Heavy Duty European Slat Foundation E.King

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King Size (76×80) Heavy Duty Euro Slat foundation.  Recommend for sleepers 240lbs and up.

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Heavy Duty Euro Slat Bed Foundation

Contouring bent beech slats provide both give and rotation, constantly responding to the shifting planes of your body, keeping your spine straight.

Contouring bent beech slat suspension

-Provide both give and rotation.
-Constantly respond to the shifting planes of your body.
-Keeps your spine straight and give just the right amount of support.
-Bent-Beech Slats are an incredibly durable mattress base. They won’t break, crack or bend out of shape.

 Europeans adopted this Swiss invention 50 years ago

-Slat-style beds account for about 80% of the sales in Europe.>
-Some 200 million people worldwide now sleep on flexible slat bed foundations.

Adjustable Firmness

-Slats in our Euro sleep system can be individually adjusted.
-Simply slide the cambers to provide less or more resistance according to your comfort needs.
-Adjust to provide the comfort and support your body deserves now and years from now after bodies change over time due to weight gain or loss, back or muscle problems, etc.

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