09 Sep

High Customer Satisfaction Rating

Simply Stated: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here at FloBeds customers satisfaction is our top priority. One customer mentioned:
“I stumbled on that site “sleeplikethedead.com” and it was here I discovered Flobeds. I noticed them because they had one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings of any manufacturer. That was impressive, especially in such a subjective area as sleep ware. I called Flobeds and bugged their sales staff for a few weeks with questions. They were always courteous and helpful, and knew a lot about their product. I really liked their business model of shipping you the bed in components that you build yourself into what feels best for you. I am a tweak-er so this fit my mode of doing things to a tee. I also like the ability to come back years later and replace components that might be worn out (like the Vzone layer) with new material rather than throwing away something 80% usable and spending another $3-5K. ”
-FloBeds Customer

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