A New Mattress Will Help You Feel Better

So it’s not just me… I recently read a study that shows people sleep better, Ocean Morningsuffer less back pain AND experience fewer symptoms of stress when sleeping on a new bed. I love it when science confirms what what we hear from people who sleep on a FloBed latex mattress.
Oklahoma State University did the study and I read about in Bed Times magazine. They examined a set of stress-related factors that showed significant decreases in stress, decreases that paralleled the improvements in sleep and back discomfort associated with sleeping on a new mattress.  To make certain it was the benefit of the bed and not the setting, the new beds were the same size as the participants’ original beds and were in the participants own bedrooms with their own linen and pillows.
The proved what you already knew, you really do feel better physically and mentally sleeping on your new bed.

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