06 Jul

The College Campanion | FloBeds

A product of your environment. A topper designed in the dorm rooms.

Since I’ve been going to school for three years now, away from home and living in a college dormitory, I’ve learned a few things: One, you will never get a meal like a home-cooked meal and two, after having slept on a FloBed my whole life….nothing compares. College mattresses are built for durability; to last. Comfort is not a concern of theirs, so here I am, born and raised on FloBeds you can see where this becomes a problem to my ever so used to the kind of mattress that will put me to sleep right away.
My ever-so thoughtful father also wanted me to know how good I had to, so he made me go my whole freshmen year, on the standard twin extra long mattress. Which was like sleeping on a board. Being an athlete, I would come back from practices and games looking forward to laying down and then I’d hit that rock of a bed… needless to say it was a long year.
Since I’ve been in school I’ve seen hundreds of kids, with their mattress toppers, some tempurpedic, some those $20 ones from Target and Wal-Mart. But those as well, start to take shapes, slide off your mattress every time you slide off your mattress, and they just weren’t very good. But, it was better than sleeping on the rock they all agreed.
So after enduring all the pains and aches that I was so used to having leave me during my slumber, came my sophomore year. Where, my father finally let me take a FloBed to school. I went right back to where I was, felt terrific and well rested, and while i never thought i’d let my Dad know this; the bed actually made it harder for me to get to class because i never wanted to leave it! It was great, i was feeling fantastic,

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