This August…

Every FloBed Mattress Purchase Supports

go to Noyo Center for Marine Science

Save 15% site wide

Plus, when you buy a FloBed Mattress,
we will donate $180 to the Noyo Center

(a Bull Kelp Sustaining Membership in your name for one year)

Coupon Code: NOYO

Architects’ Conceptual Design of Ocean Science Center

FloBeds has supported the Noyo Center since its inception in 2015.  We have watched it:

  • Help the Kelp
  • Pioneer purple urchin removal from the former kelp forests
  • Continue work in ranching the destructive purple urchin into a marketable seafood quality to incentivize rebalancing kelp forest ecosystems.
  • Partner with UC Davis in the abalone brood stock preservation program.
  • Bring the ocean and Marine Science to students in the classroom, on the beaches and in summer camps.
  • Plan for the Ocean Science Center on the headlands of the former mill site in Fort Bragg, California.
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