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  • FloBeds The Original Customized Latex Mattress
    FloBeds The Original Customized Latex Mattress
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    The Original Personally Crafted Latex Mattress... because your body deserves it!


    FloBeds Reviews

    By Bed Design

    20 Years of Dreams in a Box

     We visited our son in Pflugerville, TX and I laid down on his FloBed one afternoon. It was so comfortable that when we got home to Steamboat Springs, CO we ordered a king size one for ourselves.

    One day shortly after my husband answered the door to find a puzzled UPS driver wanting to know just the heck we had ordered. Joe told him it was a king size bed and the driver, with a look of total disbelief proceeded to bring in 6 large boxes and then leave shaking his head! We slept very well indeed.

    Carol W. -- 4-3/2016

     Story for UPS

    About six years ago, I bought my first FloBed, a queen size mattress and it was shipped and delivered on time to Anchorage Alaska, where we can almost see Russia from our house. :)

    After some research, I bought two twice fluffed pillows to help me count more sheep!

    Several years and a wedding later, my wife and I bought a king size organic latex mattress and once again it was delivered by speedy UPS. Packaging was still in great condition and delivered straight to our doorstep. My wife and I love our FloBed and we make sure we recommend the company to family and friends when one is searching for a new mattress.

    Thanks for your great products. Looking forward to the travel pillow as we miss our pillows and mattress when we vacation. Thanks for producing great products!!

    Carson and Jessica L., Anchorage, Alaska -- 4/2/2016

     Our FloBed Story

    Our daughter was little and always wanted to sleep with us. The mattress where my husband, myself and little Serena slept was too bouncy for us......too much one was getting enough sleep. So we ordered a King size FloBed.

    The day it arrived, in several different bags was an exciting one for us; we had a wood frame ready for it; we diligently followed the side a bit softer than my husband's. The cotton and wool cover/case smelled great, almost like something familiar. When it was ready we (all 3) fell asleep in it...a sweet nap......the first of many good sleeps.

    Our daughter is now 16 and she wanted a new room, we decided to let her have the master bedroom, we did not have the space for a king size bed anymore. I did not want to let go of our great FloBed so I called you guys hoping for ideas, suggestions on how to make it smaller. I was told I could cut the top layer (the only one that was in one piece) with a bread knife.

    What a great suggestion! Thank you!

    Also thank you for so many years of great sleeping.
    Clelia C., -- 4/1/2016

     Dreams in a Box

    We had just moved into a new home, bought a new bed and were in need of a mattress. I did the typical online research (well, a lot more than most people) and decided the overwhelming winner to be FloBed. I used the online design tool and then spoke to someone at FloBeds to ensure I was selecting the appropriate bed for me and my wife. I placed the order and anxiously awaited the delivery.

    It showed up just as advertised - in a box, well, several boxes. My wife and I had actually had fun putting everything together. The labeling, instructions and online videos were very helpful. Once everything was stacked and zipped up, we put on the FloBed sheets and took her for the maiden voyage. I've never had this kind of relaxing feeling on any bed I've ever slept on. It just doesn't compare to anything else. I've owned several Tempurpedic, which felt good in the store, but eventually didn't live up to expectations. We've been sleeping on our FloBed for 6 months and it's the most relaxing, comfortable sleep we have ever had. I'm certain we will continue to be loyal customers and will recommend FloBed to friends and relatives.

    Thanks, Richard and Kathy, Sarasota, FL -- 3/29/2016

     Dreams in Box

    My brother, Darrell, had highly recommended the FloBed, so I ordered your queen size about 2-3 years ago. I have a history of behaving like the princess and the pea; I am very finicky about my mattress. Before purchasing your FloBed, I tried purchasing a memory foam topper and after just ONE night (not even!), my back was screaming at me in major pain! I could not even make it through that one night and ended up trying to straighten out my back by laying directly on the hard floor. That did not do the trick either. Obviously, it was quickly returned to the store! It took a full month to finally get my back to the place, it was tolerable again.

    When I purchased your mattress, you can imagine my fear when hearing it had ANY kind of memory foam and so I was skeptical, plus the price compounded that fear. Once your mattress arrived, I was cautiously excited about trying it out that night. I am happy to report that I slept pain-free! UPS is typically not my preferred vendor, as the boxes for my deliveries usually arrive damaged. Yes, it did have a corner damaged but fortunately the mattress was fine.

    Thank you for my good nights sleep bed!
    Smiles, Cindy J -- 3/28/2016

     I LOVE MY BED!!

    When I needed a new bed I was concerned about set up as a small aging single female. I ordered my bed from Flobeds with a bit of guidance on what the company thought would meet my needs. I was apprehensive about getting the bed in a box, but when it arrived I was absolutely ecstatic. I could lift the bed pieces and easily rolled the pieces of my new bed into place with absolute ease!!

    Now I sleep on a bed that makes me feel like it cuddles me and is so comfortable I fall right to sleep. I have recommended my bed to lots of people not just for the product, but also for the great customer service I received. That was a big deal.
    I have owned my current bed for 9 years now. The sides don't break down at all. It is a great product. I also like the way I can have the softness I love and my significant other can have his side any way he likes. What a perfect world it is when everybody gets things customized for their needs and desires.

    Thank you Flobeds!!
    Charlotte W. -- 3/26/2016


    Hello Everyone!

    I want to start out with telling you how in love we are with our Flobed. Our bed journey started 2 years ago. We have since gone through 2 Beautyrests and a Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe. I'm not even going into all the issues, because I know you have heard the same story 10,000 times before (heat issues, major body impressions after a couple months, and beyond sore bodies).

    Today I officially broke down the boxes the bed came in and put them in the recycle! Kind of a big deal.. because as you know, that means we are keeping the bed! Not only is this the most comfortable bed ever, but I also adore the fact that it is completely chemical free. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

    I do have a question though. We are making a lounge area in our bedroom and were looking at giant (like.. really giant) bean bags. I started looking into the bags that are offered and then a little ding went off in my head; Why would I bring these random artificial chemicals back into our sleeping space, after I just got done removing them? If only we could have a giant bean bag like my pillow (shredded latex). Then you guys popped into my head! So, here's my question: Would it be possible for me to order enough shredded latex to make a giant pillow (I'm thinking 6x'x3). Any ideas of cost? We'd be open to using latex from returned beds (to keep the cost down)... what ever works.

    Thanks for your time and consideration!
    Stacey I. -- 3/24/16

     Our FloBed Happiness

    Hi Dave-

    Several years ago my husband and I were at a complete loss in our search for a mattress that would be comfortable for both of us. We had owned several high end mattresses, with our last being a Select Comfort, and were still waking up repeatedly through the night with shoulder, back, and hip pain. While looking on the Internet for reviews or suggestions for a mattress for side sleepers with different problem areas we stumbled upon FloBeds.

    The very idea of purchasing a mattress off the internet - sight unseen and never tested or seen in a store - was incredibly nerve wracking....especially considering the investment involved. I convinced my husband to give FloBeds a call and Dave answered. He answered every question we could come up with and left us feeling assured that a FloBed was worth a try.

    In a few days our custom designed Flobed arrived in a few cardboard boxes, and once again we started to doubt our decision. After diving into the assembly, which turned out to be very simple and straightforward, we enjoyed our first good nights rest in years -- and have never looked back!

    Customer service since our purchase has been extraordinary, and we now own and love a pair of the shredded latex pillows. I can never imagine sleeping on anything other than FloBeds ever again!!!

    Thank you FloBeds,
    Shannon and David B., - - 3-24-2016

     Dreams in a Box

    Dear Dave,

    We enjoyed reading the account of 20 years of dreams in a box. What a account of believing to accomplish your goal. You certainly have made a wonderful product. We love sleeping in our flobed.

    We recently moved to another location instead of having our hired movers deal with the flobed, we decided to move it ourselves. We rolled up each section of the latex mattress and filled six large plastic garbage bags. We loaded them into our hatchback car, dismantled the frame and set up the bed in our new location. it is our prize possession. We always look forward to a good night sleep in our flobed. We got the idea for packing our bed like that from how it was packed by you all and shipped to us via UPS. It is a very efficient form of transportation. Much easier than hauling a large box spring and mattress through a hallway.

    Thanks again for building such a quality product.

    Sleepfully yours,
    Greg and Kathleen S. -- 3/22/2016

     Dear Dave,

    Almost a year ago, after a lot of research, my wife and I purchased an Organic Natural Talalay vZone Mattress from FloBeds. You personally took the time to assist us in making the choices in designing the custom arrangement. It arrived in boxes and was simple to put together. After a few months, we made one change to my wife's side and we both found the mattress to be the most comfortable and therapeutic of the many mattresses we have purchased over the years.

    In fact, the mattress is so good that we miss the comfort when traveling. In addition, we chose a few months ago to replace our guest bedroom mattress with exactly the same FloBeds mattress and configuration so our guests can enjoy the same comfort we have. We have also recommended your mattress to friends.

    Thank you,
    Jeff B, -- 3/22/2016


    I bought my first Cal King FloBed in 2008 for my home. It came UPS in boxes that were fairly heavy, therefore I knew that this was not a flimsy urethane mattress set. The instructions were easy to follow and the bed was assembled in a little over an hour following the easy to understand instructions. The best was yet to come. The first night sleeping on the new mattress was as if was moths old and broken in by months of wear. It has remained the same firmness with absolutely no sagging or hollowing since new.

    This prompted me to purchase a second Cal King in 2009 for my second home that had a high end coil mattress at that time. Same results as the first mattress and both mattresses are performing as they did when new, and that is the rest of the story!

    I also purchased two of the latex double shredded pillows. I found them to be too firm so I purchased an extra cover for the pillows and divided the shredded foam to make three pillows. Now I have the three best pillows I have ever used. They are perfect for my back and side sleeping.

    Thanks Dave... for choosing the latex mattress business.

    Dr. Garry R., Los Angeles, CA --- 3/22/2016

     Dreams in a Box (reveiw of buying a mail order mattress)

    Dear Dave,

    About two years ago my wife and I were in dire need of a new mattress. We were sleeping in a queen-size conventional spring mattress. We had two problems 1) my wife was going through menopause and her sleep was restless at best. I felt every one of her dozens of toss and turns so my sleep quality wasn't much better than hers and 2) we were both experiencing back pain and general aches and pains upon waking every morning.

    So off we we went to mattress store after mattress store and, after much frustration, almost settled for a tempurpedic memory foam mattress. We couldn't pull the trigger though because we just didn't want to sleep in a bed of chemicals. We wanted something organic and chemical-free so I started searching online and clicked on a link to your Flo beds. It felt somewhat serendipitous because we had been to beautiful Fort Bragg not long before.

    After reading your bed descriptions, manufacturing process, reviews and fitting process I told my wife about you guys. We live in the Southeast and were both apprehensive about ordering an expensive bed sight unseen and especially one we'd have to assemble. We called with our questions and for a little reassurance. We ended up convinced this was the right bed for us and ordered our organic v-zone King-size Flo bed. At this point we began to wait, albeit impatiently, for our new bed.

    Finally d-day (delivery day) arrived. The UPS truck backed into our driveway and began unloading box after box and my wife and I exchanged sideways glances wondering what we'd gotten ourselves into after all. Our other mattress had been moved out of our bedroom so we were ready to start building our new one.

    Assembling our Flo bed was so unbelievably easy. Because each layer is explicitly labeled and you provide step-by-step instructions, including a pictorial, there was no guess work involved. Honestly, the most difficult part was breaking down and recycling all the cardboard boxes. We don't plan to ever own anything other than a Flo bed regardless of where we live and can't wait to upgrade our guest rooms with Flo beds.

    Thanks so much,
    Gerald H. -- 3/22/2016

     Bed in Box Story

    Hi Dave & Anne-

    Congratulations on 20 years!
    When we were considering a Flo Bed, we thought we'd ride over to Fort Bragg from Lakeport and try them out. Did not think about how to get it home but had heard they came in sections, etc. Getting beds upstairs is not fun.

    After testing and resting for several hours, we chose our bed. We asked if all would fit in our pick up and you said no problem. Sure enough, our new queen size Flo Bed went home in our regular size pick-up even with a camper shell with room to spare. While UPS did not bring our bed to our door, we think it's pretty amazing how you package each piece. Getting a queen size bed upstairs and around corners was never easier.

    Thanks for many years of comfortable sleep. Our pillows are the best, too.
    Harry & Kerrie H., Lakeport, CA -3/19/2016

     Hi Dave -

    Congratulations on 20 years! My husband and I ordered our king sized FloBed about 5 years ago, after sleeping on a hand-me-down spring mattress on the floor - talk about an upgrade! Having an organic latex mattress with the ability to switch out layers was a huge plus for us, and we've been very happy and comfortable ever since.

    Living in NYC in a 4th floor walk up, I have no idea how we would have gotten a traditional king sized bed up the stairs. It was awesome to have our FloBed delivered by UPS in multiple boxes - making transport much easier.

    We are due to have our first baby in about 6 weeks, and plan to get him a FloBed for his crib as well. We are absolutely in love with our mattress and can't wait to give him the same experience!

    All the best,
    Julie and Victor C., NYC, NY --- 3/19/2016

      Our Mattress Delivery

    Our doorbell rang and when I opened the door I was created by the UPS driver and several large boxes! Our bed had arrived and I must say that my wife and I actually had fun unpacking and watching the bed come to life, so to speak. It took a little while but we got it put together, good instructions by the way, and have been enjoying the best night's sleep in our lifetimes.

    I can't say enough good things about this bed. We both have serious back problems and this bed has been a God Send for us. I am always recommending your beds to anyone, any time, the subject comes up and will continue to do so.

    May you have many, many more years of producing your fine product and your customers will continue to speak of its virtues?..I know we will!!

    William and Susan S. -- 3/18/2-16

     I'd like to say how much this bed has helped my daughter.
    After a car accident with three slipped discs she could not sleep because of the injuries .she would be up All night .after 2 years of restless nights i called dave the fouder of flobeds. I've heard on the radio for over 10 years about flobeds made in Fort Bragg and shipped worldwide and I lived only 30 miles away!

    I took a chance on a fairly expensive bed but it was worth every penny and more. The very first night we setup the bed my daughter had some good sleep and relief from her back pain. To this day, 2 years later, it's the only bed she wants to sleep on. When she visits others she brings a layer of her flobed with her. Dave at flobeds did everything to help us, from custom comfort zones to fit christina to weekly adjustments and even extending a personal loan to me who he never met. I am thankfull.

    Excellent quality beds and awsome people... that's flobeds. I bought my brother a bed and next I'm getting one for myself.

    David, willits, ca -- 3/18/2016

     Dear Dave,
    Every year our family camps at Caspar for a week in June. Our brother-in-law, Don Dillier, had been telling us about your beds for about 2 years prior to our stay in June of 2013. He just raved and raved about how comfortable the Talalay latex beds were.

    So on that fateful day of June 25, 2013 he brought us to your store in Fort Bragg and introduced us to your beds. Needless to say we left that day having purchased one of your queen size beds along with two of your super comfortable twice fluffed pillows. We have been happy every since that day. We have even come back to buy pillows for our kids.

    You were super helpful in helping to get the bed just right in making adjustments to personalize the bed for each of us. Now we look forward to going to bed every night knowing that we have a great nights sleep ahead of us. Thanks, and we would be happy to make a statement about how awesome it was too receive the bed in boxes and take that journey in creating the best nights sleep we have ever had.

    Sincerely, Mike and Pam J., Granite Bay, CA -- 3/18/2016
    P.S. look for to come for a visit in June

     My husband and I have enjoyed our Flobed for many years. We started with the combo air mattress and memory foam bed. Unfortunately after a few years, the air mattress died. However, your support staff was awesome and gave us a great deal on replacement foam for the air portion of the bed. When we travel, we miss our comfortable bed!

    Thanks again,
    Marissa & Sam A., Rochester, NY -- 3/18/2016

     Dear Dave,

    Here is my memory on our first Flobed. We bought one on the recommendation of my brother and sister-in-law, whom you know in Ft. Bragg. The delivery man left all these huge boxes on my front step, and when I came home from work, I was amazed that this flotilla represented my new bed. I dragged them in with the help of my teenage son, unwrapped the bags, and watched the explosions occur. By the time the pads were fully expanded, my son Michael had already finished locking the bases together, just using the leatherman tool that his grandmother had given him. We flopped on the completed bed, I said Wow, he said Too squishy, glad its not my bed.

    Since then, I have purchased Flobeds in every size, twin, queen, and king. I have them in all our bedrooms. Dave and Dewey have been patient and helpful, as I have swapped out like goldilocks, until I get the right fit. But my house guests always ask me about the comfortable bed in the morning. Two sisters went on to each buy one for their houses.

    Fast forward, and Michael is married. He and his wife spent a few days at our house, while their new place was having floors redone. He remarked how well he had slept in his old room, and how great the bed felt. I told him that it was the original one we had assembled, and he was impressed. I guess it took him 20 years to get used to it!

    Thanks Dave,
    Claire D., Napa , Ca. - 3/18/2016

     I bought my FloBed when I was single and didn't have a ton of time to shop. I remember coming home to a huge package on my porch and couldn't wait to get my new bed put together. I loved it the moment I set it up...and 10 years later it is still an amazing bed! We are a military family and move around a lot so we have family visit all the time. EVERY person who sleeps on that bed compliments the quality of mattress I have in my guest room. Frequent guests look forward to the sleep they get while they visit. Thank you for a great product!

    Heather M.

     I purchased my flobed about 12 years ago. I have tried to change mattresses and nothing comes close to sleeping on a flobed. Thanks Dave.
    Chris C., Myrtle Beach , SC - 3/18/2016

     Hi David,

    I wanted to share our experience with FloBeds after a month of owning the mattress. My wife and I are total opposites in life, and our mattress preferences were no different. She likes the soft yet supportive mattress, while I prefer a firmer supportive mattress.
    We looked at most of the competitors products, and as a mechanical engineer, I put them under a lot of scrutiny. We didn't feel much comfort on the air filled beds, and the memory foam was too hard for my wife's liking. We also heard about the major viscosity changes the memory foam mattresses suffer from with temperature swings, so in a 1920s home like ours, we'd have experienced a number of different firmness' depending on the season.
    After talking to a number of local mattress retailers, we were set on latex. It has that uplifting feel of a spring, without the pressure points, or fatigue, and the support of a memory foam, but without the initial stiffness and slow response of the visco-elastic foam. So, the first mattress store showed us their cheapest mattress, which utilized polyurethane foam base material with a 3in latex comfort layer for $3,500... The second showed us a nice plush talalay mattress, which I assumed came with a used car thanks to its $8,500 price tag... I was starting to think we'd be stuck with an inner spring, or one less kidney and a great mattress that still only one of us really loved. Then, I found FloBeds, and spent the next week trying to convince my wife to get over the fact that you can't just go to a store and try it out, which was a major holdup for her. Finally, after selling her on the product, the guarantee, and the fact that we could each have our own mattress preferences met, without having to buy 2 twin size beds and push them together, she caved.

    The bed showed up about a week after we placed the order, which is pretty impressive for filling the order and shipping it from N. CA, to WNY. I worked a short day, and came home to meet the UPS driver when he dropped it off. It took me about an hour to setup the mattress by myself, but I'll admit that included a lot of playing around laying on each layer, testing out the differences, before finally putting the sheets on and finishing it.
    Over the past month, we've changed the layers around a bit, and will probably use the Goldilocks guarantee to get a couple more cores to try out, but its really just to get every last drop of comfort we can out of this sleep system. The funniest part is, my wife likes my side of the bed (firm side) almost as much as hers, and I like hers almost as much I like mine! Its not like other beds I've been on. The firmness doesn't seem to affect the supportiveness, so while my wife's side is soft, and supple, it does not cave in under my glutes like other mattresses seem to. We are sleeping better, and feeling more refreshed.
    I'll admit, the only issue we've found thus far is that the bed seems significantly smaller than our old Cal King, but that's probably because our dogs like it so much that they've decided to stake claim on our mattress, and just like my wife and I, they each have their own firmness preference!
    Thanks so much for the top notch service, wonderful product, and world class guarantee. We'll be customers in the future for sure, and refer friends whenever we can. Everyone deserves this excellence!

    Best regards, Matt and Danielle, Lancaster, NY - 3/16/2016

     I was a new customer although I have a number of friends who recommended I check out your beds, as they loved thiers.
    I couldn't really visualize what the boxes would be like or how you could pack all the items in a box or two.
    When they arrived i thought... maybe its the wrong size?then I opened the boxes (with a friend) and wow! what a packing miracle .

    Of course I only read the directions half way through?it was so easy and actually fun ?I do love my bed and it feels good to support your company. Im glad that everything was perfect as i can't imagine how I could have repacked the boxes to send it back !!!?? Thanks again,
    Diane S -- 3/16/2016

     I wanted to send you an email to say we are enjoying our Flobed. I think it is working and will continue to work really well. I do like the additional softness on my side. Will it hold up even though it is softer?
    As far as UPS, our Flobed arrived promptly in 4 boxes through UPS. The driver was incredibly nice and accommodating and put the boxes in my garage as I requested. I was able to put the bed together easily by myself using the directions included. It is a split queen with customized firmness levels on each side so the pieces were manageable to handle myself. It fits perfectly on top of our platform bed. The materials are very high quality. My husband and I have been sleeping on it for about 5 weeks. My husband says his back feels better since getting this mattress. I am glad I spoke with you and followed your suggestions regarding firmness. You were right. Thanks very much for your help.

    A friend of mine may be ordering a Flobed based on my recommendation. She is going to come and lay on our bed and I will show her the inside of the bed. Do you offer your current customers a bonus for sending new customers?

    Thank you again, Dave.

    Robin Y, Albuquerque, NM -- 3/16/2016

    Robin, yes, we do offer a thank you to our FloBeds Owners who spread the word. We offer a Twice Fluffed Pillow in the size of your choice.


    I remember when the bed arrived. Those boxes are really sturdy and the bed so easily fits inside due to its modular design. I have to tell you, I hung on to those boxes for a while just in case I was going to move but after 10 years I had to let them go to recycling.

    My wife Virginia and I love our bed.

    We have had it for over ten years and it continues to give us a great night?s sleep, the construction is solid, the support is great and we just enjoy staying in bed.

    The only maintenance activity we perform is taking the mattress apart each year and putting it back together. I?m not really sure its recommended but it just seems right!

    Thanks for constructing such a great bed.

    Best, John W., Carpinteria, CA - 3/16/2016

    First, I could not believe that a bed the caliber of a Flobed could be delivered by mail to my home. The quality of craftsmanship, the specific catering to my request, and the size of the bed I ordered all made me wonder how they would deliver on their promise to bring this custom bed to my doorstep by UPS. It was less than two weeks when the large boxes arrived. They were all stacked neatly on my porch. I couldn't wait to dig in and see how this bed was packaged with wooden box spring and layers of latex in these boxes.

    To my wonder, the latex was vacuum packed, neatly fitting into each box. The instructions were simple to follow and I'm not a do it yourself sort of guy. One of my primary concerns was that something would be damaged in the process of delivery. I was very excited to see that there was not a scratch or dent or scuff on any of the parts of the bed. I have enjoyed manipulating the bed to make it most comfortable for my physical needs. It was so nice not having to transport the bed from a factory and instead have it show up right on my doorstep in only a matter of days.

    Todd T. M.D. - 3/16/2016

     Dear Dave,

    We actually are first time FloBed buyers. Our daughter, Lisa, bought a FloBed about four or five years ago. She had done a lot of research on latex mattresses, (with allergies we did not want to go the memory foam route) and decided that FloBed was the one for her. She loved her new mattress and urged us to try it. Boy was she right! We knew that we wanted that kind of a mattress.

    When we knew it was time to replace our old traditional mattress, we looked at foam mattress ourselves, and, like Lisa, decided on a FloBed. When it arrived, I thought Is that the whole bed or is more coming? It was the whole bed! I have got to say I love it! It is so comfortable. I like that we were able to custom fit the layers to our individual comfort. I wanted my side to have a little more support and my husband wanted his side to be a little softer. We moved around the layers, experimented, and finally hit on the perfect combination for each of us. I love that there is no hard ridge between the sides and we can sleep in comfort anywhere on the bed, even spralling onto both sides at the same time. I can guarantee that as other bed need new mattresses, we will be replacing the old mattresses with the most comfortable bed ever a FloBed.

    Sincerely, Lesley and Jerry., Roseville, MN -3/16/2016

     We spent a lot of time researching buying a mattress online from a company halfway across the country. 43 years of marriage and 6 mattresses later we finally got it right with a Flobed. You can go ahead and do the research or you can take my word that this will be the last mattress you will ever buy for many, many years. It is hard to imagine a mattress packaged and shipped in just 2 boxes, but that?s how a Flobed comes and it's not only easy to set up but fun too. Think of those flattened sponges that swell up when you put them in water! That's fun to watch, right? Well, that's how a Flobed mattress come to life when you take it out of the packaging.

    The research is the hard part, that is if you want to do the research, but the easy part is slipping into your bed at night and sleeping on what feels like a cloud. The only other hard part is traveling and sleeping in hotels and wishing you were back home in your very own customized Flobed.

    Rob and Christine G., St. Louis, Missouri - 3/16/2016

     We love our Flo-Bed!

    My husband was having trouble sleeping, and therefore I was as well! We decided to try the Flo-Bed as it could be customized for each of us. It was a god send! My husband has his side, and I have mine. We both now sleep so well.

    We loved getting the boxes in the mail. The instructions were easy to follow, and we had it all together in no time. We had to make a few adjustments, but Flo-Bed was so wonderful to work with. They sent out what we needed, and now we sleep like babies!

    This bed is wonderful and we absolutely love it. We highly recommend it.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful product.

    Valerie & Chris S., - 3/16/2016

     I really can't wait to get into bed tonight,
    I missed our mattress so much was I was away.

    I've been waiting until we've spent some time sleeping on our new mattress. WE LOVE IT!!! The last time we were mattress shopping we discovered we have very different preferences. I like soft and my husband prefers firmer. After trying a few in-store mattresses this go around, we couldn't agree on anything. FloBed seemed like a good solution.

    We did have some issues with the UPS delivery, but FloBeds stepped in and made sure we got everything. Once it Once we got all the boxes open, the directions ere easy to follow and it went together faster than I expected and with no trouble at all for 2 people. From the first night we've both been in love with our new mattress.

    We used to love going to hotels as we often felt the mattresses were better than our at home. Having just gotten back from 5 nights away... I can't wait to get into bed tonight.

    -Hafina A., Brooklyn NY - 3/16/2016

     Hello Dave,

    I live in Canada.

    Flobeds is located in California.

    Buying a bed without trying it, and from another country was a daunting task. However, it is the best bed I have ever slept on.
    I read countless reviews, and participated in an online bed forum ? yes, they do exist.
    Ultimately, I decided to move forward with Flobeds for the following reasons:
    Outstanding product quality
    Superb customer service (very patient)
    Incomparable reputation of taking care of clients

    I am so glad I bought this bed as I sleep soundly, and wake refreshed every day.

    Thank you Flobeds!

    All the best,
    Simon M. - 3/16/2016

     I am a one month purchaser, I had back surgery about 5 years ago and was just wasn not able to sleep on my high end memory bed ? to firm and way to hot. Flobed can be firm but not like a memory foam bed and not hot.

    Got the Flobed in 6 boxes about 40-50# each. From removal of not so old memory foam bed to set up of the new Flobed was about 30-40 minutes. The Flobed comes in vacuum packed bags, open the bag and the latex expands to normal size in second with very little smell. Easy to install each section and get them in position. I purchased the V-zone top section with exchangeable sections. I am still playing with this top layer a little but have it almost dialed in. With my bad back, I have moved the X-firm section to just in front of the hip section ? supports my lower back. First night ? what a difference. Buying a bed on line sounds crazy but I would do it again in a blink.

    Pat C., Eugene, OR - 3/16/2016

     A Mattress That Will Last a Lifetime

    It took me the third try but am I super glad that I found Flo-beds. with the other ones I was waking up 5 & 6 times a night or more, OUCH!!! When I called Flo-beds & talked to them about their V-zone it sounded very logical how you could dial it in for both of us but even then after my last 2 tries you just do not know. Am I ever happy that we tried the third time because the small of my back was just killing me. It cost a bit more, but believe me it is worth every bit of it !!

    After we first set it up I had to re-dial my side 3 times but once you find the right combination, WOW it was great. It doesn't have the poisons from the fire proofing, you don't need a ladder to get on it, & it will never start sagging & developing lumps. I also like the way you can zip off the top & hang it out in the sun to refresh it.

    This for sure was the best investment we could have made, it will last us a very long time. You could save yourself a lot of time & just get the V-zone right off the get-go. If you an accident or get hurt some other way all you have to do is re-dial it till you get better & then put it back.

    WILLIAM G., Elmer City, WA - 3/16/2016

     Dreams in a Box
    Has it been over eight years already? My wife and I ordered our FloBed when it became clear that continuing to sleep on our worn out futon on our platform was simply no longer a good way to get quality sleep. But we wanted to preserve the ethic of a futon. Specifically we wanted the ability to use all natural materials, responsibly sourced, carefully crafted to make a product that would not be overly cumbersome if moved from room to room or house to house if need be? and NO SPRINGS! More than that, we wanted to be able to alter the bed over time to adapt to us. The problems: Most latex and foam mattresses were of poor material quality or very expensive and also VERY heavy and bulky to move or clean and were not adjustable in their firmness. Air mattresses had the same problem ? cheap and flimsy or expensive and cumbersome!

    In the process of researching our options, I became familiar with different types of latex and found a wealth of information on a web site for a small company out of California who it turns out made a product that embraced all of the same values we did AND it was adjustable and even recyclable! Not only that, but it used an innovative modular design and would give us the ability to tune it over time.

    We called up to see if it was not all too good to be true. The customer service representative (I think his name was Dave) was very knowledgeable about the product and the service and made recommendations as to how we could start with a variety of layers to get it with the minimal shipping changes during our trial period. Oh, by the way, my wife was also pregnant with our first child at the time, so we knew we were going to have to make some further adjustments after our child was born. No problem, after your child has been born, just contact us and we will let you make one more adjustment at no additional cost. It was as if Dave cared more about the quality of a stranger's sleep than he did about making a profit!

    Through the years our FloBed has supported us well, night after night, but even years later Dave continued to support his creation. When the memory foam topper we originally ordered was no longer really working for us I called to order a convoluted latex topper. Dave answered the call and said, How long ago was that? Yeah, you know it is probably just worn out within the warranty, I will just go ahead and send you a latex topper.?
    When my sister and brother-in-law who both suffer from chronic back pain were looking for a better bed, of course I sent them to FloBeds. They love the euro-slat system which allows them to further customize support and contoured pressure point relief.

    When our son was large enough to get his big boy bed, of course we ordered it through FloBeds - along with some of the new twice fluffed pillows which I have found works wonderfully as a body pillow. Just as with our bed, it is nice to know that as he grows and his sleep support needs change, his bed can adapt to suit him without having to replace the entire mattress, and that what he no longer needs can be recycled as well.

    What more can I say? There are few purchases I make where I consistently reflect back on them and think, that was outstandingly good value for my money. In my mind, a FloBed is one of them. It is an exceptionally high quality, easily customizable product, crafted by people who really care about how their products function and last long after they have shipped the order. I don?t know if we will always have our calls answered by Mr. Mayor, but I have no doubt that we or anyone we refer to FloBeds for their sleep needs will continue to receive the same quality of product and support, both from their mattress and from the people who make them.

    Thanks, FloBeds, for YOUR support,

    Kristopher, Amanda, and Torgnyr.,Edina, MN 3/16/2016

     My FloBed


    Needing to replace my 25 year old Dux bed, I began a search online to help me decide which beds I needed to research further. I then realized a new world of bedding in a box delivered to one?s front door existed. It sounded logical that I could save money by the seller not needing brick and mortar stores across the country. It also became clear to me that memory foam was not the best choice?off gassing, hot, and a mushy feel were just some of the complaints I consistently read about.

    I ended up choosing the 100% organic latex FloBed and my husband and I couldn?t be happier. There was no adjustment period; we slept comfortably from the first night. There was no chemical odor and neither of us feels like the mattress heats up during the night. I also have to compliment the patience level of everyone that answered my numerous phone calls. To summarize I would tell those searching for a good night?s chemical free sleep, to go with the 100% natural organic latex?it is worth the little extra you may have to pay. When you think about something as long lasting and important as a mattress, I would not advise skimping on price. I would also add that we have your customizable latex pillows and they too are wonderful!

    Sweet dreams,

    Kathleen N., Okatie, SC - 3/16/2016

     Our FloBeds Experience


    My wife and I bought your vZone in king about a year and a half ago and it has changed the way we sleep. I knew nothing about latex when we started looking for a new bed. The bed we had was a standard spring mattress that was sagging and horribly uncomfortable, so I wanted to find something that would last us for years and maintain comfort over time. I researched all kinds of beds over a two month period. I stayed away from the spring mattresses, which left me with air beds, memory foam and latex. I did not like the air beds because of the mechanical aspect of them; having a pump on your bed was not appealing to me. The things I read on memory foam, seemed to indicate they would also sag and not maintain support over time. This left me with latex. I started researching latex and decided the talalay latex was a better product than the dunlop. This brought me to the Flobeds website along with a few other websites that sold talalay latex beds.

    My wife was very skeptical about buying a bed online and having it shipped in a box to us, but I was able to convince her to try it. The thing that sold us with Flobeds and the vZone in particular, was that they would send you different pieces for the top layer for free to get it just right for you after it arrives at your home. This happened, and they sent us a couple pieces and now its perfect. It is a very sustainable product because you are able to unzip the top and can replace pieces if needed. We are going on two years with the bed and have not noticed any signs of sagging etc. But it's also nice to know that they sell pieces at a discounted rate if something happens with it. I could not find another company out there that sells a bed like this. From all the research I did, it is pretty much the best of all worlds for a bed. With the vZone you not only get individualized comfort on each side, but each part of your body gets individualized comfort. There is no mechanical stuff to deal with and if (I doubt it does but) it does start to sag, just buy a new piece at a discount and swap it out. It is really hard to get out of bed each morning with this bed.

    Thanks again for the bed Dave,

    Nathan G., Lincoln, NE - 3/16/2016

     Best Bed Ever


    My wife and I suffer from many of the aches & pains associated with an active work, and sports lifestyle.
    We?d been searching a couple years for a new bed, something that would give us a more restful, comfortable sleep.
    A friend/colleague had purchased a flobed and recommended, we have never been happier with a bed and really, REALLY enjoy our flobed (california King).
    We?re thinking about purchasing another to ship to our vacation home in France, near the coast of Normandy.
    Looking forward to many, many more comfortable sleeps in the years to come, thanks to our flobed.

    Best Regards, Mike & Laure F., San Diego, CA - 3/15/2016

     Hello Dave,

    After moving in with my elderly mother, I found that I simply could no longer sleep in her guest bed any longer. The mattress and box-spring was not even sitting on a frame. It was better than nothing, I suppose, but, my back was killing me, as it slumped in the middle. My experience of receiving a bed in a box (even though only a twin), via UPS, was actually pretty thrilling that such a thing was possible. By the time my Flobed arrived, the old bed was still in the way, so I got the OK to set it up in the living-room for a few days. We were both amazed at how fast I was able to put it together. I purposely got a twin for the extra room it provided me and now that I've moved into my own place, it was fairly easy to roll up the layers and undo the frame to fit into my Honda car.

    Many thanks to you for making such a great product. I feel very fortunate (and sometimes guilty) that I have such a very comfortable and luxurious bed to sleep in.

    Sincerely, Elaine C., Beverly Hills, FL - 3/15/2016

     Dreams in a Box

    Hi Dave

    I am not good with dates, but about 10 years ago, I was searching the web for a better bed when I came across FloBeds. I liked the use of Tanalay latex instead of the cheap foams in most beds. The website goes into great detail explaining why each of the quality materials was selected and how it differs from other materials. Such as why those fluffy pillow top mattresses are there just to sell you a product, not to provide long term comfort. Same with the explanation of the use of a wool layer and the European cover fabric. All this rolls up and is compressed into I believe was 3 or 4 boxes that allow for a customized bed. So UPS can deliver your bed in easy manageable boxes. I recently convinced my sister to get a latex FloBed after finding her back could not take sleeping on memory foam.

    Sincerely, Darrell H., Bedford, NH - 3/15/2016

     My Dream in a Box

    We have had many good nights sleep on our FloBed. We enjoyed our bed so much we recommended it to my brother who ordered his own to be shipped to his home in Tokyo Japan. How many other companies ship to a residence in Tokyo?

    Joanne F - 3/15/2016

     Hi Dave,

    We received our latex bed in early October due to a recommendation of a friend. About two weeks later, we were lucky enough to find out our second kid is on the way come June 8. My wife spent her first pregnancy on a 15 year old mattress and did not sleep well. This pregnancy she is sleeping better and more soundly, even with our 3 year old daughter in the bed with us. It is amazing how less movement transfer there is between sides of the bed and the latex support is awesome for the wife. We are looking forward to the next 20 years of sound sleeping. I am so enamored that when the kids get old enough I might need to buy them latex beds themselves.

    kent w., Madison, WI - 3/15/2016

      Dear Customer Service at FloBeds,

    I have been waiting to write to you about the bed I bought back in October 2015. I wanted to make sure it was not a fluke.

    First, Dewey was great walking me through and helping me pick the layers to best suit my sleeping needs.

    Second, being a single woman I was amazed at the ease of getting the bed delivered to my front door, me getting the sections upstairs and assembling it in the bedroom.

    Third, and most incredible--I am so comfortable I can sleep soundly all night. I am in love with my FloBed! It has exceeded my expectations, my back no longer hurts or aches. I am so happy and grateful.

    Thank you, Margy L., Fairfield, CA - 3/15/2016

     Our Flobed Experience

    Hi Dave,

    We love our Flobed! In the fall of 2013 we were looking for a new bed and did not enjoy what we were finding in the retail outlets. We tried traditional beds, air-filled beds and memory foam beds.

    My wife searched online and started telling me about Flobeds and how great the user feedback was, including the positive comments from Mark Ruffalo. I studied your web site and was interested and we both knew we wanted to visit Fort Bragg and meet the people at Flobeds and try the beds out. Our drive north from Southern California was fun and we were glad to meet Dave and Dewey at the Flobed store. They were both very friendly and helpful. We knew after a couple of hours trying out their beds that they were exactly what we were looking for.

    The following February we made our online order and in March, UPS rolled up to our house with seven boxes. The UPS driver carried all the boxes into the house for us. It seemed a little overwhelming at first until I opened the first box with the easy to follow instructions. I assembled the Euro slat bed frame with turned legs and then built up the V-Zone mattress. It did not take long to get a rhythm going and a short time later the bed was fully assembled.

    We have enjoyed the bed ever since. It is comforting, supportive and gives us both a nice sense of peace and relaxation. I was also concerned that the foam might be hot, and we have actually found it to be comfortable in all temperatures.

    Thank you to the team at Flobeds for making such a wonderful product.

    Sincerely, Duane H., El Segundo, CA - 3/15/2016

     I have enjoyed my flobed mattress for a number of years. When it was first delivered and I opened the boxes, I thought it was a giant puzzle that I had to figure out. Once I got the frame ready (by the way, I love not having a box mattress), I put the puzzle together and had a chance to lay on the bed. What a wonderful feeling to sink into such a comfortable bed! I will never go back to a traditional mattress!

    Pam N., Stockton, CA - 3/15/2016

     I had a back injury and could not even sleep in my bed anymore. I purchased a flo bed and my life totally changed. I sleep through the night now and my back feels way better.

    Thanks, flo bed.

    Bruce B. - 3/15/2016

     Hi Dave,

    I would love to comment and share my experience with FloBeds and the delivery. First, I would like to comment on how nice your staff is, truely the best staff in sales I have ever worked with. The delivery was easy and painless. I recieved my king-sized bed in 6 boxes ~60lbs each, all of which were right outside my door. All I had to do was bring them and start opening up what felt like presents. I took them straight up stairs and started pulling everything out. It took me about an hour to set up the platform and bed. I have videotaped the entire thing if you are interested in using it for any reason. I sped up the footage so the video is about 10 minutes long.

    Thanks so much for an amazing service,

    Michael W., Centennial, CO - 3/15/2016

     Hello Dave!

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment on my fabulous Dreambed. I was looking for a bed for my husband and I that was natural and without any harmful chemicals. Flobed met that requirement and provided a personalized firmness that works just right for both of us -- a perfect night?s sleep. The layered latex sheets makes it easy to adjust firmness and makes shipping in a box efficient and easy to work with once delivered. I am glad that we are members of the Flobed revolution, AND happy to purchase a safe and quality product made in the U.S.A.

    Margareta Bishop; Helena, MT

     Dear Dave,
    One Saturday morning seven years ago, I was unable to walk because my right leg wouldn't work! Pressure on my right hip from my old conventional mattress, along with the fact that I do not move at all in my sleep, made the leg go dead for several minutes! It scared me pretty badly, and I found FloBeds online that day because I knew I needed a better mattress alternative.
    I knew I was going out on a limb to order a mattress online. But I searched exhaustively and found nothing but praise for your mattresses. The customizable aspect appealed to me.
    When my new mattress arrived, I was prepared for it to look impossibly small in its boxes, but I was not prepared for how much fun it would be to unwrap! Watching each piece expand and testing all the variations of squishiness was as exciting as the anticipation of a new sleep experience!
    Seven years later, I am still loving my customized Flo Bed mattress as much as I did at the start! It is in perfect, out of the box condition! I have told so many about this incredible mattress and how it has improved my health! I look forward to lying down on it every night and frequently think as I am falling asleep, Thank heaven for my mattress!
    Sincerely, Kim C. Washington, PA - 3/15/2016

     Dear Dave,

    My FloBed has survived a move from NYC to Buffalo, NY after I purchased it in 2004, and countless nights thereafter as it has been turned over to my 3 kids after I used it exclusively for 2 years. It's still in fantastic condition, and now takes up front and center stage on the floor in front of our lounge chairs in our home theater. I can't believe how it has withstood so much over these last 12 years, and I will come up with an excuse very soon to order a completely tricked-out queen or king-size FloBed model to replace our Dux bed.

    It's been a pleasure to use our FloBed, and we are also the proud owners of 5 of the specialized pillows as well. It makes me very happy that your business is still flourishing despite the competition, and I would be happy to do anything to help spread the word.

    Thanks for you time, and I wish you all the success in the future.

    Best regards,
    Arooj S., Buffalo, NY - 3/15/2016

     We love our Flobed

    Congratulations on 20 years of success with Flobeds. We purchased our Flobed 4 years ago, and love it as much today as we did the day we got it. Both of us have very different body and sleep styles and back problems, and the extremely customizable Flobed has been a savior for us. We have not yet had to swap out any of our sections, as we have been able to simply rearrange them when our needs changed. We also love that Flobeds has the same passion and commitment to environmental sustainability as we do -- natural latex, organic cotton, organic wool,and certified wood all come together in an incredibly comfortable bed. This was one of the best investments we've ever made. Thank you, and here is to 20 more years of Flobeds!

    Julie and Darrin, Ann Arbor, MI - 3/15/2016

     Delivery Hawaii

    Thank you for your professionalism and knowledge of your industry. A special thanks for shipping our items with USPS to Hawaii. My wife and I have enjoyed our sleep system and the options you provide.

    W&D - 3/15/2016

     Mattresses via UPS

    I am still amazed at how a mattress can come via UPS in boxes and grow before you're eyes when you break open the plastic that is vacuum sealed. I have told the tale many times to those who did not quite get the whole latex mattress thing and everyone agrees that it's an innovative way to do mattresses.

    We've been sleeping on our Flobed for over 2 years now and often my wife and I often comment on how it's easily the best investment we've ever made for our overall health and comfort. We're waiting for our son to outgrow his double bed so we can eventually add another Flobed to the house. Top notch product and you have customers for life now!

    Thanks Flobeds for the many nights of restful sleep!

    Giancarlo A., Saint Michael, MN - 3/14/2016

     After extensive internet research into mattresses, I decided Flo Beds met my standards and criterion and ordered the mattress to fit into my new bed. The mattress arrived UPS on schedule and it was very easy for me and a helper to remove and put the mattress pieces together. Not only did we create a beautiful mattress that fit perfectly on the bed frame but when I finally got into bed, the feel and comfort gave me the best sleep I have ever experienced. I go to the gym several times a week and often go to bed with sore muscles. On my FloBed I wake in the mornings without any pain or soreness, refreshed and ready for the day. Every time I get into bed, I feel the overall support and gentle molding to the areas of my body that need a special touch. I am asleep in minutes.

    I praised the mattress so much to my daughter that her household has FloBeds -- and for my toddler granddaughter too. We are a family of FloBed enthusiasts.

    Dorothy E.,Raleigh, NC- 3/14/2016

     When I was looking at getting a new bed, I wanted to get a latex bed. I did a lot of research on the types of beds out there. I came upon the Flo bed. It was a perfect fit but I was a bit leery about ordering a bed from a website. But after more reading I decided to try it.

    I have to say when it was delivered, I was a bit overwhelmed. I live on the second floor. The guy who delivered it left 6 big boxes on my small porch. I had to drag them inside. But once I got all the pieces of the mattress together, I was so happy. The bed was comfortable and I had no problems setting it up. I have been sleeping comfortably on it ever since.

    All Is Well,
    Jessica W., Sebastopol, CA - 3/14/2016

     You can use my story!

    20 Years of Dreams in a Box!

    I saved for a total of 2 years to buy a FloBed latex mattress. I slept on the worst mattress ever for 5 years and every night for the last two years of that would dream about what it would be like to sleep on a latex mattress. My husband was not all that interested in paying top dollar for a new mattress but every morning would complain about how bad his back was. I finally talked him into it and we made the purchase. The day finally came when I knew my boxes would be arriving. I waited all day for the UPS driver to show up and when he did I practically pounced on the guy. He wondered what the fuss was all about. I let him know that I was about to have the best sleep of my life and he was intrigued and wrote the info down for FloBeds! I set the whole bed up myself with minimal issues and all I remember saying was, Wow!

    My husband says it's the best purchase we ever made as a couple. It has been a whole year now and every single night when I get into bed I smile and thank the bed gods for the most comfortable mattress ever!

    Sara O., Spokane, WA - 3/14/2016

     I was so excited to buy a new bed when we moved into our new house. We bought an expensive memory foam bed that had such a strong chemical smell I couldn't stand to sleep on it! I had to wait 30 days to return it so I wrapped it in plastic and started my hunt for a better option. After a great deal of research I decided to give natural latex a try. There were not any stores selling natural latex beds within a reasonable driving distance and I was not wild about the idea of buying a bed without trying it out first. However, I decided to give Flobeds a try because each side is fully adjustable and I could return it if it didn't work out. One of the best decisions I have ever made! I had to make a couple adjustments to the layers but it was easy and now I have a perfect bed! I used to toss and turn trying to get comfortable, waking up several times a night, and now I often sleep all night without changing position -- it's that comfortable! Whenever we travel, even to hotels with great beds, I still can not wait to get back home to my own bed. Until we bought our Flobed I had no idea what I was missing but, now that I do, I will never go back to an unhealthy, uncomfortable bed.

    Oops, I almost did not mention the UPS delivery but I would say that it arrived quickly in boxes that were easy for me to move and unpack on my own. I had he bed put together in no time.

    Thank you! Jody R., Council Bluffs, IA -3/14/2016

     My FloBed Experience

    Before I tell you about my Flobed experience, I should tell you a bit about myself. I have severe chemical sensitivities and fibromyalgia caused by allergies. This means that I do not sleep well due to pain and breathing issues. My doctor suggested I look for a latex mattress as there are no chemicals. As an engineer, I never do anything without lots of research. I investigated types of latex, company reputations, prices, experiences, etc. with all of this I kept coming back to Flobed. With my decision made, I called Flobed. The sales staff helped me pick the best combination of pieces and answered all my questions. I ordered my mattress and it came promptly and was easy to assemble. I now sleep so much better. Everyone who tries the mattress loves it. My parents have similar issues and have also switched to a Flobed and love theirs.

    I am so glad I bought my Flobed.

    Lisa B., Oakdale, MN -3/14/2016

     Hi Dave,

    Congratulations on your 20 years of providing Dreams in a Box. This got me to thinking about just how long ago I received my bed. A search of my inbox found the below email confirmation after ordering my FloBed over 16 years ago! Friends thought I was foolish ordering a bed on-line without first trying it out and when UPS quickly delivered my California King in just a few small boxed I was wondering if my friends were right. Well, 16 years later, I have had no regrets and am still enjoying my bed which still looks and feels like when it was new.

    Thanks for a great product!
    - Alex., Venetia, PA - 3/14/2016

    Dear FloBeds Customer Alex:
    Sleep is on the way!
    Your FloBeds Sleep Shop order# 47xxxx shipped on 01/21/05.
    Your ship method was:
    UPS Ground
    The carrier's Tracking Number is 1ZX68311xxxxxx

     Dear Dave,
    I have been meaning to write a review for some time, but it has been hard to find time with a toddler. Your promise of a Twice Fluffed Travel Pillow caught my eye because all of my recent road trips have found my trusty, yet bulky, natural Twice Fluffed Pillow riding shotgun.
    I was sleeping on a 12 year old conventional innerspring mattress when I got pregnant. As I grew larger, hip pain started keeping me awake - I was flipping from side to side constantly between nighttime bathroom trips. No amount of extra cushion under my hip helped me sleep. I took to the web looking for a new mattress, and I quickly settled on FloBeds. We were also due to move a few months and there were boxes piled along the walls in our small second floor apartment.
    I remember thinking that having a mattress we could box back up would be more convenient on the stairs for the friends we'd enlisted to help us move. I remember checking the UPS tracking page daily. My husband helped the delivery person carry the boxes up the stairs and we set it up right away. We were impressed with how comfortable the mattress was and have nothing but positive things to say about sleeping on our cloud . Since then: I delivered our baby at home on our FloBed, have easily swapped the cores as my body has changed postpartum, and purchased a twin-sized FloBed for our daughter.
    Thank you for crafting such an excellent product.

    If you have any questions, or are in the market for a born-on-FloBed toddler model, let me know.
    Cheers, Beth., Bethesda, MD - 3/14/2016


    My husband and I are very pleased with our new mattress. We really battled over purchasing without trying it out, as buying a mattress has normally been a searching game. Trying to find a mattress that we both are satisfied with has not been easy in the past. We read several reviews, trying to find out what type of mattress was best. From the reviews, we determined we wanted to buy an all latex mattress. We were only able to try a couple different latex mattresses here locally, and I was not impressed, as they were all very firm. My husband found in his research, that FloBed was recommended over and and over. He was insistent on purchasing, based on reviews. I was not so easily persuaded, as I hated the thought of buying a mattress without first spreading out over it, to see how I liked it. Because of the amazing return policy set in place, should we not be satisfied, I figured we had nothing to lose. When the mattress came, I was amazed at how easy it was to set up. We had our box spring and mattress all put together in less than 30 min. We bought the V-zone series, so we were able to customize each of our own sides. I loved the flexibility of being able to change out the different layers, should we later decide we liked a certain area softer, or firmer.

    My previous experience of trying store bought mattresses, consisted with going back and forth, tossing and turning, trying to see the difference from the previous one, and indecisive on whether I liked it or not. I have to say, as SOON as I lay on the mattress, I felt I was on a cloud. Which is exactly what everyone says that lays on it. Best sight unseen purchase EVER!!

    Thank you for an amazing mattress!!!
    Sincerely, Corina & David P.,Copperton, UT - 3/14/2016

     Whenever I'm not home, I miss my bed the most. I sleep so much better on the bed made for me. I am considering buying one for my daughters house to keep me happy!!!!
    Jo P., Tracy, CA - 3/14/2016

      (extra points for effort and thinking inside the box;) Hi Dave,
    Gail just forwarded your Dreams in a Box email, and is letting me respond.
    Because we live in Ukiah, Gail & I were lucky enough to get our FloBeds from your Ft. Bragg show room, where I was convinced in less than an hour just to go for it/Deluxe/the whole nine yards, with complete trust and confidence. Dewey sent your delivery truck over with a crew to set them up in just a few days. But I remember thinking how lucky we were to live nearby a show room -- in this mad and not necessarily trustworthy mattress world. How strange it would be to order a first FloBed via UPS, cold turkey, if you lived in, say, Maryland. That's a real stretch, I thought -- for about a day. But I quickly realized I would tell anyone, anywhere to order up a FloBed via UPS. No sweat, no worries, don't give it a second thought.
    And we jumped through those too-soft, try-this-try-that hoops -- did I say hoops? -- always wondering if Dewey could be serious about sending another layer, and another and another, as we shuffled layers up and down. (We still owe you an Extra Firm Topper.)
    And at one point I had this midline unevenness throwing me off that I just could not figure out.
    I still don't know why. Careful math helped only a little. But then I took a play from FloBed's Playbook... Dewey might recognize these moves.
    ...and reshuffled the mattress deck, which solved it!
    FloBeds has more moves than Stephen Curry! There's just so many possible configurations. It can be a daunting challenge, and was at first. There's what you think you should oughta like. And then there's how you actually sleep when you stop thinking about it. We almost went into overtime, but in the end came up with unique layering solutions that surprised even us.
    I can't make any multigenerational claims involving UPS. But I do appreciate the brilliant business model and service, the elegant design, the solid materials and craftsmanship, which I noticed every time I tore the mattress apart to reconfigure the precisely engineered parts (like the zippers actually work!). Best of all, I can now -- after too many years -- spring directly out of bed without having to ease into that old-man lower back thing threatening to derail the day. This is new and pretty refreshing. Also, some of your website ad copy is pretty fun to read!
    We're really thankful for you guys at FloBeds. Best, Evan & Gail J
    Ukiah, CA

     Hi David,

    I wanted to share our experience with FloBeds after a month of owning the mattress. My wife and I are total opposites in life, and our mattress preferences were no different. She likes the soft yet supportive mattress, while I prefer a firmer supportive mattress.

    We looked at most of the competitors products, and as a mechanical engineer, I put them under a lot of scrutiny. We didn't feel much comfort on the air filled beds, and the memory foam was too hard for my wife's liking. We also heard about the major viscosity changes the memory foam mattresses suffer from with temperature swings, so in a 1920s home like ours, we'd have experienced a number of different firmnesses depending on the season.

    After talking to a number of local mattress retailers, we were set on latex. It has that uplifting feel of a spring, without the pressure points, or fatigue, and the support of a memory foam, but without the initial stiffness and slow response of the visco-elastic foam. So, the first mattress store showed us their cheapest mattress, which utilized polyurethane foam base material with a 3 inch latex comfort layer for $3,500... The second showed us a nice plush talalay mattress, which I assumed came with a used car thanks to its $8,500 price tag... I was starting to think we'd be stuck with an inner spring, or one less kidney and a great mattress that still only one of us really loved. Then, I found FloBeds, and spent the next week trying to convince my wife to get over the fact that you ca not just go to a store and try it out, which was a major holdup for her. Finally, after selling her on the product, the guarantee, and the fact that we could each have our own mattress preferences met, without having to buy 2 twin size beds and push them together, she caved.

    The bed showed up about a week after we placed the order, which is pretty impressive for filling the order and shipping it from N. CA, to WNY. I worked a short day, and came home to meet the UPS driver when he dropped it off. It took me about an hour to setup the mattress by myself, but I will admit that included a lot of playing around laying on each layer, testing out the differences, before finally putting the sheets on and finishing it.

    Over the past month, we've changed the layers around a bit, and will probably use the Goldilocks guarantee to get a couple more cores to try out, but its really just to get every last drop of comfort we can out of this sleep system. The funniest part is, my wife likes my side of the bed (firm side) almost as much as hers, and I like hers almost as much I like mine! Its not like other beds I've been on. The firmness doesn't seem to affect the supportiveness, so while my wifes side is soft, and supple, it does not cave in under my glutes like other mattresses seem to. We're sleeping better, and feeling more refreshed.

    I'll admit, the only issue we've found thus far is that the bed seems significantly smaller than our old Cal King, but that's probably because our dogs like it so much that they have decided to stake claim on our mattress, and just like my wife and I, they each have their own firmness preference! Thanks so much for the top notch service, wonderful product, and world class guarantee. We will be customers in the future for sure, and refer friends whenever we can. Everyone deserves this excellence!

    Best regards,
    Matt and Danielle M., Lancaster, NY - /3/14/2016

     Hi Dave,
    Thanks for asking. I bought a floor sample on sale. My recollection is that it was made small enough to fit in my station wagon by using a sort of hyper vacuum cleaner. I drove home, dragged it in, and it expanded. It was a struggle to get the cover on and zip it up. Then it was just ideal! Now, I want a student bed frame and mattress for the youngest generation.
    Julie V., Gualala, CA - 3/14/2016

     Dear Dave:

    It was a fun and exciting day when my bed came. I was so excited and my daughters and I all laughed when we saw the boxes and then began assembly. For someone who is assembly challenged I questioned if this could be done. It was the easiest item I have ever assembled! I did not even need to call for help. The best part and most fun was releasing the foam from the bag and watching it expand. We all gathered to watch!

    The most glorious part of the bed is sleeping and waking up without pain which I had given up was ever going to be possible again. I am so delighted with my bed. I wake in the morning and simply lie there in comfort and joy of ZERO pain!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I bought a mattress for my youngest daughter and a mattress topper for my oldest daughter!

    Anne., Butler, PA - 3/14/2016

     Hey Dave!
    Jeez, has it been twenty years. Sometime in the 96 timeframe we bought our first bed from you when you bought Cat@log!
    Congrats ( I guess)! You are still in the bed business, ugh. Mayor?again?still???
    Don?t get up there as often, but I?ll let you know when we make Ft. Bragg.
    Thanks again for all the beds and support you gave us!
    Always appreciated.
    Greg R - 3/14/2016

     A queen size mattress in a box is a dream come true I didn't even have to go pick it up. I bought one for myself and recommend one to others and know the whole family can not live without them. I wish more homes and hotels and anywhere that offers a mattress came with a flobed. Once you go flobed you don't go back.
    Hong P - 3/14/2016

     Hi Dave,
    I love my bed it is comfortable it is like sleeping on a cloud with no toxins! I told my son about the mattress and he and my daughter in-law laid on mine and had to purchase one, I also bought one for my grandsons crib. Everything came in boxes and were wrapped really good, the directions were easy to understand as well as watching Dewy talk about how to assemble it in the video. I would highly recommend these mattresses to everyone! The best out there!

    Carole G., Michigan - 3/14/2016

    Our experiences going thru the different mattress options included a traditional pillow top to Temperpedic. Many sore backs and sleepless nights searching for a mattress along with the frustrations of trying something in the store and hoping that it equated to the comfort promised. Then I found Latex and more importantly Flobeds and the flexibility your product provides. I happily provide my endorsement to all family, friends and coworkers on your mattress solution that I honestly believe to be the best product on the market.
    James N., Port Saint Lucie - 3/14/2016

     Hi Dave,

    Well, since you asked, we have the FloBed mattress , custom FloBed topper in our small Casita travel trailer, 3 twice-fluffed adjustable pillows and multiple travel pillows we have purchased as gifts. Needless to say we are FloBed loyal customers. I ca not relate an unboxing experience for you, since your staff set up our mattress locally here in Fort Bragg. I will say, the installers were efficient, courteous and skilled.

    Thank you for having your business here in Fort Bragg and supporting the community. Bill and Martha E., Fort Bragg, CA - 3/14/2016

     We got our first FloBed in 2005. I shopped around for quite a bit, then I hit on a news article that compared the best mattresses and found FloBed listed. I really liked the idea that we could customize each side to suit our sleeping style and I liked how it came in small, easy to handle boxes. Our bedroom is on the top floor of our house and the thought of wrestling a king mattress up 2 flights of stairs was not appealing. We instantly fell in love with the bed ? it was so comfortable! It was a King size intended for Larry and me, but it was also often occupied by our two boys and two cats! Everyone loved the bed.

    Shortly thereafter I bought another FloBed, for my parents - this one a Queen size. They also agreed that it was the most comfortable bed they had ever slept on. About 3 years ago my mom moved into a senior assisted living community. My dad had passed away and mom, who was already in her mid-90?s needed a bit more care. Since her new living quarters were small, she downsized to a Twin bed ? and as you know, we ordered another FloBed. Our oldest son was now wanting to sleep in his own room, so he graduated from his bunk bed into his grandma?s Queen FloBed. The oldest is now away from college, so the bed has now been taken over by our youngest son.

    So there you have it ? how 3 generations are counting sheep on FloBeds, one King, one Queen and one Twin. The only thing bad that I can say about the bed is that we miss it when we are on vacation!

    Anita H., Bloomington, MN - 3/14/2016

     My Boxed Mattress

    I live in Brooklyn, NY and remember very vivedly getting my new Flobed from UPS! It's been almost 10 yrs now, but I still remember that everything fit into a few compact boxes! My husband and I really thought that the whole bed could not be in the boxes we received! Were we wrong! Once we opened them, all the pieces expanded and we were able to quite easily put everything together based on our preferred firmnesses. We are still very happy with our latex bed and have had no issues or smells! It was truly amazing that it all fit into boxes that were easier to recieve than a traditional mattress. I tell everyone about my great mattress especially after some complain about the chemical smells from traditional mattresses. I wish everyone would get a Flobed for a great nights sleep! Thanks for making a great product and an ingenious and memorable way to ship it!
    Martina H., Brooklyn, NY -3/14/2016

     Dreams in a Box Contribution

    Hi! Here is my day my bed was delivered story. I have to admit the lure of the travel pillow bumped this up to the top of my to do list, lol! I love my big twice-fluffed pillows. :-) Thanks!
    Maureen M., Indianapolis, IN - 3/14/2016

    I was a longtime waterbed fan, due not only to their extreme comfort, but also because they were so easy to move (a huge plus when you are in college... ever try stuffing a mattress in a Firebird?) I kept my waterbed until a few years ago when it woke me up at 3am and said it's time for me to go with what I'm assuming was its version of a wet teary goodbye.

    Not wanting to repeat that scenario but also knowing that most mattresses felt like stone slabs to me, I started searching for my perfect bed. When I decided that latex was the way to go, it was an easy decision to choose FloBeds after getting samples and reading glowing reviews. Alas, I am a long way from the coast of California but their Goldilocks guarantee took the risk out of buying something as major as a mattress online.

    The UPS guy was a substitute on the day my bed was delivered, and that sneaky guy dropped the boxes in my driveway and ran. Literally. Fortunately a bed-in-a-box means you can just
    it end over end up the walk and in the front door. Wrestling with a traditional mattress would have been amusing for my neighbors but not so much for me. Again, portability for the win!

    Assembling the bed really was a no-brainer (and if you think you may struggle, they provide helpful videos on how to). The most difficult part was remembering where I had put the box knife so I could open the packages. The fact that even the foundation could be easily assembled/disassembled instead of struggling with a large and clumsy one was the icing on the cake. I could handle this all by myself without much effort at all. Having spent a month sleeping on the floor, I was ready for a nice, comfy Flo-Bed. It was absolutely heaven to flop down on it once I was done.

     It has been over 4 months since we purchased our FloBed mattress after reading reviews online. We absolutely LOVE our FloBed mattress! For the first month or so either my husband or I would exclaim, I love this mattress! as we climbed into bed. Now we say it less frequently but mean it just as much. We have told many friends about our new bed and have invited several to try it out.

    What a fun experience receiving it in boxes from UPS! I could not imagine how a mattress could be made to fit in a box so I could hardly wait to receive the packages. I loved watching the foam rubber expand as I removed the plastic and I enjoyed every minute of putting it together?so much so that I even wrote about it with photos of the process on my blog.

    I had it all put together when my husband got home from work!

    Thank you, Dave, for making it possible for us to have a wonderful night?s sleep!
    Brenda., Casey, IL - 3/14/2016

     Hi Dave,

    My whole family simply adores our flobeds! My husband and I ordered your natural latex V-Zone when we upgraded to a king size bed several years ago as an anniversary present to ourselves. Since my early 20s, I have become a princess and the pea sleeper ? EXTREMELY picky about my mattresses and pillows as pressure points would result in a numb leg or arm. When I married my husband, he had to come to terms with my armada of pillows and mattress toppers which I used to get comfortable. I encountered your website when exploring latex mattresses after having a pair of shoes with natural latex soles that were very comfortable and kept their spring forever. We were hesitant to order a mattress online but were encouraged by the reviews and what I call your layer exchange until it feels great policy. We also liked the idea that each of us would have a customized side of the bed that fits our sleeping styles, weight and body type. The outcome has been glorious! Your website predicted our mattress layers perfectly and we never had to use the exchange. My husband and I love our bed more than any other and find ourselves thankful when returning from even wonderful vacations because we get to sleep in our flobed again.

    Meanwhile, our kids have fallen in love with our flobed and are constantly trying to invade it. Last year, we decided to try your student mattresses for my sons bunkbed. As I could not see that there could be choice in layer firmness online and knew he wanted it to be softer like mine, I called your office and your team was able to have it made with layers that would approximate the softness of my side of our king mattress. When they arrived in the boxes, he and my daughter were so excited to create his mattresses and test if they were as amazing as ?moms and dads?. They absolutely love them and my daughter does not mind sleepovers in her brothers room because they are so comfortable. We are saving up so she can have one in her room sometime as well.

    My son and I were just discussing the other day whose mattress was more perfect: mine or his. We eventually decided his was perfect for him and mine was perfect for me and are looking forward to decades of sleeping on our respective mattresses, happily ever after!

    Thank you for making a wonderful product and for such excellent customer service!
    All the best,
    Erin R., San Diego, CA - 3/14/2016

     Hi Dave,
    I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our FloBed. We have had it for at least 10 years and I still LOVE it. Will definitely buy from you again when it becomes time. Thank you again.
    Tracey H., Colusa, CA - 3/14/2016

     To whom it may concern:

    Honestly the best bed you will EVER buy. My wife and I can not say enough about the California king size bed we purchased 2 years ago. The people at flo bed are the best people I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I have been in business for myself since 1974 and know how hard it is to keep a good reputation. This company has done just that, and when you purchase one of their beds you will now why.

    Thank you for all my good nights sleep.
    Gary L., Rockland, MA - 3/14/2016


    My wife really enjoys the king sized bed and that it has no fumes played a big role in our selection. The only downside I can think of is the windy drive to Fort Bragg. If I were going to buy another bed I would simply have it delivered by mail; and that is what we did in the end (and save ourselves the drive). Thanks for the help over the telephone as we personalized the bed settings for each of us.

    Tom and Sue T, Eagle Point, Oregon - 3/14/2016

     Bed by Mail

    As a child And into my twenties, I had slept on a foam mattress. In my college years, well, I had one that was as lumpy as they get with a plastic coating. My back suffered enough to need medical care. It was horrible! After marriage, we slept on various regular spring mattresses until I recalled all my years on foam as a kid. I went store to store looking for foam. However, in those years it was not available. That is until as a last resort, I looked on line....

    FloBeds caught my attention but I kept looking. However, nothing else seemed to be as reputable and eager to support their products. So, back I went to their website. After many phone calls with questions and receiving excellent answers, I took the risk and ordered our beds thru the mail. Thru the mail!! It was clear they were open to making me happy. My husband and I were purchasing separate stacks in twins to put together as a king. When I needed a firmer layer, they instantly sent it at no additional cost.
    We hate all beds when traveling, as we never find anything as comfortable. Cannot wait to get home for a good sleep.

    Side note- the little foam lamb they sent me to get familiar with the product has been around for years and is now being hugged by my grandkids.

    Alice B - 3/14/2016

     Hi, Dave!
    Congratulations on your 20 years of dreams! Did you know that TED 2016s theme in Vancouver last month was Dream?
    Our first bed in a box arrived in 1999 to the wonder of my friend who was here when I unpacked it. As a librarian, I was well familiar with the World Wide Web and did my research. Being green, I was so happy when I found your website and made a leap of faith with that order. My grand-daughter now sleeps on that bed. We ordered our second a few years ago and have been happily dreaming ever since.

    I love your videos and if I ever find myself in Northern California, I will be putting your place number one on my list of places to visit!
    Thank you and best wishes,
    Karen S., East Aurora, NY - 3/14/2016

     Dear Dave,

    My husband and I first tried out a FloBed at your shop during a visit to Fort Bragg. We thought it was amazingly comfortable so we ordered one for our home in San Jose. When the boxes arrived with our new bed we weren't quite sure what to make of it. How could a queen mattress fit in a couple of boxes?!? Once we got the first core unpacked we were astounded at how it uncompressed. We got our new mattress quickly and easily assembled.

    After sleeping on it for a week we realized that we needed to exchange a core. Your process made that super easy and again we were amazed that we could repack the cores into their plastic bags and boxes using the vacuum to suck out the air. Since then we have replaced all our mattresses with FloBeds. Now, if we could only take it with us on vacation...

    Restfully yours,
    Jill S and Ken S, San Jose, CA - 3/14/2016

     We bought our Flobed in 2008 while driving from Washington State to Florida in a multi-family move that took 5 days. We stopped off in Ft. Bragg and in effect, became the delivery service and quite easily un-packaged and set up the bed when we arrived.
    We loved and enjoyed restful sleep on our Flobed until 2014, when our daughter was pregnant with her first child. In a pseudo-emergency, we gifted it to her because she had been unable to sleep on her regular mattress and was unable to afford a new bed. So it was Flobed to the rescue and she was able to finally get some much needed rest where a coil spring mattress had proven totally ineffective. Their son, Avett, was born on December 1, 2014 and you could say Flobed played a huge role in a successful pregnancy.
    I would highly recommend Flobed.
    Larry N, Cape Coral, FL - 3/14/2016

     Hi Dave,

    I am not exactly sure what type of statement you are looking for, but here goes?

    I put a lot of time into researching mattresses, including online and regionally available ones. After trying them in stores and narrowing the field down to latex for environmental and comfort reasons, I found myself drawn to FloBeds for their all natural latex and organic materials. My friend ordered her new mattress online and seemed to have a good experience with it, although I was concerned about the off gassing that seemed to be considered normal. I just didn not want off gassing to be where I laid my head at night, call me crazy. I was a little nervous about ordering online without the ability to try it out, but the online reviews of the company reassured me every effort would be made until my mattress was perfect. This is how I took the plunge and ended up having UPS deliver my bed via four large boxes on my porch. Assembly went smoothly and in no time we were enjoying our first night sleep on our new dream mattress. I will definitely be an advocate and repeat customer of Flobeds.

    Thank you.
    Mary D -3/14/2016

     Hi Dave,

    My husband and I have an extensive back story for mattress purchases! The short version of the story is we've been together for 25 years, and gone through 7 innerspring mattresses (some with pillowtop, some without.) Our biggest issue is our weight difference, he is 250 lbs, I am less than half that! He likes firm, I like soft! There was never pleasing both of us, but we tried and always failed. We purchased top of the line mattresses, spent thousands of dollars each time, only to have his side of the bed develop a divot within a few months of the purchase. Then he would suffer from hip, back, shoulder and knee pain.

    So finally one day I sat down and did some internet research and found a mattress expert online who told me about latex! Once I felt like this could be the answer to our mattress woes, I did more research and found FloBeds! The was the most amazing concept and would eliminate our firmness issues! I communicated with Dewey at FloBeds and made our purchase in August of 2013. We customized our mattress and have 4 layers instead of 3 and absolutely love it! We've been sleeping our our mattress for 2 1/2 years and am pleased to report NO DIVOTS!! My husband was able to choose extra firm for his side, I was able to choose a firm foundation with soft cushion for my side! The other amazing feature is being able to rotate the layers if we want a different feel. After sleeping on the bed for a few months, both my husband and I changed our configurations slightly, I have even purchased additional layers to customize my side even more. It's wonderful to have the flexibility to change the layers and have the perfect mattress for our bodies! I love going to bed each night and sleep so well with no aches and pains!

    Thank you FloBeds for your amazing product and excellent customer service! I'll be back to purchase for my daughter when she graduates from college and will need her own mattress.

    Kathy P - 3/14/2016

    P.S. I actually have a funny story about our mattress delivery! I wanted to surprise my husband with the new mattress and the fact that it was delivered by UPS in boxes, meant I was able to put the boxes in my shed until the next day when I could get him off to work and carry out the surprise mattress switch! Well the next day I did send him off to work, a friend came and picked up my old mattress, and I was in the process of setting up the bed when hubby decided to come home early! Whoops!! Surprise was spoiled, but the first thing he asked me was, "how did you manage to do this without my help?" And I showed him all the boxes that had been delivered. He helped me finish making the bed, and has loved our bed for 2 1/2 years!


    I was meaning to write a review on our flobed, so this was a great reminder for me!

    We purchased a flobed later last year (the vzone) and are absolutely pleased with it! We went with the websites recommendation for the firmness, but has to do a bit of adjusting to get each side just right (if I could do it again I would have ordered firmer layers). We both had mild back pain from our traditional spring mattress and needed a change. We found your business on a mattress forum and are so happy we did! We noticed an immediate difference in our sleep quality and comfort. We do not get hot/cold, we don't sink in like with memory foam mattresses and there is no chemical smell/off gassing. We will never turn back to traditional mattresses! We plan on buying new layers add time goes on as ours wear out. I called to make the order and your staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. The shipping was fast and the mattress was very easy to set up (even with one person). Thank you so much for your wonderful mattress, you have helped give us a better quality of life!

    -Stacia and Derek of Idaho - 3/14/2016

     Our FloBed

    Hi Dave,

    We ordered our bed about four years ago. It did come boxed up via UPS, but we followed the fairly simple instructions and took it out, let it ?breathe? for a day, and then assembled it with relatively little difficulty.

    The real genius of the bed is that it comes in pieces, although once assembled, it?s impossible to tell that. So, it?s not difficult or heavy to carry each piece, or handle each piece. There is not a door in the world it will not fit through!

    The bed is good for us because my husband and I prefer different levels of firmness. He likes a quite-firm bed, so his side is made up of firm and extra-firm pieces, whereas mine is a mix of medium, firm, and a V-zone. I have rearranged my own pieces several times, just because I was in the mood for a change; right now, the medium is on top and the V-zone in the middle. During the time I own the mattress, I can buy new pieces from Flobed for a nominal sum (I?ve done it once) to really change the feel and firmness of the bed.

    I should explain that I am a 63-year-old woman with fairly extensive arthritis and three artificial joints, so the fact that this mattress can cater to me is really, really important. And, if the bed had been a really major challenge to assemble, I probably would not have been able to do it, given my constraints. It really is not hard at all: to assemble, you spread out the mattress cover on the base, stack the three-per-side pieces of foam in the order that the company has designed for you based on firmness preferences, height and weight, put the sheet of egg-crate foam covering the entire top into place, and zip up the mattress (I think it is clockwise).

    When I want to change the order of the pieces of foam on my own side, to achieve a firmer or softer feel, I can disassemble just my own side. I can do this, and reassemble it as well, on my own, even at my age and in my condition. The zipper is big, the individual pieces of foam are not super-heavy, and it is great to be able to soften up my mattress when I need a little coddling.

    Heres wishing Flobeds a very happy anniversary!

    Jane C -3/14/2016

     Beds in Box
    Your 20 Years of Dreams in a Box email prompted me to write. My wife and I have been loving our FloBed for over 10 years. Way back then, several large boxes arrived on our porch in Napa. I remember wondering how our new bed was going to come out of those?turns out it?s a bit like the stove top popcorn of my youth?.it just keeps expanding (sans sound effects!)
    Our bed has followed us through two moves to our latest residence in Petaluma and we really can?t imagine sleeping on any other bed (even a Duxiana we inherited does not meet our FloBed standards). Having a bed that is supremely comfortable and highly portable has been a blessing.
    Matt - 7/14/2016

     From Maine
    Several years ago we, looking for a latex mattress, decided to be brave and ordered a king size flow bed from Flobeds. It arrived in several boxes and we were able to put it together easily. Did not quite believe yet but did not take one night to get there. We are octogenarians and have slept well with little arthritis chatter since. It truly is wonderful. And we silently thank you every day. Are now in separate decades but still rising in the morning ready to go.

    Our accolades.

    Jane and Lincoln C - 3/14/2016

     I think we have had our flo bed about 8 yrs. I was so timid to order a bed online as I was a beginner with online shopping. My sister had ordered and loved her bed so I went ahead. The staff was so helpful getting me just what I needed for a wonderful bed.

    Yes the arrival of our bed in I believe 7 giant boxes from mail delivery was unbelievable, especially when the foam came to life when we opened the boxes. The bed went together simply with easy to read direction nd and I have changed the layers 1 time when we moved.

    My next purchase will be to electrify the mattress for our aging sleep habits ha. Thanks for a great experience !

    Jackie P
    Bowling Green, OH - 3/14/2016

     Hi Dave,
    My husband and I bought a Soma bed probably 25 years ago, the kind with the water tubes that fit into a frame and had a foam top. When we needed a new foam top we found the Soma was no longer in business. So we went on a bed search. I lost track of the bed stores we went to and all the different beds we tried out. It was exhausting and discouraging. This was maybe 10 years ago. We decided (reluctantly I must admit!) to looking online. That is when we found Flo-beds. We were intrigued but really nervous about ordering an expensive and large item online. Not to mention that we had not tried it or seen it! We loved the idea that we could configure each side as we liked it and that the whole bed could be taken apart easily. So we took the plunge. We figured with the 90 day guarantee we were safe.
    A short time later these huge boxes arrived - I think four or five boxes. We hauled them inside and started to unpack. Everything was clearly labeled. We assembled the frame and put our mattress together. (as Winnie the Pooh once said it was a time of great excitement!)
    I have to say the we LOVE our bed. This is by far one of the best investments we've made. Every time we are gone we are always anxious to get back to our bed. It does not feel like it has worn down one bit after all these years.
    I do not know that I would ever consider another bed.
    So thank you.
    Jessie S

     Happy 12 Years
    We have had our Flobed now for over 12 years and it is as comfortable now as it was on day one. We are very pleased and recommend to all our friends.
    Thank you,
    Craig - 3/14/2016

     Dear Dave,

    When my husband wanted to order a bed over the internet without ever trying it, I thought he was out of his mind. We spoke with Dewey several times before making our decision to go ahead and order a bed. I still thought this is crazy. Then the bed came in several boxes via UPS and we moved our old bed out (just in case we still needed it) and put together our new bed. Anyway, to make a long story short, this is the best bed we have ever had, so comfortable that if we are away, I can?t wait to get home to our bed. I guess my husband is not that crazy after all and we are very comfortable after two years of sleeping on our flobed. Thanks again for Deweys help and thanks for many restful nights.

    Helene S. 3/14/2016

     I received my Flobed 20 years ago. It was promptly delivered and set up for me. But the best part is sleeping on this bed. I have arthritis, and on this bed, I have no pain and I sleep like a dream. It's incredibly comfortable. It's about time for a new one, and I will definitely be getting another Flobed. Thanks for a superb product. I tell all my friends about it.
    Pam 3-14-2016

     We had just moved into our new home 6 1/2 years ago and all we had to sleep on was an air mattress until our FloBed boxes arrived with our new king size bed. Bet the UPS driver wondered what the heck he was delivering with so many boxes. We wasted no time in opening those boxes and setting up our new bed - actually didn't take very long as we were more than ready to ditch the air mattress.
    Harold S - Bend, Oregon

    this product has exceeded my expectations .I didn't know which way to go,tempur,waterbed,etc.never tried o e before but to the plunge. And couldn't be happier! Sure to get another , but still don't need one!
    Thanks bill New York 3-14-2016

    House Beautiful and Barbara Barry on FloBeds UPS Case Study - Bed in a Box Newsweek says FloBeds is JUST RIGHT