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Dave Turner, Magic Sun Waterbeds, Palo Alto, CA

Water Mattresses and Waterbeds

Opened a waterbed store  in Palo Alto, California as a means to pay for college.

Formed FloCare National, providing specialized home delivery and warranty service for Sears, JCPenneys and regional specialty stores in 10 states.

SoundSleep, a FloCare subsidiary, began supplying JCPenney and other retailers with high quality softsided flotation sleep systems.

FloCare  added hard to find/fit replacement part sales direct to customers of national retailers’  and regional waterbed  chains.

One of our accounts referred a quadraplegic who needed a waterbed that would work on a hospital bed to relieve pressure and prevent pressure ulcers. The FloCare Fluid Mattress received US Patent 5,513,400 in May 1996 and US Patent 5,850,646 in December 1998

We put our new hospital mattress on the Internet. . Soon we were shipping our components around the world.

Designed a latex mattress to provide dual adjustable firmness. Introduced our “90 Night Test Rest” SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Built the DreamMaker, allowing users to configure the “Bed of Your Dreams” online, creating “The First Personally Crafted Mattress” – A mattress that is built to order for the specific requirements of each sleeper and shipped within days.

(from History of FloBeds)

We don’t have waterbed parts listed anymore in our online catalog, but just give us a call and we will do our best to find your replacement part

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