a student at Stanford University.  They sell 90 percent of their beds via which features both a “Goldilocks Firmness Guarantee” and a Money-back Guarantee.   Now the mayor of the small Northern California coastal town of Fort Bragg, Turner likes to tell folks that doing business on the internet is a lot like doing business in a small town:  if you don’t treat someone fair, everyone will know about it.  FloBeds’ focus on customer service before and after the sale seems to be paying off as 2013 saw their best year ever, and sales continue to grow.
Contact:  Dave Turner, President, FloBeds 707-964-3356
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02 Sep

FAQ – Zones and vZones, What’s the Difference | FloBeds

vZone Layers provide adjustable pressure relief for shoulders and hips and extra lumbar support

Zones For YOUR Body

Q: Hi,  We tried out the Royal Pedic quilt top pure latex mattress at ABC Carpet and Home store and liked it very much, except for the price. I’m wondering if you’re familiar enough with Royal Pedic’s products to recommend whether it’s possible to create a similar feeling product from your own lineup.
Here is a link to it (although the image is wrong as it’s not actually a pillowtop as shown).  The product tearsheet link along the bottom of the page shows the correct image along with some specs, but unfortunately not the ILD ratings
I’m not especially concerned about whether the materials qualify as all-organic. However I would be interested to know whether your all-natural latex actually feels any different than your blended talalay latex.
I’m also not concerned about whether the thickness is exactly the same, I’m more interested in knowing if we could put together a mattress that feels about the same as the Royal Pedic regardless of the physical differences.
Could you also point me to some pictures of the cotton/wool cover you use on your mattresses, and describe how much padding is in it?
A: Dan,  The Royal Pedic 7 zone would be most comparable to our vZone Natural Latex Mattress. Most manufactures are producing some sort of zoned mattress these days to relieve pressure points for a sleepers shoulders and hips as well as offer additional lumbar support. In order to match the feel of the Royal Pedic exactly we would need the ild’s of the latex used, however we at FloBeds feel that a mattress should be custom built for each sleeper, while the Royal Pedic may have felt great in the store the chances of it being the perfect sleeping surface for each of you is slim. Based on your body weight,  height, sleeping style, we can recommend what we feel would be best for each of you, we then give you 100 nights to make sure the bed is for you.  Our Goldilocks Guranantee lets you fine tune your mattress for 20 years
As to our 100% natural Talalay vs The Blended Talalay (30% natural 70% synthetic) I tell folks; as far as look, touch, feel, performance, and warranty goes the two are the same. The Natural will run a little bit thicker and weigh more, but it really comes down to a personal preference.
Here is a link to our organic cotton and wool cover: , we use 1 inch of organic wool in the quilted top, as well as needle punched wool in the side walls and bottom of the cover for our flame barrier. Wool is naturally flame resistant, and a great addition to the organic cotton ticking in our mattress covers.  You can read more about the qualities of the FloBeds Cover at our Natural Latex Mattress page.
If you have any further questions about our mattresses, please feel free to give us a call, or email back.
Dewey Turner
1(800)FloBeds -1(800)356-2337

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