07 Feb

Stop Tossing and Turning and Start Sleeping | FloBeds

Science tells us Latex foam rubber, may be the cure to your sleepless nights!

At FloBeds we pride ourselves in selling latex mattresses specifically. We believe latex is the solution to all of your uncomfortable and restless nights. According to the ErgoCheck system (pictured below) a latex  mattress distributes pressure more evenly than even the most expensive innerspring mattress. The ErgoCheck system is a measuring pad with 648 individual pressure sensors distributed across the testing surface. It shows the physical pressure between the body and mattress to determine pressure points.
Screenshot (496)
Tests have demonstrated that areas with pressure measuring above 32 millimeters of mercury (shown in dark blue) will inhibit blood circulation and cause muscle ache and tossing and turning.
So even science shows you that a Latex mattress is your solution to a better nights sleep.

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