Sleeping Your Way to Better Health

Sleeping Your Way
To Better Health

 4 good reasons to get a good night’s sleep

If you sleep on a FloBed latex mattress, you’ll:

*Feel Better

*Live Longer

*Be Healthier

 Snooze News from SleepSavvy Magazine:

New Scientific research continues to unmask the effects of chronic sleeplessness, and the results are enough to keep you up at night!  Here are four of the most devastating effects, courtesy of the American Heart Association:

1) Sleep Loss can lead to diabetes.  A  recent study shows that “people who sleep less than six hours a night appear to have a higher risk of developing impaired fasting glucose — a condition that can precede type 2 diabetes.”

2) Sleep Loss can reaise your blood pressure. Another recent study found that a lost hour of sleep — one hour less than the recommended eight — increased the odds of developing high blood pressure and average of 37% over five years; skipping two hours raised the blood pressure risk 86%.  this condition can lead to heart attack, stroke or kidney failure.

3) Sleep loss can make you fat.  Several recent studies have confirmed that there is a link between lost sleep and weight gain.  In one study, participants who slept six hours per night were 27% more likely to become obese than those sleeping seven to nine hours; people getting five hours of sleep per night were 73% more likely to become obese; and those with only two to four hours of sleep per night were 67% more likely to become obese.

4) Sleep loss can make you vulnerable to cancer.  Yet another recent study showed that even when people take preventative actions that have been proven to lower cancer risks (such as exercising and eating right), inadequate sleep seems to counteract those benefits.

More research is underway on these and other health risks associated with cheating on sleep.  Meanwhile, you might want to alert your family, friends and neighbors:  Don’t shirk on the shut-eye.

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