My Daughter Told Me About FloBeds

About 5 years ago I  had back aches almost all the time because of my work as a Nursing Assistant at the area hospital. My daughter had gotten a FloBed, and for several years encouraged me to buy one. After a lot of thought, and more pain, I decided to get one.  It came in really small boxes compared to what I had expected.  I took them out and laid them on the bed in the order I thought I would like, with firm and soft on the side I sleep on the most.  Almost immediately I noticed I was sleeping longer through the night, not waking up every time I had to turn over because of my pains.  After about a year, I decided to change my side of the  bed to firm with medium on top. That is when I really felt the best relief. Now I don’t have those back aches, and other joint pains from sleeping on  those metal coils.  I am able to get a really good rest. I am so glad I got that bed, I  wish I had gotten it years sooner. If I had ordered one after I first heard my daughter rave about hers, I would have been a lot happier a few years sooner.  I really do love my latex bed.

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