Hardwood Slatted Platforms

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 Hand Made in Fort Bragg, California

Where the Redwoods meet the Pacific.

Furniture made the old fashioned way

Mortise and tenon wood joints connecting posts to headboard and foot board.  Made by hand with care.

cherry mortise and tenon
Hard Maple is a proven strong hardwood,.

Premium Hardwood

FloBeds slatted platform beds are made with 100% hardwood. Don’t be fooled by companies who won’t tell you what wood their bed frames are made of… or say things like “solid wood”. Enjoy the beauty, strength and longevity of American sustainably grown hardwoods.

Simple and Easy Setup

With our straightforward instructions and design, you can get your FloBeds frame ready in under 30 minutes.

Durable and long-lasting

Unrivaled Support

Expertly designed to cradle a mattress on a series of oak or maple slats, which provide air circulation, support, and comfort.


Hardwood Slatted Platforms
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