Natural Talalay Latex Big and Tall Mattress

$ 2,329.71$ 4,502.21

A mattress is made to provide ideal comfort while you sleep. However, a comfortable mattress cannot realistically be standardized for everyone. Each sleeper has unique needs based on their own body and sleeping style. This includes people who are heavier and need additional support and cushioning… or those who need additional cooling layers.   Don’t settle for a mattress that wasn’t made for your body type or the way you sleep. Learn more about why our Big & Tall Latex Mattress is the

best mattress for people with special needs and how it can be customized just for you!

Product Features

  • Covered with organic cotton and wool plus an additional layer of cooling horse hair
  • 5 layers of latex, 16 inches thick
  • additional support and cushioning
  • adjustable zones provides targeted pressure relief for your hips and shoulders
  • 4 layers of Talalay latex core, an egg-crate topper


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