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  • FloBeds The Original Customized Latex Mattress
    FloBeds The Original Customized Latex Mattress
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    The Original Personally Crafted Latex Mattress... because your body deserves it!

    Latex Foam Cells and Durability

    Due to the unique process used to make Talalay Latex Foam, Talalay Latex Foam has a larger, more open cell structure than Dunlop latex foam for increased durability and air permeability.

    Talalay Natural Latex Foam is produced using the Talalay Process. A key step in the process is the vacuum expansion and freezing of the latex foam. The step results in a consistent, large, and open cell structure with superior properties compared to Dunlop latex foam.

    Below are 40X magnified images of Dunlop latex foam and Talalay Latex Foam with similar densities. The scale bars in the images are 250 mm or about 0.01 inches.

    Dunlop vs Talalay

    Dunlop Latex Foam 40X - - - - - - - - - - - - - Talalay Latex Foam 40X

    As the images show, the cell size of Talalay Latex Foam is about twice as large as the cell size of Dunlop latex foam at the same density of material. The larger cell size means that there must be more material in the cell walls. The images clearly show that the cell walls are thicker in the Talalay Latex Mattress foam by about 20 mm on average.

    The large cell structure of Talalay Latex Foam is responsible for the unique compression profile and comfort of the material. The thicker, rubber cell walls are what give Talalay Latex Foam its superior durability over other materials. The more material in the walls, the more resistance to breakage of the cells which ultimately leads to degradation of performance.

    There are a number of methods to assess durability of latex foam materials including; Cornell Testing, Rollator Testing, Impact Testing, Roller Shear Testing, Elongation and Compression Set. All of the methods attempt to predict how a material will perform over the lifetime of the product. In an Impact Test a 17 in x 17in x 6in block of latex foam is measured for ILD (indentation load deflection) and impacted with a 30 lbs foot for 25000 cycles over a 24 hour period. The latex foam is then allowed to recover for 24 hours and the ILD is measured again. The Impact Loss is the percentage difference between the original ILD and the impacted ILD. The test is meant to measure what kind of firmness change may be expected over a long period of time. Below are images of the Impact Tester.

    Latex ILD Impact Loss Test

    The cause of failure in the Impact Test is breakage of cell walls due to the impact. Impact Loss for Talalay Latex Foam is on average 6 percent for all ILDs. Impact Loss for a Dunlop latex foam is generally 16 percent or higher. The differences can be accounted for by the processes used to produce the latex foams and quality of ingredients being used.

    Another important factor to latex foam durability is foam elongation. Elongation is a measure of how far a material will stretch before breaking. Elongation is reported as the percentage of length at breaking compared to the original length. A tensile testing machine is used to test elongation.

    Talalay Latex Foam has much better elongation than Dunlop latex foam. The higher elongation means the latex foam can stretch farther and absorb more energy before breakage occurs. The property is not only important to durability but also to material handling. The source of the superior elongation of Talalay Latex Foam lies in the thicker cell walls and quality starting materials.

    durability of latex foam materials

    The large, open cell structure of Talalay Latex Foam has an important benefit to consumers, breathability. The cell structure is extremely open allowing air, moisture, and heat to freely move through the material. Below is a comparison of air permeability between Talalay Latex Foam and a Dunlop latex foam. Testing was performed in accordance with ASTM D3574 procedures. The test apparatus is shown below. Air Permeability in Latex test
    Air Permeability Test Apparatus

    Air is drawn through a 2 inch x 2 inch x 1 inch block of foam until a specific pressure differential between the outside air pressure and a test chamber inside the apparatus is achieved. The more open the foam cell structure, the higher the air flow rate to achieve the pressure differential. Typical results for Dunlop latex foam and Talalay Latex Foam with similar firmness ratings are given.

    watch air flow through Talalay Latex

    Talalay Latex Foam is 100% more breathable than a standard Dunlop latex foam. Breathability is important for a comfortable sleeping environment. Air movement allows heat and moisture to be transferred away from the body keeping temperatures regulated.

    In Summary

    1) Talalay Latex Foam cells are about twice as large as Dunlop latex foam cells providing a better compression profile.
    2) Talalay Latex Foam cell walls are thicker than Dunlop latex foam cell walls providing better durability to impact and elongation.
    3) The larger cells in Talalay Latex Foam provide significantly more air flow than Dunlop latex foam cells.

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