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Organic Plein Air Wool

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Organic Plein-Air Wool

Pure organic Plein-Air Wool® fiber used in bedding materials promotes maximum air-flow around your body, and provides natural moisture- wicking – wicks away 1/3 it’s weight in moisture – to help you sleep cool and dry. Plus, it’s nature’s tempurature regulator: warm in winter and cool in summer.

Plein-Air Sheep make the best wool!You can be confident that the wool in our luxurious mattress cover is chemical free. NO chemicals or acids are used in the production or processing of organic wool. The sheep are not dipped or treated with any pesticides or herbicides.

The organic wool fleece used in our mattress covers is washed with pure fresh water and baking soda – no additives – preserving the natural lanolin content and a skin friendly pH value of 7.5.

Organic wool also provides chemical-free fire resistance! FloBeds was the first mattress company to use wool (and no chemicals) to pass the new Federal Fire Resistance standards. We have wool on all six sides of the mattress.

Doing the Right Thing is a choice – The use of pure organic wool from sheep raised in a humane manner is yet another example of what many eco-minded businesses are finding: that doing the right thing can produce wonderful results. By simply trying to make the best product possible, FloBeds once again demonstrates that you CAN produce a superior NATURAL product, one that in all ways reflects the integrity and care with which it is produced.

Under a microscope, a single fiber of wool looks like a hair whose surface is covered with overlapping scales, like the shingles of a house. These scales are made up of millions of cells and are, in turn, covered with a very thin sheath or membrane which is finely porous – porous enough to let vapor penetrate, but at the same time, resistant to water droplets. And inside the fiber is a very thirsty center that can absorb up to 30% its own weight in moisture – ten times as much as any synthetic, and without feeling clammy. This complex construction creates a fiber capable of absorbing and rapidly evaporating body vapor for healthy dry comfortable warmth.

Wool’s natural absorbency offers another distinct advantage. Because of its extraordinary ability to hold moisture, wool fiber is inherently flame-resistant. The main reason major hotel chains prefer wool bedding is because wool offers beauty and comfort along with a full measure of safety.

Each fiber also has a natural “crimp” like a coiled spring with permanent built-in “memory”, enabling it to return to its original shape after stress. This springiness keeps products such as comforters eternally fluffy, soft and comfortable for a lifetime. In a comforter, wool’s indestructible loft results in millions of microscopic air pockets, which supply the insulation that keep body heat in and cold out.

A survey of wool’s advantages in blankets and wool-filled comforters reveals the versatility, practicality, and superiority of this amazing natural resource, the wonder fiber that science can’t match.

Wool is the prized “Golden Fleece” sought in ancient times. Today, quality lightweight wool-fill is equally prized for the new dimension it brings to mattresses, comforters, pillows and mattress toppers.

Like all pure wool bedding, wool-fill feels comfortable, offers superior insulation, resists flames, and lasts over a hundred years. The crimp in the wool fiber makes wool fill especially versatile. Wool naturally forms a cohesive batting without any chemical binders. Bedding made of pure wool-fill will not lose its shape, separate into lumps or shift.

Wool-fill retains its superior qualities, wet or dry. Unlike down, which shift into corners and bunches when wet, wool-fill stays fluffy and evenly plump. Unlike synthetics, which feel clammy when wet and flatten out with wear, wool-fill spares you uneven cold spots.

Wool-fill is so resilient it consistently outperforms synthetics such as polyester fiberfill. In scientific tests, wool recovered 95% of its original thickness when compressed. Synthetic substitutes recovered 67% to 79%. No matter how it is twisted, crushed, or pulled, pure wool-fill springs back to its original lush thickness.

The natural three-dimensional structure of wool (which could never be duplicated in a factory) creates millions of air pockets to trap warmth. This unique cellular arrangement not only gives wool-fill great insulating value, but also allows it to absorb body vapor and diffuse it into the atmosphere. Compared to synthetics, which can absorb moisture equal to merely 4% or less of their weight, wool can absorb up to 30% without feeling cold or clammy. That’s how wool-fill creates a natural comfort zone of dry, warm air around the body to keep you comfortably warmer, longer.

As wool-fill absorbs moisture, it dries from within and so conserves natural body heat. Even under dramatically cold conditions, wool-filled bedding offers excellent protection against rapid loss of body temperature. Whether or not you need this extra protection, you’ll find bedding filled with wool is as luxuriously warm as down, but at less cost and without any of the drawbacks.

FloBeds organic wool retains a small percentage of lanolin oil, a completely natural dust-mite repellant.

Wool bedding is the safest choice both at home and in hospitals, hotels, schools, and other institutional settings. Because of its unique chemical structure and natural moisture content, wool is difficult to ignite. It merely chars, and won’t flair up. It will not melt, so when forced to ignite it does not cling to the skin and cause serious hot melt burn. FloBeds uses wool to meet the Federal mattress flame resistant laws. See the burn-test video. Once again, we were first.

Consumers can count on pure wool comforters and mattress toppers for 15, 20, to 30 years and beyond. Initially a wool-filled comforter may cost more than a synthetic substitute, but in the long run wool is the lowest in cost and the highest in comfort and usefulness. Wool comforters out-wear and out-perform all other fibers, AND the wool in comforters, mattress toppers and pillows can be re-carded (re-fluffed) for generations of lasting use.

Wool fiber requires no factory to produce it. Part of its own miracle is that it is self-replenishing. Its source, the sheep, lives on (unlike the source of down) existing on vegetation, which is also self-replenishing.

With mounting concern about what to do with discarded products no longer of use to anybody, wool’s biodegradability is more important then ever. A wool comforter lasts for decades and when the comforter finally gives out it can be returned to the earth for natural recycling, or custom recycled (re-carded) and returned to you for decades of comfort.

All of our removable zippered mattress covers are made with Organic Plein-Air Wool® and produced with the utmost care and respect for the animals that produce it, and the products destined to be made from it. It has been washed in a biodegradable soap and sterilized in a mild hydrogen peroxide. It is NOT carbonized with sulfuric acid like often done with conventionally produced wool.

St. Peter Woolen Mill
St. Peter Woolen Mill manufactures the “NATURE’S COMFORT” wool-filled comforters and mattress toppers with the highest of quality for your lasting use and comfort.

The Woolen Mill established in 1867, is a family-owned and operated woolen mill. It is located in the beautiful Minnesota River Valley where it continues on to a fourth generation.

Custom wool carding has been the cornerstone of the Woolen Mill’s operations. Customers have always appreciated the personal service of having their wool carded into batting, knowing that they will receive their own wool in return.

Wool-filled comforters and mattress pads are an investment in the future. As Heirlooms, they are passed from one generation to the next. The wool can be reprocessed like new again and old covers replaced with new fabric. Wool comforters are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are washable and usually non-allergenic because of the natural fiber and nonchemical processing.

Featured in all our Mattress Covers: Organic Plein-Air Wool®
Plein-Air Wool® – Plein-Air (French for open-air) Wool is the term used for wool from sheep that live outside all year round. This manner of livestock husbandry results in a longer naturally curly fiber, producing superior temperature regulation for the sheep AND for you.

The strong natural curl provides lasting resilience, bounce and loft that is superior to mechanically crimped wool fiber which will matt down faster. The artificial crimping process used by some wool producers creates strain on the fibers causing them to break easier which results in shorter fibers. This has a direct negative effect on the long-term resilience and loft of the product.

There are zero chemicals used during the wool growing and processing steps. The sheep are not dipped or treated with any pesticides or herbicides.

After shearing, the wool goes through three washing cycles with increasing temperatures (90° – 140°F) followed by a cold rinse in pure water. During the washing cycles pure baking soda and water is used – nothing else. The drying takes place in drum driers and the wool is then cooled down on cooling racks for 24-28 hours before pressing and packaging.

After the washing process the lanolin (oil) content of the wool is less than 1%. This virtually eliminates the typical sheep odor and the risk of moth infestation.

Our organic plein-air wool is harvested from the back and belly only. This is a very important factor as wool for “fill” (as opposed to garments) can also comes from the legs and crotch of the animal and it is impossible to completely wash out the smell.

Plein-air wool® is free of harmful substances. The following certificates are available:

Öeko-Tex certificate – level one (baby)
QUL certificate (tested by eco Umweltinstitut)
TÜV chemical test

Oeko-Tex for safe textiles and fabric
The Natural Advantages of Organic Wool
Wool’s Secret Structure Long-Term Value
Comfort Flame Resisitance
Resilience Dust Mite Resistance
Healthy Dry Comfort Our Sources
Ecological/Biodegradable Wool Care
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