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Slat Foundations

It all starts with a good foundation. Our Euro Slat, Fir Slat and Pine Slat Foundations take the place of a traditional box spring set, but are built like a house. Seriously! Solid FSC Ponderosa Pine construction. Built to provide true, even and long-lasting support for our latex mattresses. Natural Wood. No harmful chemicals, only wood, Elmers glue and screws.
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Euro slats provide both give and rotation, constantly responding to the shifting planes of your body. Keeps your spine straight and give just the right amount of support.
$654.00 (with mattress)
Euro Slat Foundation
Vertical grain fir slats provide excellent support.$579.00
Fir Slat Foundation
Pine Slats provide sturdy support and change temperature with mattress. Comfortable, heatlhy air flow.$479.00
Pine Slat Foundation

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