It’s May, it’s May…
Celebrate May - Dance around the May Pole!

Camelot comes to mind…
But on the business of a good night’s sleep, consider your needs…
Does your shoulder hurt?  Do you have specific areas that need pressure relief?  Is your bed too hard?  Do you and your partner have to compromise on your mattress firmness?
Let us give you some Firm AdviceLet us give you some Firm Advice!
Our Mattress Selector and Firmness Advisor
will ask you a 6 questions about you and your sleep and point you in the right direction.
Because we are a small mattress company (just 10 full time employees:), we are able to consider your needs when we design a mattress for you.  And with our Goldilocks Guarantee, if we don’t get it “Just Right”… we will work with you to get it right or give your money back.  It’s not rocket science, but it does take some thinking and personal attention.

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