Organic Crib Mattress by FloBeds

$ 499.00

FloBeds Pure and Simple Natural Crib Mattress.
–Organic Cotton cover with a 360 degree zipper making it removable for spot washing.
–Quilted to Organic Wool. Natural breathing of wool, combined with renown moisture wicking properties make this mattress ideal for infants.
–100% Natural Talalay Latex Core and convoluted latex layers provide firm yet comfortable support.
–Reversible Latex Layers allow mattress to be Firm while infant very young and more comfortable as child grows.
–Meets Federal Fire Resistant standards with wool on all 6 sides. No chemicals.
–(standard crib dimensions: 28×52)
Give your baby the safe firm support an infant needs. Later, as your baby grows and is able to move on their own, unzip the organic cotton quilted to organic wool mattress cover and reverse the core to provide firm support with a layer of cushioning convoluted latex.
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