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Memory foam mattresses vs Latex Mattresses

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Euro Knit Stretch MicroCare

European stretch knit uses MicroCare knit with Amicor Pure. Amicor Pure is a smart fiber with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives inside the fibre. Due to the unique fibre structure, these additives are diffused slowly – providing long lasting protection to textile fabrics.

FloBeds FloCare European Knit mattress cover further enhances health and comfort with a soft supple feel that does not interfere with the comfort and contouring of the FloBeds mattress. FloBeds quilts the FloCare knit to one inch of pure New Zealand Wool. That’s all. The whole cover unzips for cleaning and hanging in the sun.

Health and comfort: revolutionary, yet natural. The FloBeds way.

Terry Cover with Air-Permeable Liquid Barrier

(Air-Permeable does not mean it lets a lot of air movement around your body… just that a some air will get through!)

Pressure Relief Layer Pressure Relief Layer

FloBeds uses 2″ layer of 16 ILD Convoluted latex. We think convoluted latex is the best pressure relieving surface available for mattress construction.

3 ” Layer of Viscoelastic Material

Support Core Support Core

FloBeds uses 100% Talalay Latex Cores (5-1/2 total core thickness). Talalay is the most conforming latex (foam rubber) available. Each side of your FloBed will be personally engineered to support your back the way it should be supported. With our 13 possible firmnesses and our 90 Night Money Back Firmness Guaranteed Test Rest, you know we will get the right firmness for you. Latex

Bonded Substrate

(Others use a 5″-8″ block of inexpensive polyurethane. This is the product that has caused innerspring mattresses to take a set in just a couple of years). Other Memory Foam Bed manufacturers have a “one firmness fits all” philosophy.

Foundation Foundation

FloBeds Slat Foundations are constructed of solid 3/4″ pine sides and 3/4 inch clear vertical grain fir slats to provide maximum air circulation for your mattress. True level surface for lasting performance and support. Dual foundations work on standard heavy-duty metal bed frame, and true ‘do not disturb’ sleep.

Steel/Spring Under-structure.
Not much there, take a look for yourself.

Rocket Science Rocket Science
Firm Advice

Ahem… sleep is really not rocket science, just getting the right support. (Although we sure like NASA’s contribution to pressure relief;)

“Space Technology”

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