11 Aug

3 Ways the Couch is Sabatoging Your Sleep

Here are 3 reasons you should hop off the couch and jump back in your bed:

1. Your couch does not support your body. On your mattress, you can sleep in whatever position you prefer. That means you are more likely to rest in proper natural alignment. A soft and narrow couch will not provide the correct alignment.

2. Your couch will conduct heat differently than your mattress. The FloBeds mattress is made with airflow in mind. Your couch is made with different materials, that is why you may feel too warm or too cool while sleeping on it.

3. The TV in front of your couch will keep you from getting rest. Sleeping on the couch makes it easier to fall into the trap of missing your bedtime because of TV binge watching. In addition, the blue light that the TV emits makes it is harder to fall asleep if you watch TV too close to bedtime.

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