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  • FloBeds The Original Natural Personally Engineered Mattress
    FloBeds The Original Natural Personally Engineered Mattress
    Made in USA 1-800-356-2337
    live person guaranteed


    The Original Personally Crafted Latex Mattress... because your body deserves it!

    Latex Mattress: Natural & Blended | Queen

    Compare our Natural Latex Mattress featuring premium 100% Natural Talalay to our Original Talalay Latex. See how Deluxe compares to vZone or Select. All utilize the unique FloBeds invention of multi-layer latex cores to accommodate and adust to the firmness needs of each individual sleeper. Try our Mattress Selector to calculate your own individual firmness recommendation, or call us to walk you through the steps to your perfect night's sleep.
    Select Latex Mattress Organic Cotton Organic Wool


    2 cores/topper/cover

    9 inch mattress

    Our original personally crafted latex mattress, the Posture Select (click for specs, images & reviews) features a 2 layer latex core with a choice of 13 personal firmness variations FOR EACH SLEEPER.
    In a FloBed, there is no more comfort compromise between sleep partners! Each side is individually constructed to accommodate each sleepers firmness needs.
    FloBeds Latex
    Green Sheep Natural Mattress $1,699.00
    Every day good prices!


    Deluxe Latex Mattress Organic Cotton Organic Wool


    3 cores/topper/cover

    12 inch mattress

    With our Posture Deluxe Latex Mattress (click for specs, images & reviews), we did our Select one better by adding an additional core layer of premium Talalay latex. Our 3-layer-core Deluxe provides an extra layer of comfort, with more firmness personalization and flexibility to accommodate a wider range of body types, from small to extra large.

    FloBeds Latex
    Green Sheep Natural Mattress $2,299.00
    Every day good prices!


    vZone Latex Mattress Organic Cotton Organic Wool


    2 cores/vZone core/topper/cover

    12 inch mattress

    Our best selling latex mattress since its introduction in 2008, our Posture vZone (click for specs, images & reviews) features a personally "zoned" latex upper core to provide pressure point relief for hips and shoulders as well as additional lumbar support. The 2-core + vZone upper core is the perfect mattress for side & back sleepers.
    FloBeds Latex
    Green Sheep Natural Mattress $2,599.00
    Every day good prices!


    Go ahead: Judge a Mattress by its Cover

    All our latex mattress covers feature 100% Cotton Euro Stretch Knit quilted to 1 inch of 100% Pure Wool on top and needled wool quilted in the sides and bottom. Because wool is naturally fire-resistant, our mattress covers meet Federal Flammability standards naturally (without chemical or artificial additives).
    Under our luxurious cover you'll first experience 2 inches of pure "cush." Convoluted Talalay Latex provides pressure relief and comfort without diminishing the support qualities of the latex cores.

    Why Latex Foam Rubber?

    Latex, derived from the milk of the rubber tree, is naturally resilient and elastic. When converted into foam rubber it becomes an open-celled supportive yet conforming material ideally suited for your mattress. The FloBed system of three inch inter-changeable foam layers creates a customized mattress for each and every customer... that can be adjusted at anytime.

    The Talalay method of making foam rubber creates a more consistent and supple latex foam. Joseph Talalay invented a process that pours foamed liquid rubber into a mold with a vacuum to distribute evenly, flash freezes to lock in consistency and heats it up. The Talalay method takes five times as long as the regular Dunlop method.

    Latex firmness is measured in "indention load deflection" or ILD. The FloBeds layer system uses 5 firmnesses: Soft (22 ILD), Medium (28 ILD), Firm (32 ILD), Extra Firm (26 ILD) and SuperFirm (44 ILD).

    Organic-Natural or Original-Blended?

    Choose from 100% Natural Latex in our Organic Cotton & Wool Cover or Blended Latex (30% Natural Latex + 70% Synthetic Latex) in our 100% Cotton & Wool Cover, both processed using the Talalay method.
    Which is right for you?
    The apperance, touch, feel and performance are virtually the same, which is why FloBeds offers a 20 Year Warranty for BOTH our Blended and Natural Latex mattresses.
    The most recent testing demonstrates the less than 2% difference in natural latex softening versus the blended over ten years.

    Organic-Natural is the best choice for those looking for a chemical-free bed, although we have found that offgassing is NOT an issue with Original Latex.
    You'll be able to change to Natural or Blended Talalay Latex in the cart.

    Developing a Superior Mattress

    From 1979 to 1989 FloBeds FloCare division provided mattress warranty service in ten states for major department stores (JC Pennys and Sears as well regional chains). Soon several manufactures contracted with FloCare for their floation systems. In 1985 FloCare started making Floation Mattresses for JP Penny stores west of the Rocky Mountains. Simmons FloCare to expand into innerspring warranty and repair service. Inside an innerspring -- that was quite an eye-opener: we learned what failed in a mattress. When we saw latex foam rubber, we new it would be a far superior foam for the beddding industry. Latex foam is much more durable, comfortable and breathable than regular polyfoam or memory foam.
    The FloBeds Latex Mattress Sleep System was designed in 1997.
    We are flattered that SavvyRest, OMI, Lifekind, and other manufactures have followed our latex foam mattress lead... but, as they say: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

    Selling on the Internet

    Flom the beggining, FloBeds was intent on making "where to buy a latex mattress" easy. We also wanted to give our customers the confidence they could buy a mattress on the Internet (this was 1997), so we decided to guarantee you will love your mattress, or your money back. It takes dedication and attention to our exacting manufacturing standards to produce a product like ours. We never take short cuts.

    FloBeds is proud to be the company:

    * To manufacture a latex mattress that allowed each sleeper to have personalized comfort...
    * To produce a Natural Mattress with natural latex wherein the user could change the firmness on their side...
    * To offer a Goldilocks Guarantee which enables the user change firmesses for the 20 year life of their mattress...
    * To use wool as a natural fire barrier to meet the Federal Open Flame test for mattresses...
    * To provide personal service to guarantee that every mattress we sell is Just Right...

    ... and of course, to offer a 100 day Money Back Guarantee, because no one should have to sleep on a mattress they do not love!
    Life is too short to sleep on a cheap mattress.

    build your dream bed
    Natural Talalay Latex Deluxe Mattress
    FloBeds... one of Barbara Barry's favorite things UPS checks out what all these shipments from FloBeds are... a bed in a box! Organic Wool from Happy Flo Sheep It all starts with a good foundation... made with sustainably harvested pine for the Organic and Natural bed of choice. Organic Cotton