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04 Feb

The Matrimonial Bed…

A mattress made for couples

I love our business.  Most of our expertise is consumed in making a mattress that supports each sleeper the way their body needs.  But Valentines Day reminds us that we have another very important role:  making a mattress that a couple can snuggle,  spoon  and go through their lives together in.   This side of mattress construction means we have to make a mattress that allows crossing over to the other side as natural as sleeping on your own side.
And we do!  Every Flobed has two common layers at the top to make side-shifting as easy as rolling over: Our Luxurious Cover of Organic Stretch Knit Cotton quilted to Organic Wool Cover on top of our pressure relieving one piece Convoluted Talalay Latex Comfort Pad.  
The perfect bed… built Just Right to support your body all night long and cozy and intimate all at the same time.
Goldilocks Was Rightso was Saint Valentine!

02 Jul

Independence is not an easy business

Independence is not an easy business

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
This business of democracy is not for the lazy.  If we do not stay informed about the issues of the day, we give up the ability to make smart choice.  Dumb choices lead to tyranny.  Our forefathers fought with blood and sweat… all we have to do is vote smart.  It is sad to see voter turnout in America fall to between 40% and 65%.
This Independence Day let’s all recommit ourselves to be better Americans!  It is up to us… Remember!
(ps… FloBeds can help with that happiness part;)

25 May

Don't make him angry!

Who Sleeps on a FloBed:  Mark Ruffalo or The Hulk?

We’re a fan of Mark Ruffalo’s (who isn’t?) and he’s a fan of FloBeds!

We just sent the Ruffalos their 4th latex mattress and Mark was kind enough to let us know how much he likes it and us… “The people and service at Flobeds, from my experience, have been nothing but a pleasure. We have been sleeping on a FloBed since 2000 and now own many. My only wish in all my travels is that every bed that I have to sleep in was one of yours. Too bad you don’t make one to fit in a suitcase. Your beds are well priced and best of all sustainable and Green. Of course I recommend you to any one who will listen and people wonder if I have some part of your business from my zeal. I just like sharing really good things made by really good folks.
Mark Ruffalo”

editor’s note:  The Hulk may want to check out Flobeds Big and Tall Mattress.

01 Apr

FloBeds sets up Otsuchi Tsunami Recovery Fund


Gifts from Otsuchi Friends
These are gifts the Turner family has received from our friends in Otsuchi. Sadly, many of these friends perished in the Tsunami.
Today, April 1, 2011 is First Friday in Fort Bragg. Merchants have put up Otsuchi Displays and are donating a percentage of sales to the Otsuchi Recovery Fund. As of yesterday, we had raised over $50,000.

FloBeds is donating 20% of First Friday Sales (today)
and 10% of our sales from April 2nd to April 10th.

ChoCho-sans (Mayors)
Mayor Yamazaki and I plant Redwoods that were a gift from Fort Bragg to Otsuchi.
Otsuchi Kids Help
Otsuchi School Children help Anne and I plant more trees.
Otsuchi Town
View of Otsuchi from old Samurai Castle in 2005
Otsuchi Temple
otsuchi town
Otsuchi City Hall
City Hall destroyed
goodbye in 2005
Saying good bye outside City Hall in 2005
Mayors sign sister city agreement
Mayor Yamazaki and Mayor Turner sign Sister City Agreement October 18, 2005

Sister Cities Otsuchi Fort Bragg

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