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Euro Slat Foundation

Contouring bent beech slats provide give and rotation, constantly responding to the shifting planes of your body, keeping your spine straight.
Features Engineered to be put together with 8 wing-nuts, this foundation is constructed of solid wood sides and flexible beech wood slats imported from Europe. Dual foundations work on standard heavy-duty metal bedframe (with center support running head to foot) or our Glide Leg system for a true "UnDisturbed" sleep. (5-1/2 inch height)

FSC Ponderosa Pine
2 & Better 1"x6"

Organic Cotton Quilted to Wool (Matches Mattress)

Bent Beech Slats in Rubber Holders
(imported from Europe)

8 Wing-nuts

Finished Size
6" x 60" x 80"


Ponderosa, Pine, Sustainable, Organic, Natural
-Slats in our Euro sleep system can be individually adjusted. -Simply slide the cambers to provide less or more resistance according to your comfort needs. -Adjust to provide the comfort and support your body deserves now and years from now after bodies change over time due to weight gain or loss, back or muscle problems, etc.

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Ponderosa, Pine, Sustainable, Organic, Natural
Queen 60" x 80"
Quiet, No-Squeek, Strong, Solid, Wood
Guaranteed, Long Life, Latex, Rubber, Flex
True, Level, Do Not Disturb, Sturdy, Wood
2006 -- 5-1/2 inch sides, woodshop - 2012 Sep Drop Center,9-5-14 Long Rubber


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