Doctor Recommended

Dr. Lago on FloBeds As an orthopedic surgeon, I have seen many patients who have been adversly affected by an uncomfortable bed. The obliteration of pressure points has been a major result. Motion on either side of the bed goes un-noticed with FloBed. The old days when I awoke with a low backache are gone. […]

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Beauty Sleep

How To Become a Morning Person Routine, sunlight and a favorite morning activity can turn an owl into a lark. ByTemma Ehrenfeld December 28th, 2011 Tags: Sleep And Health, Sleeping Problems You hit snooze twice, skip breakfast and grumpily rush to the office. By late-morning, however, you’re firing off emails handily. Your mood rises over

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Testing a 50K Mattress

Testing a $50,000 Mattress By JOYCE WADLER Savoir Beds, a 105-year-old luxury British company, opened its first store in New York last weekend. A cynic might wonder if the No. 1, the $50,000 mattress they were touting, was a marketing ploy, a question we put to Roger Ericson, the company’s London-based creative director. “No, no,

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Diabetes and Sleep

Disturbed sleep link to diabetes       Deep sleep is associated with changes that affect metabolism A disturbed night’s sleep may increase the risk of developing diabetes, US research has suggested. The US team discovered that volunteers who were roused whenever they were about to fall into the deepest sleep developed insulin resistance. This

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