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FloBeds Reviews

By Bed Design

20 Years of Dreams in a Box


 We visited our son in Pflugerville, TX and I laid down on his FloBed one afternoon. It was so comfortable that when we got home to Steamboat Springs, CO we ordered a king size one for ourselves.

One day shortly after my husband answered the door to find a puzzled UPS driver wanting to know just the heck we had ordered. Joe told him it was a king size bed and the driver, with a look of total disbelief proceeded to bring in 6 large boxes and then leave shaking his head! We slept very well indeed.

Carol W. -- 4-3/2016

 Story fo UPS

About six years ago, I bought my first FloBed, a queen size mattress and it was shipped and delivered on time to Anchorage Alaska, where we can almost see Russia from our house. :)

After some research, I bought two twice fluffed pillows to help me count more sheep!

Several years and a wedding later, my wife and I bought a king size organic latex mattress and once again it was delivered by speedy UPS. Packaging was still in great condition and delivered straight to our doorstep. My wife and I love our FloBed and we make sure we recommend the company to family and friends when one is searching for a new mattress.

Thanks for your great products. Looking forward to the travel pillow as we miss our pillows and mattress when we vacation. Thanks for producing great products!!

Carson and Jessica L., Anchorage, Alaska -- 4/2/2016

 Our FloBed Story

Our daughter was little and always wanted to sleep with us. The mattress where my husband, myself and little Serena slept was too bouncy for us......too much activity....no one was getting enough sleep. So we ordered a King size FloBed.

The day it arrived, in several different bags was an exciting one for us; we had a wood frame ready for it; we diligently followed the instructions.....my side a bit softer than my husband's. The cotton and wool cover/case smelled great, almost like something familiar. When it was ready we (all 3) fell asleep in it...a sweet nap......the first of many good sleeps.

Our daughter is now 16 and she wanted a new room, we decided to let her have the master bedroom, we did not have the space for a king size bed anymore. I did not want to let go of our great FloBed so I called you guys hoping for ideas, suggestions on how to make it smaller. I was told I could cut the top layer (the only one that was in one piece) with a bread knife.

What a great suggestion! Thank you!

Also thank you for so many years of great sleeping.
Clelia C., -- 4/1/2016

 Dreams in a Box

We had just moved into a new home, bought a new bed and were in need of a mattress. I did the typical online research (well, a lot more than most people) and decided the overwhelming winner to be FloBed. I used the online design tool and then spoke to someone at FloBeds to ensure I was selecting the appropriate bed for me and my wife. I placed the order and anxiously awaited the delivery.

It showed up just as advertised - in a box, well, several boxes. My wife and I had actually had fun putting everything together. The labeling, instructions and online videos were very helpful. Once everything was stacked and zipped up, we put on the FloBed sheets and took her for the maiden voyage. I've never had this kind of relaxing feeling on any bed I've ever slept on. It just doesn't compare to anything else. I've owned several Tempurpedic, which felt good in the store, but eventually didn't live up to expectations. We've been sleeping on our FloBed for 6 months and it's the most relaxing, comfortable sleep we have ever had. I'm certain we will continue to be loyal customers and will recommend FloBed to friends and relatives.

Thanks, Richard and Kathy, Sarasota, FL -- 3/29/2016

 Dreams in Box

My brother, Darrell, had highly recommended the FloBed, so I ordered your queen size about 2-3 years ago. I have a history of behaving like the 'princess and the pea'; I am very finicky about my mattress. Before purchasing your FloBed, I tried purchasing a memory foam topper and after just ONE night (not even!), my back was screaming at me in major pain! I couldn?t even make it through that one night and ended up trying to straighten out my back by laying directly on the hard floor. That didn?t do the trick either. Obviously, it was quickly returned to the store! It took a full month to finally get my back to the place, it was tolerable again.

When I purchased your mattress, you can imagine my fear when hearing it had ANY kind of "memory foam" and so I was skeptical, plus the price compounded that fear. Once your mattress arrived, I was cautiously excited about trying it out that night. I am happy to report that I slept pain-free! UPS is typically not my preferred vendor, as the boxes for my deliveries usually arrive damaged. Yes, it did have a corner damaged but fortunately the mattress was fine.

Thank you for my good nights sleep bed!
Smiles, Cindy J -- 3/28/2016


When I needed a new bed I was concerned about set up as a small aging single female. I ordered my bed from Flobeds with a bit of guidance on what the company thought would meet my needs. I was apprehensive about getting the bed in a box, but when it arrived I was absolutely ecstatic. I could lift the bed pieces and easily rolled the pieces of my new bed into place with absolute ease!!

Now I sleep on a bed that makes me feel like it cuddles me and is so comfortable I fall right to sleep. I have recommended my bed to lots of people not just for the product, but also for the great customer service I received. That was a big deal.
I have owned my current bed for 9 years now. The sides don't break down at all. It is a great product. I also like the way I can have the softness I love and my significant other can have his side any way he likes. What a perfect world it is when everybody gets things customized for their needs and desires.

Thank you Flobeds!!
Charlotte W. -- 3/26/2016


Hello Everyone!

I want to start out with telling you how in love we are with our Flobed. Our bed journey started 2 years ago. We have since gone through 2 Beautyrests and a Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe. I'm not even going into all the issues, because I know you have heard the same story 10,000 times before (heat issues, major body impressions after a couple months, and beyond sore bodies).

Today I officially broke down the boxes the bed came in and put them in the recycle! Kind of a big deal.. because as you know, that means we are keeping the bed! Not only is this the most comfortable bed ever, but I also adore the fact that it is completely chemical free. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

I do have a question though. We are making a lounge area in our bedroom and were looking at giant (like.. really giant) bean bags. I started looking into the bags that are offered and then a little "ding" went off in my head; Why would I bring these random artificial chemicals back into our sleeping space, after I just got done removing them? If only we could have a giant bean bag like my pillow (shredded latex). Then you guys popped into my head! So, here's my question: Would it be possible for me to order enough shredded latex to make a giant pillow (I'm thinking 6'x7'x3'). Any ideas of cost? We'd be open to using latex from returned beds (to keep the cost down)... what ever works.

Thanks for your time and consideration!
Stacey I. -- 3/24/

 Our FloBed Happiness

Hi Dave-

Several years ago my husband and I were at a complete loss in our search for a mattress that would be comfortable for both of us. We had owned several high end mattresses, with our last being a Select Comfort, and were still waking up repeatedly through the night with shoulder, back, and hip pain. While looking on the Internet for reviews or suggestions for a mattress for side sleepers with different problem areas we stumbled upon FloBeds.

The very idea of purchasing a mattress off the internet - sight unseen and never tested or seen in a store - was incredibly nerve wracking....especially considering the investment involved. I convinced my husband to give FloBeds a call and Dave answered. He answered every question we could come up with and left us feeling assured that a FloBed was worth a try.

In a few days our custom designed Flobed arrived in a few cardboard boxes, and once again we started to doubt our decision. After diving into the assembly, which turned out to be very simple and straightforward, we enjoyed our first good nights rest in years -- and have never looked back!

Customer service since our purchase has been extraordinary, and we now own and love a pair of the shredded latex pillows. I can never imagine sleeping on anything other than FloBeds ever again!!!

Thank you FloBeds,
Shannon and David B., - - 3-24-2016

 Dreams in a Box

Dear Dave,

We enjoyed reading the account of 20 years of dreams in a box. What a account of believing to accomplish your goal. You certainly have made a wonderful product. We love sleeping in our flobed.

We recently moved to another location instead of having our hired movers deal with the flobed, we decided to move it ourselves. We rolled up each section of the latex mattress and filled six large plastic garbage bags. We loaded them into our hatchback car, dismantled the frame and set up the bed in our new location. it is our prize possession. We always look forward to a good night sleep in our flobed. We got the idea for packing our bed like that from how it was packed by you all and shipped to us via UPS. It is a very efficient form of transportation. Much easier than hauling a large box spring and mattress through a hallway.

Thanks again for building such a quality product.

Sleepfully yours,
Greg and Kathleen S. -- 3/22/2016

 Dear Dave,

Almost a year ago, after a lot of research, my wife and I purchased an Organic Natural Talalay vZone Mattress from FloBeds. You personally took the time to assist us in making the choices in designing the custom arrangement. It arrived in boxes and was simple to put together. After a few months, we made one change to my wife's side and we both found the mattress to be the most comfortable and therapeutic of the many mattresses we have purchased over the years.

In fact, the mattress is so good that we miss the comfort when traveling. In addition, we chose a few months ago to replace our guest bedroom mattress with exactly the same FloBeds mattress and configuration so our guests can enjoy the same comfort we have. We have also recommended your mattress to friends.

Thank you,
Jeff B, -- 3/22/2016


I bought my first Cal King FloBed in 2008 for my home. It came UPS in boxes that were fairly heavy, therefore I knew that this was not a flimsy urethane mattress set. The instructions were easy to follow and the bed was assembled in a little over an hour following the easy to understand instructions. The best was yet to come. The first night sleeping on the new mattress was as if was moths old and "broken in" by months of wear. It has remained the same firmness with absolutely no sagging or hollowing since new.

This prompted me to purchase a second Cal King in 2009 for my second home that had a high end coil mattress at that time. Same results as the first mattress and both mattresses are performing as they did when new, and that is the rest of the story!

I also purchased two of the latex double shredded pillows. I found them to be too firm so I purchased an extra cover for the pillows and divided the shredded foam to make three pillows. Now I have the three best pillows I have ever used. They are perfect for my back and side sleeping.

Thanks Dave... for choosing the latex mattress business.

Dr. Garry R., Los Angeles, CA --- 3/22/2016

 Dreams in a Box (reveiw of buying a mail order mattress)

Dear Dave,

About two years ago my wife and I were in dire need of a new mattress. We were sleeping in a queen-size conventional spring mattress. We had two problems 1) my wife was going through menopause and her sleep was restless at best. I felt every one of her dozens of "toss and turns" so my sleep quality wasn't much better than hers and 2) we were both experiencing back pain and general aches and pains upon waking every morning.

So off we we went to mattress store after mattress store and, after much frustration, almost settled for a tempurpedic memory foam mattress. We couldn't pull the trigger though because we just didn't want to sleep in a bed of chemicals. We wanted something organic and chemical-free so I started searching online and clicked on a link to your Flo beds. It felt somewhat serendipitous because we had been to beautiful Fort Bragg not long before.

After reading your bed descriptions, manufacturing process, reviews and "fitting" process I told my wife about you guys. We live in the Southeast and were both apprehensive about ordering an expensive bed sight unseen and especially one we'd have to assemble. We called with our questions and for a little reassurance. We ended up convinced this was the right bed for us and ordered our organic v-zone King-size Flo bed. At this point we began to wait, albeit impatiently, for our new bed.

Finally "d-day" (delivery day) arrived. The UPS truck backed into our driveway and began unloading box after box and my wife and I exchanged sideways glances wondering what we'd gotten ourselves into after all. Our other mattress had been moved out of our bedroom so we were ready to start building our new one.

Assembling our Flo bed was so unbelievably easy. Because each layer is explicitly labeled and you provide step-by-step instructions, including a pictorial, there was no guess work involved. Honestly, the most difficult part was breaking down and recycling all the cardboard boxes. We don't plan to ever own anything other than a Flo bed regardless of where we live and can't wait to upgrade our guest rooms with Flo beds.

Thanks so much,
Gerald H. -- 3/22/2016

 Bed in Box Story

Hi Dave & Anne-

Congratulations on 20 years!
When we were considering a Flo Bed, we thought we'd ride over to Fort Bragg from Lakeport and try them out. Didn't think about how to get it home but had heard they came in sections, etc. Getting beds upstairs is not fun.

After testing and resting for several hours, we chose our bed. We asked if all would fit in our pick up and you said "no problem". Sure enough, our new queen size Flo Bed went home in our regular size pick-up even with a camper shell with room to spare. While UPS didn?t bring our bed to our door, we think it's pretty amazing how you package each piece. Getting a queen size bed upstairs and around corners was never easier.

Thanks for many years of comfortable sleep. Our pillows are the best, too.
Harry & Kerrie H., Lakeport, CA -3/19/2016

 Hi Dave -

Congratulations on 20 years! My husband and I ordered our king sized FloBed about 5 years ago, after sleeping on a hand-me-down spring mattress on the floor - talk about an upgrade! Having an organic latex mattress with the ability to switch out layers was a huge plus for us, and we've been very happy and comfortable ever since.

Living in NYC in a 4th floor walk up, I have no idea how we would have gotten a traditional king sized bed up the stairs. It was awesome to have our FloBed delivered by UPS in multiple boxes - making transport much easier.

We are due to have our first baby in about 6 weeks, and plan to get him a FloBed for his crib as well. We are absolutely in love with our mattress and can't wait to give him the same experience!

All the best,
Julie and Victor C., NYC, NY --- 3/19/2016

  Our Mattress Delivery

Our doorbell rang and when I opened the door I was created by the UPS driver and several large boxes! Our bed had arrived and I must say that my wife and I actually had fun unpacking and watching the bed "come to life", so to speak. It took a little while but we got it put together, good instructions by the way, and have been enjoying the best night's sleep in our lifetimes.

I can't say enough good things about this bed. We both have serious back problems and this bed has been a God Send for us. I am always recommending your beds to anyone, any time, the subject comes up and will continue to do so.

May you have many, many more years of producing your fine product and your customers will continue to speak of its virtues?..I know we will!!

William and Susan S. -- 3/18/2-16

 I'd like to say how much this bed has helped my daughter.
After a car accident with three slipped discs she could not sleep because of the injuries .she would be up All night .after 2 years of restless nights i called dave the fouder of flobeds. I've heard on the radio for over 10 years about flobeds made in Fort Bragg and shipped worldwide and I lived only 30 miles away!

I took a chance on a fairly expensive bed but it was worth every penny and more. The very first night we setup the bed my daughter had some good sleep and relief from her back pain. To this day, 2 years later, it's the only bed she wants to sleep on. When she visits others she brings a layer of her flobed with her. Dave at flobeds did everything to help us, from custom comfort zones to fit christina to weekly adjustments and even extending a personal loan to me who he never met. I am thankfull.

Excellent quality beds and awsome people... that's flobeds. I bought my brother a bed and next I'm getting one for myself.

David, willits, ca -- 3/18/2016

 Dear Dave,
Every year our family camps at Caspar for a week in June. Our brother-in-law, Don Dillier, had been telling us about your beds for about 2 years prior to our stay in June of 2013. He just raved and raved about how comfortable the Talalay latex beds were.

So on that fateful day of June 25, 2013 he brought us to your store in Fort Bragg and introduced us to your beds. Needless to say we left that day having purchased one of your queen size beds along with two of your super comfortable twice fluffed pillows. We have been happy every since that day. We have even come back to buy pillows for our kids.

You were super helpful in helping to get the bed just right in making adjustments to personalize the bed for each of us. Now we look forward to going to bed every night knowing that we have a great nights sleep ahead of us. Thanks, and we would be happy to make a statement about how awesome it was too receive the bed in boxes and take that journey in creating the best nights sleep we have ever had.

Sincerely, Mike and Pam J., Granite Bay, CA -- 3/18/2016
P.S. look for to come for a visit in June

 My husband and I have enjoyed our Flobed for many years. We started with the combo air mattress and memory foam bed. Unfortunately after a few years, the air mattress died. However, your support staff was awesome and gave us a great deal on replacement foam for the air portion of the bed. When we travel, we miss our comfortable bed!

Thanks again,
Marissa & Sam A., Rochester, NY -- 3/18/2016

 Dear Dave,

Here is my memory on our first Flobed. We bought one on the recommendation of my brother and sister-in-law, whom you know in Ft. Bragg. The delivery man left all these huge boxes on my front step, and when I came home from work, I was amazed that this flotilla represented my new bed. I dragged them in with the help of my teenage son, unwrapped the bags, and watched the explosions occur. By the time the pads were fully expanded, my son Michael had already finished locking the bases together, just using the leatherman tool that his grandmother had given him. We flopped on the completed bed, I said "Wow", he said " Too squishy, glad its not my bed."

Since then, I have purchased Flobeds in every size, twin, queen, and king. I have them in all our bedrooms. Dave and Dewey have been patient and helpful, as I have swapped out like goldilocks, until I get the right fit. But my house guests always ask me about the comfortable bed in the morning. Two sisters went on to each buy one for their houses.

Fast forward, and Michael is married. He and his wife spent a few days at our house, while their new place was having floors redone. He remarked how well he had slept in his old room, and how great the bed felt. I told him that it was the original one we had assembled, and he was impressed. I guess it took him 20 years to get used to it!

Thanks Dave,
Claire D., Napa , Ca. - 3/18/2016

 I bought my FloBed when I was single and didn't have a ton of time to shop. I remember coming home to a huge package on my porch and couldn't wait to get my new bed put together. I loved it the moment I set it up...and 10 years later it is still an amazing bed! We are a military family and move around a lot so we have family visit all the time. EVERY person who sleeps on that bed compliments the quality of mattress I have in my guest room. Frequent guests look forward to the sleep they get while they visit. Thank you for a great product!

Heather M.

 I purchased my flobed about 12 years ago. I have tried to change mattresses and nothing comes close to sleeping on a flobed. Thanks Dave.
Chris C., Myrtle Beach , SC - 3/18/2016

 Hi David,

I wanted to share our experience with FloBeds after a month of owning the mattress. My wife and I are total opposites in life, and our mattress preferences were no different. She likes the soft yet supportive mattress, while I prefer a firmer supportive mattress.
We looked at most of the competitors products, and as a mechanical engineer, I put them under a lot of scrutiny. We didn't feel much comfort on the air filled beds, and the memory foam was too hard for my wife's liking. We also heard about the major viscosity changes the memory foam mattresses suffer from with temperature swings, so in a 1920's home like ours, we'd have experienced a number of different firmness' depending on the season.
After talking to a number of local mattress retailers, we were set on latex. It has that uplifting feel of a spring, without the pressure points, or fatigue, and the support of a memory foam, but without the initial stiffness and slow response of the visco-elastic foam. So, the first mattress store showed us their cheapest mattress, which utilized polyurethane foam base material with a 3" latex comfort layer for $3,500... The second showed us a nice plush talalay mattress, which I assumed came with a used car thanks to its $8,500 price tag... I was starting to think we'd be stuck with an inner spring, or one less kidney and a great mattress that still only one of us really loved. Then, I found FloBeds, and spent the next week trying to convince my wife to get over the fact that you can't just go to a store and try it out, which was a major holdup for her. Finally, after selling her on the product, the guarantee, and the fact that we could each have our own mattress preferences met, without having to buy 2 twin size beds and push them together, she caved.

The bed showed up about a week after we placed the order, which is pretty impressive for filling the order and shipping it from N. CA, to WNY. I worked a short day, and came home to meet the UPS driver when he dropped it off. It took me about an hour to setup the mattress by myself, but I'll admit that included a lot of playing around laying on each layer, testing out the differences, before finally putting the sheets on and finishing it.
Over the past month, we've changed the layers around a bit, and will probably use the Goldilocks guarantee to get a couple more cores to try out, but its really just to get every last drop of comfort we can out of this sleep system. The funniest part is, my wife likes my side of the bed (firm side) almost as much as hers, and I like hers almost as much I like mine! Its not like other beds I've been on. The firmness doesn't seem to affect the supportiveness, so while my wife's side is soft, and supple, it doesn't cave in under my glutes like other mattresses seem to. We're sleeping better, and feeling more refreshed.
I'll admit, the only issue we've found thus far is that the bed seems significantly smaller than our old Cal King, but that's probably because our dogs like it so much that they've decided to stake claim on our mattress, and just like my wife and I, they each have their own firmness preference!
Thanks so much for the top notch service, wonderful product, and world class guarantee. We'll be customers in the future for sure, and refer friends whenever we can. Everyone deserves this excellence!

Best regards, Matt and Danielle, Lancaster, NY - 3/16/2016

 I was a new customer although I have a number of friends who recommended I check out your beds, as they loved thiers.
I couldn't really visualize what the boxes would be like or how you could pack all the items in a box or two.
When they arrived i thought... maybe its the wrong size?then I opened the boxes (with a friend) and wow! what a packing miracle .

Of course I only read the directions half way through?it was so easy and actually fun ?I do love my bed and it feels good to support your company. Im glad that everything was perfect as i can't imagine how I could have repacked the boxes to send it back !!!?? Thanks again,
Diane S -- 3/16/2016

 I wanted to send you an email to say we are enjoying our Flobed. I think it is working and will continue to work really well. I do like the additional softness on my side. Will it hold up even though it is softer?
As far as UPS, our Flobed arrived promptly in 4 boxes through UPS. The driver was incredibly nice and accommodating and put the boxes in my garage as I requested. I was able to put the bed together easily by myself using the directions included. It is a split queen with customized firmness levels on each side so the pieces were manageable to handle myself. It fits perfectly on top of our platform bed. The materials are very high quality. My husband and I have been sleeping on it for about 5 weeks. My husband says his back feels better since getting this mattress. I am glad I spoke with you and followed your suggestions regarding firmness. You were right. Thanks very much for your help.

A friend of mine may be ordering a Flobed based on my recommendation. She is going to come and lay on our bed and I will show her the inside of the bed. Do you offer your current customers a bonus for sending new customers?

Thank you again, Dave.

Robin Y, Albuquerque, NM -- 3/16/2016

Robin, yes, we do offer a thank you to our FloBeds Owners who spread the word. We offer a Twice Fluffed Pillow in the size of your choice.


I remember when the bed arrived. Those boxes are really sturdy and the bed so easily fits inside due to its modular design. I have to tell you, I hung on to those boxes for a while just in case I was going to move but after 10 years I had to let them go to recycling.

My wife Virginia and I love our bed.

We have had it for over ten years and it continues to give us a great night?s sleep, the construction is solid, the support is great and we just enjoy staying in bed.

The only maintenance activity we perform is taking the mattress apart each year and putting it back together. I?m not really sure its recommended but it just seems right!

Thanks for constructing such a great bed.

Best, John W., Carpinteria, CA - 3/16/2016

First, I couldn't believe that a bed the caliber of a Flobed could be delivered by mail to my home. The quality of craftsmanship, the specific catering to my request, and the size of the bed I ordered all made me wonder how they would deliver on their promise to bring this custom bed to my doorstep by UPS. It was less than two weeks when the large boxes arrived. They were all stacked neatly on my porch. I couldn't wait to dig in and see how this bed was packaged with wooden box spring and layers of latex in these boxes.

To my wonder, the latex was vacuum packed, neatly fitting into each box. The instructions were simple to follow and I'm not a "do it yourself" sort of guy. One of my primary concerns was that something would be damaged in the process of delivery. I was very excited to see that there was not a scratch or dent or scuff on any of the parts of the bed. I have enjoyed manipulating the bed to make it most comfortable for my physical needs. It was so nice not having to transport the bed from a factory and instead have it show up right on my doorstep in only a matter of days.

Todd T. M.D. - 3/16/2016

 Dear Dave,

We actually are first time FloBed buyers. Our daughter, Lisa, bought a FloBed about four or five years ago. She had done a lot of research on latex mattresses, (with allergies we did not want to go the memory foam route) and decided that FloBed was the one for her. She loved her new mattress and urged us to try it. Boy was she right! We knew that we wanted that kind of a mattress.

When we knew it was time to replace our old traditional mattress, we looked at foam mattress ourselves, and, like Lisa, decided on a FloBed. When it arrived, I thought "Is that the whole bed or is more coming"? It was the whole bed! I've got to say I love it! It is so comfortable. I like that we were able to custom fit the layers to our individual comfort. I wanted my side to have a little more support and my husband wanted his side to be a little softer. We moved around the layers, experimented, and finally hit on the perfect combination for each of us. I love that there is no hard ridge between the sides and we can sleep in comfort anywhere on the bed, even spralling onto both sides at the same time. I can guarantee that as other bed need new mattresses, we will be replacing the old mattresses with "the most comfortable bed ever" a FloBed.

Sincerely, Lesley and Jerry., Roseville, MN -3/16/2016

 We spent a lot of time researching buying a mattress online from a company halfway across the country. 43 years of marriage and 6 mattresses later we finally got it right with a Flobed. You can go ahead and do the research or you can take my word that this will be the last mattress you will ever buy for many, many years. It is hard to imagine a mattress packaged and shipped in just 2 boxes, but that?s how a Flobed comes and it's not only easy to set up but fun too. Think of those flattened sponges that swell up when you put them in water! That's fun to watch, right? Well, that's how a Flobed mattress come to life when you take it out of the packaging.

The research is the hard part, that is if you want to do the research, but the easy part is slipping into your bed at night and sleeping on what feels like a cloud. The only other hard part is traveling and sleeping in hotels and wishing you were back home in your very own customized Flobed.

Rob and Christine G., St. Louis, Missouri - 3/16/2016

 We love our Flo-Bed!

My husband was having trouble sleeping, and therefore I was as well! We decided to try the Flo-Bed as it could be customized for each of us. It was a god send! My husband has his side, and I have mine. We both now sleep so well.

We loved getting the boxes in the mail. The instructions were easy to follow, and we had it all together in no time. We had to make a few adjustments, but Flo-Bed was so wonderful to work with. They sent out what we needed, and now we sleep like babies!

This bed is wonderful and we absolutely love it. We highly recommend it.

Thanks so much for your wonderful product.

Valerie & Chris S., - 3/16/2016

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FloBeds invents the organic natural mattress you can change It all starts with a good foundation... made with sustainably harvested pine for the Organic and Natural bed of choice. Goldilocks Was Right... FloBeds is Just Right Decorators choose FloBeds