Fluid Mattress to Prevent Pressure Sores

Our first patented mattress: US Pattent #5,850,646
No Longer in Production

(No Longer in Production)

Pressure & Shear Relief Without The Hassles

Designed for those who want to provide maximum therapy at a minimum cost, the FloCare Fluid Mattress is perhaps the most comfortable & carefree healthcare mattress ever.

  • The FloCare Fluid Mattress utilizes the natural laws of fluid physics to provide dynamic self adjusting pressure relief where needed, in any position, even sitting up, with no adjustments needed.
graph of pressure in mattress

  • Cost effective pressure relief designed to deliver affordable flotation therapy.
  • Pressure ratings well below capillary closure at all major pressure points.
  • Self-adjusting fluid eliminates possibility of improper adjustment or bottoming out, even when head raised
  • The digital temperature control system enables exacting skin temperature control, one of the most important aspects to healthy strong skin. Cool or warm.
  • Low 75 watt power consumption. Maintenance free. Silent operation.
  • Temperature controlled support surface for optimum skin temperature. Ultra Model provides increased targeted pressure relief for chronic wounds. The FloCare Fluid Mattress delivers carefree pressure relief day after day, in any position, without adjustment. Even without power. No more need to worry about loss of power.
FloBed Fluid Mattress
  • Full body length waveless flotation bladder and sacral bladder work in conjunction to deliver cradling fluid support, providing comfort and eliminating shear as head is elevated.
  • Special fluid proof hi-tech fabric mattress cover allows skin to breath and prevents maceration.
  • 100% Marino Wool Mattress Pad included.
  • Fits any semi-electric or fully-electric adjustable bed frame.
  • Call 1-800-Flo-Beds Today

The FloCare Fluid Mattress makes life a lot simpler for the patient, the family, the care giver and the healthcare institution.

Crazy medicare made it impractical to market.  And when we put it on the Internet in 1995, we found out folks from all around the world wanted a simple comfortable and pressure relieving mattress for themselves.  We create FloBeds, the First Personalized Latex Mattress.

FloBeds History 

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