Latex vs. Traditional Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning may not be something you think about unless you have severe allergies or you’ve experienced a mishap of some kind. (Think small kids and dogs, for example.) We’ve got you covered with this handy guide that will show you the best way to clean a mattress like a professional, whether you have traditional bedding or a natural latex mattress. Just to note: While our guide provides basic methods for cleaning a mattress, always follow your mattress manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Read on to learn more!

How Do You Clean a Mattress Made of Latex?

There are many advantages to owning a latex mattress. Along with providing an excellent night’s sleep, a latex mattress is a great choice for people who have allergies to things like dust mites. The good news for these sleepers is how easy these mattresses are to clean. Whether you already own a latex mattress or are thinking of taking the plunge, here is what you need to know about how to properly clean a mattress made of latex.

How Do You Clean a Latex Mattress Cover?

Latex mattress covers keep the mattress from getting dusty and dirty. With a cover like this on your bed, mattress cleaning is a snap. To clean your cover, remove it from the mattress. You can do a little spot cleaning with mild soap and cold water, then line dry. Some manufacturers allow you to machine wash and dry a mattress cover; others do not. So read carefully and be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

What About General Latex Mattress Cleaning?

Fortunately, latex is resistant to dust mites. So you probably won’t need to do anything to deep clean the latex mattress itself unless you have severe allergies. Just remember, you should NEVER expose your latex mattress to sunlight.

What If You Spill Something On Your Latex Mattress?

Cleaning a mattress made of latex is doable using mild soap and water. Be sure to dry the latex by first compressing it with a towel to absorb the wetness. You should then air dry the latex for several hours using a fan. Again, during this process, be sure to keep your mattress out of the sunlight. Proper natural latex mattress care is important to keep your bed clean and cozy for years to come.

How Do You Clean a Mattress Made of Traditional Materials?

Traditional mattress cleaning involves more work. But if you have issues with allergies, it’s something you’ll want to commit to once or twice a year.

Vacuum The Surface Of The Mattress

Run your vacuum across the top, bottom and sides of the mattress, using the vacuum attachment to get in the cracks and crevices.

Overall Mattress Cleaning

Use the baking soda method to clean all surfaces of your traditional mattress:

  • Sprinkle a layer of baking soda across the mattress-top.
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes. Baking soda will cause the extraction of dirt, moisture and odors, which will be drawn to the top of the mattress.
  • Vacuum up the residue. (Make sure your vacuum cleaner can do this without clogging.)
  • Flip the mattress and repeat on the other side.

Cleaning Tough Stains Out Of Your Mattress

If your mattress has set-in stains, you can use this homemade solution for spot mattress cleaning just those areas. It works well for removing blood stains, urine and dirt from your mattress. Just make sure you use it in small amounts – you don’t want to soak a large area because it will be challenging to dry:

  • Mix 1 part dish soap, 1 part hydrogen peroxide and 1 part table salt.
  • Rub the mixture into the fabric.
  • Let it dry.
  • Brush off any residue with a clean white rag.

How NOT To Clean Your Mattress

Cleaning a mattress isn’t like cleaning upholstery. You should never steam clean a mattress because mold and mildew can form deep in the layers of the fabric if the material does not dry properly.

Latex Mattress Cleaning Is Easier with FloBeds

To keep a clean bed, the mattress – whether it’s made of natural latex or traditional materials – should be cared for regularly to prolong its life and ensure the most consistent night’s sleep. Learning how to properly clean a mattress is much easier to do with a latex mattress. Latex is also durable, breathable and customizable to your sleeping needs. If you’re ready to invest in a great night’s sleep for the rest of your life, check out a Natural Latex Mattress, with its zip off cover top, from FloBeds today.

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