The way that we purchase mattresses now is quite different from how we used to even five or ten years ago. While there are still options to visit showroom floors and test out mattresses before finding the right one, today, more people are turning to online retailers to order. Currently, there are about 175 bed-in-a-box companies that make up the $16.5 billion mattress industry. While these competing brands have their strengths and weaknesses, it’s crucial that you do your research before buying. Unfortunately, because there are so many online mattress companies, some mattresses may offer some of the same benefits despite being marketed differently.

Don’t get us wrong — there are companies that conduct research and development to create their own mattresses, including brands like Purple and Brentwood Home. There are also companies like Tuft & Needle that have proprietary formulas set in place for their foam. However, while brands like these offer unique mattresses, you could risk spending more money on a similar-quality mattress from one brand than another if you don’t do your homework. A recent CNBC article highlights much of the confusion this has caused. However, the article fails to recognize that FloBeds has been shipping premium customizable mattress options since 1997 — and we have many clear advantages over bed-in-a-box brands.

What Makes FloBeds Adjustable Firmness Mattresses Different?

While we do share some similarities with competitors in how we sell our mattresses, FloBeds specializes in creating remarkable Talalay latex mattresses that can be personalized to each individual’s needs. Made from 100% natural materials that exclude Dunlop latex and polyurethane foam, each customizable mattress features comfortable Talalay latex layers that can help you relax and enjoy a fantastic night of rest. Our custom latex mattress is offered in five separate firmness options, from Soft to SuperFirm, and you can even adjust the left and right side firmness separately. We also carry our specialty vZone adjustable firmness mattresses that offer one-of-a-kind adjustable pressure-relief zones to target pressure points and give additional lumbar support.

Additionally, what really sets FloBeds apart from other mattress companies is our commitment to keeping our customers comfortable for years to come with our Goldilocks Guarantee. While our Talalay latex mattresses are made to last for 20 years, we understand that there can be changes in comfort, especially over such a long time. The Goldilocks Guarantee lets us send new firmness layers (cores) or hip and lumbar support zones at a low price to further adjust your mattress whenever you choose. And, if our custom latex mattress isn’t for you, that’s okay! We offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for the first 100 days after your purchase.

If you’re looking for the best latex mattress, you won’t find any other like a FloBeds mattress. Browse our selection of top-quality latex mattresses today!

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