24 Apr

Latex Mattress | FloBeds

FloBeds Talalay Latex Mattresses, made of the highest quality bedding materials the earth has to offer.

Talalay Latex Mattress  assures  quality materials and comfort every night.
We at FloBeds searched the world for what we believe to be the finest materials to make beds out of.  With an extra effort to keep our cozy materials natural, we start with ticking made of organic cotton. Our organic cotton stretch knit cover has a 4 way stretch and truly compliments the latex foam rubber its encasing. Keeping chemicals out of the equation, next we use an organic wool as our batting in the quilted top, but we also use organic wool as our flame barrier. Quilting the organic wool to all sides of our mattress keeps us flame safe, with out the use of any chemicals.  We often say, “you cant judge a bed by its cover, but its a good place to start.”  While the cover is fantastic, and if we could think of a way to make it any better, you better believe we would! Like choosing a life long partner, when you choose a mattress, its whats inside that really counts.  We use only the highest quality latex foam rubber, 100% Natural Oeko tex Certified Talalay latex.  We customize the firmness level for each sleeper, we personalize each bed for each sleeper.  We have the ability to change it once its setup in your home. If it just does not work out for you, you have 100 nights to return it.  This is the future in sleeping, this is the FloBed Latex Mattress. We’ve been here for over 30 years, and you can bet your mattress we’ll be here many many more.

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