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  • FloBeds The Original Natural Personally Engineered Mattress
    FloBeds The Original Natural Personally Engineered Mattress
    Made in USA 1-800-356-2337
    live person guaranteed


    The Original Personally Crafted Latex Mattress... because your body deserves it!

    FloBeds Sleep Products

    The Original Custom Latex Mattresses, Linens, Pillows and more...

    We have been helping folks get the right sleep since 1971. We are dedicated to our customers and their mattresses. In 1997 we created the first adjustable latex mattress. Other companies thought we were crazy. They are not laughing now... the are trying to copy our design and our business model. They might come close with the layers of latex, but they might has well be from Mars when it comes to Customer Service... no one can provide the level of service FloBeds does. We always have... we always will. As they say: "Often imitated, never duplicated."

    Natural Latex Mattress

    Natural Latex Mattress

    The fineset mattress components we can find go into our Natural Latex Mattress Line. 100% Natural Talalay surrounded by Organic Cotton quilted to Organic Wool. There is no better latex than all natural Talalay. Good for you, good for the whole world.

    FloBeds Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses

    Original Talalay Latex Mattress

    Original Latex Mattresses

    Find your perfect support layer and get the sleep you deserve. The Orignal line is made with our orginal blended Talalay Latex. It is 30% natural latex and 70% synthetic latex). Our unique interchangealbe latex layer system is surrounded with 100% Natural Cotton quilted to Natural Wool. Our foundations are made with FSC certified pine.

    FloBeds Original Talalay Mattresses

    Compare Latex Mattresses

    Compare Latex Mattresses

    Compare FloBeds Original Talalay Latex Mattress and Natural Talalay Latex Mattresses. We started selling our Original Latex Mattress in 1996. It was the first layered latex mattress that allowed you to adjust the firmness after you received it. Many of our customers requested natural latex, but it was not then made in the superior Talalay method of producting latex. We finally convinced Latex International (now Talalay Global) to start making Natural Talalay in 2005.

    Compare Original Talalay and Natural Talalay Mattresses

    Big and Tall Mattresses

    Big and Tall Mattresses

    Tired of getting a new mattress only to find you are sleeping in a hole? Our talalay latex with firmness combinations of Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra Firm and Super Firm will combine for the perfect level support... and Talalay Latex will only lose 5% of its firmness over 10 years. The perfect support material for our Big and Tall friends. We add a layer of horsehair for natural air conditioning, helping to keep you sleeping cool.

    FloBeds Big and Tall Mattresses

    Vegan Mattresses

    Vegan Mattresses

    All the natural support of a FloBed made without wool for our Vegan customers. Find your perfect support layer and get the sleep you deserve. The Vegan line is made of Organic Cotton over Natural Wool. Our foundations are made with FSC certified pine. Good for you, good for the whole world.

    FloBeds Vegan Mattresses

    Student Mattress

    Student Mattresses

    We remember our student days as endless summers... but sometimes they have endless nights, too! We are not the only ones who need our beauty/brain sleep. Make sure your student gets the sleep they need.

    FloBeds Student Mattresses

    Crib Mattress

    Crib Mattresses

    There is nothing more precious than a baby! We have made a simple, pure and safe mattress for your baby crib. A cover made of Organic Cotton quilted to Organic Wool surrounding 100% Natural Latex from the rubber tree. One sider firmer for starting out. The other side a smidge softer as they grow.

    FloBeds Crib Mattresses

    Custom Mattress

    Custom Mattresses

    Have an beautiful antique bedstead with an ancient mattress that is killing you? Suffer no more! FloBeds will make any of our mattress lines in the size and shape you need... only 10% more than the size nearest your size. Does your Sailboat need a mattress that fits the v-berth AND fits down the companionway into the cabin? Do you want a mattress int the round?

    FloBeds Custom Mattresses

    linens and sheets


    Enjoy Dreamfit 300 and 400 threadcount fine linen sets, made with the patented fitted sheets that won't come off.

    100% Cotton Linens



    FloBed pillows made with Talalay Latex. From Pincore traditional pillows to our adjustable firmness Twice Fluffed Shredded Latex Pillows.


    Custom Mattress

    Mattress Protectors

    Add a mattress protector that breathes and helps you sleep cool. Machine washable wool quilted in a 100% Cotton covering.

    Mattress Protectors

    Goldilocks Was Right... FloBeds is Just Right Talk about a hard days night! Combined with Organic Cotton and Organic Wool... our Natural Latex Mattress is as clean as it gets! Organic Wool from Happy Flo Sheep Restored body upon awakening.