How Success and Sleep Are Connected

Getting a proper amount of rest each night can offer wonderful benefits to our wellness. From elevating our moods to recharging our bodies after a long day of work, a full eight hours of sleep is essential to keeping us physically and mentally healthy. However, there is one more reason to stick to a regularly scheduled bedtime — success and sleep are tied closely together.

Are you interested in learning how sleep and success in school or work are related to one another? Here are four reasons why you should start taking your rest more seriously:

1. Sleep Helps You Get to Places on Time

When you get a poor night of rest, you feel groggy, cranky and unmotivated the following morning. And because you’re so tired, you may even resist getting out of bed until the very last minute, which puts you at risk of running late for work or class. In other words, smacking that alarm clock (or snoozing it three or four times) can throw off your whole day in a matter of seconds. This is one of the biggest reasons why sleep and success are dependent on each other. When you hit the hay early, you’re more likely to wake up feeling rejuvenated and able to roll out of bed with ease. Plus, you’ll be able to push yourself to get up a little earlier so you can tend to your priorities without feeling rushed.

2. Proper Rest Allows You to Perform Your Work More Efficiently

Whether you’re studying as a college student or working a nine-to-five, pulling all-nighters can run its course and potentially cause burnout. As Arianna Huffington, author of the book “The Sleep Revolution,” states in her manifesto, “Exhaustion is a sign of chaos, not a badge of honor.” Society has often praised individuals who burn the midnight oil, but success and sleep deprivation don’t mix very well. When you take a step back, give yourself a break and truly embrace a work-life balance by getting plenty of sleep, you’ll be full of energy when you need it for your work the next day.

3. Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Mental Blocks

Some jobs require you to be on your feet, while others may have you behind a desk. And, if you’re a student, you’re always studying for that next exam or working on homework and projects. Regardless of what you’re currently doing, all of these roles constantly require your full, undivided attention. When you don’t get enough sleep, and success in school or work starts to suffer, it’s often a sign that you’re experiencing memory issues due to a lack of rest. That’s why it’s so crucial to give yourself time to reboot so you can power through your day with little to no mistakes. And, if you do run into any mistakes, having that eight hours under your belt can give you the mental capacity to overcome problems quickly and successfully.

4. Lack of Sleep Can Cause Sickness

While this is more of a health concern, it still makes a significant case for the correlation between success and sleep. After all, when you are sick for any reason, you can’t adequately perform your duties and may have to call off of work. If you’re salaried, this can take away from one of your sick days — if you’re an hourly employee, it can cost you your daily pay. It’s hard to be successful when you’re too sick to show up in the first place!

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