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  • FloBeds The Original Customized Latex Mattress
    FloBeds The Original Customized Latex Mattress
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    The Original Personally Crafted Latex Mattress... because your body deserves it!

    Notes: Fluid Mattress

    FloCare Medical
    FloCare Fluid Mattress
    No Longer in Production
    flobeds fluid mattress Notes From Real People
    A Letter From A Mother
    “I Love This Bed" 
    (A letter from someone sleeping on the FloCare Fluid Mattress.)

    Notes From HealthCare Professionals
    Home Care

    A Letter From The Inventor


    A Letter From A Mother

    I am writing this letter because I have a new product recommendation to share with the community of folks who are mobility impaired. My son has a degenerative disease (SMA II) that makes it impossible for him to turn himself in bed. For many years I have been up at night constantly turning and adjusting him for comfort. While he has a standard hospital bed that allows him to sit up unaided, it has done nothing toward relieving his discomfort. The use of an alternating pressure pad did not help, as a matter of fact he actually woke up stiffer in the morning.

    About a year ago, he underwent a spinal fusion surgery, which increased his discomfort in bed. Upon recommendation I decided to try a FloCare Fluid Pressure Relief Mattress, a newly designed mattress that was supposed to be pretty amazing. The mattress itself is a hybrid, combining the technology of comfort found in a waterbed with the flexibility and lightweight component of a standard hospital mattress.

    When my son slept on a typical mattress before, even with sheepskin and any combination of soft surfaces under him, he could only tolerate a maximum of twenty minutes on his back before his tailbone went to sleep. This caused a terrible sensation especially as it came stinging back to life The very first night on the new FloCare mattress, my son fell to sleep easily and didn’t wake up for five hours, on his back. this was the longest stretch of sleep he had had in about 6-8 months.

    Secondarily to the incredible comfort this bed offered, the fact that the water is heated helped the circulation to his lower body. Previously, we had to work to keep his legs and feet warm, i.e. wool socks, heated socks, hot water bottles, etc. This mattress has alleviated this problem almost completely.

    Another distinct change was that my son now can stay in bed, in a sitting up position, without any discomfort. Again, when using the standard hospital bed mattress, he could only sit for about twenty minutes before his bottom would get sore or go numb. This just does not occur at all anymore.

    The hospital bed motor handles this mattress easily and the slight increase in the electricity bill is not noticeable and mostly seasonal. The water stays room temperature typically, so we only turn the heater on for 5-6 months of the year.

    I can’t say enough good things about this mattress. Not only has it increased the well-being of the whole family, because we all sleep better now, but the quality of my son’s life has improved, both physically and mentally. His comfort level in bed is excellent, his body temperature more balanced and equally important, he feels more in control of his life, because there is somewhere besides his wheelchair that he can occupy comfortably.

    I think this mattress would be especially beneficial for those with neuromuscular diseases as well as for those with spinal-injuries. I also think hospitals should be petitioned to replace all their standard mattresses with this new type, especially for post-surgical patients.


    Beth Szychowski
    November 1995

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    “I Love This Bed”

    A Note From A Person Using The FloCare Fluid Mattress

    “I can’t move from my neck down as a result of an auto accident 17 years ago. I love this bed. Next month I will have been on it for a year. Before, when I was down, I was down for the day. Non-functioning down. Now I can use my adaptive equipment, my computer and other things while on this mattress. While in law school, there were times I had to study in bed. There will be times I will have to work from bed. This bed has enabled me.

    I have tried regular waterbeds, but could not raise my head. I have tried water overlays, but they have not lasted. I have tried gel, but had skin problems. Egg-crate foam also did not work for my skin. Die-cut foam worked for the first month or so, then compressed and gave me problems.

    I love this bed because it doesn’t wear down. It is always real soft and I haven’t had any skin problems. I don’t need to be turned at night. It is not to too watery. The top is smooth and the edges firm enough to make it easy for me to be cared for. And maintenance is totally easy.

    I love this bed.

    Holly Caudill, Law Clerk
    U.S. Attorneys Office, Eastern State of Washington
    C-4 Quadriplegic.

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    Notes From Healthcare Professionals -- Home Care

    The FloCare mattress has provided much needed relief for my client, a 73 year old lady with Multiple Sclerosis. She has been bedridden since 1988. She has been on a traditional hospital bed mattress with foam overlayment during this time. When I started her care, one year ago, she had chronic stage II pressure ulcers in three areas on her buttocks and coccyx. She could not tolerate pressure ulcer dressings because they would tear her skin when changed. She also could not tolerate air filled mattresses due to the noise and vibration of the pump.

    When I discussed the FloCare System with her, she was willing to give it a try. Her only concern was the fluid mattress being too cool. She is very sensitive to temperature changes, both heat and cold due to her M.S.

    She has been on the FloCare Fluid Pressure Relief Mattress for about three months, using the temperature control at 78 degrees. Two of her chronic ulcers have resolved completely. She states the bed is very comfortable in any position and the even temperature keeps her extremities warm. The warmth of the bed has eliminated the risk of using a heating pad on her feet. She has suffered 2nd degree burns from heating pads in the past.

    The FloCare bed has improved her overall quality of life at a crucial time.


    Debra Gay BSN, RN
    November 1995

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    Notes From Healthcare Professionals - Facilities

    “Sherwood Oaks Health Center has been using the FloCare Pressure Relief Mattress in the treatment of pressure areas on several of our residents.

    We have found the FloCare Mattress simple to set up and easy to maintain. The bed and mattress can be moved as a unit, with the assistance of only two people when making room transfers. The housekeeping department has found it easy to clean and nursing assistants have commented on the ease of making the bed.

    The healing process of pressure areas has been expedited by the use of the FloCare Mattress and the resident’s comfort is remarkably increased.
    Healing time is far superior to the results found when using die-cut foam mattresses.

    The last resident that was on the mattress was an older lady whose condition was deteriorating and who had developed a pressure area on her coccyx. We were unable to resolve the area with other measures we had employed, however, we were able to heal the area when she was placed on the temperature controlled fluid mattress.

    In addition, because joint pain is one of the most prevalent complaints of the older long term care resident, we have found the warmth of the FloCare Mattress to be very soothing to their aches and pains, often requiring less medication to control their pain. Pricing is in a range that is reachable for families whose relatives are not covered by Medicare or medical benefits.. It is feasible that this could be within the reach of the facility to purchase several FloCare Fluid Pressure Relief Mattresses to use on residents where pressure reduction is primary in their care.

    Rosemary Brown, Administrator
    Sherwood Oaks Health Center, Fort Bragg, CA

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    “I must tell you that your mattress fulfilled its function to perfection.”

    Dr. Carlos Rodrigues Moya, Geriatrics
    Santo Domingo, DR

    "I am very pleased that she remains free of decubitus for the last year.”

    Linda Abbot, RN,
    Miami, FL

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    A Letter From The Inventor

    Thank you for your interest in the FloCare Fluid Mattress. This bed is a remarkably simple alternative to support surfaces that can lead to pressure ulcers. And it is also incredibly comfortable. But I’m not the best person to tell you about these qualities of the FloCare Mattress. The notes and letters from people using the mattress included with this letter can better convey the benefits of the bed. Instead, I’d like to tell you about how the product came into existence. And then I’d like to tell you about our plan for distributing the FloCare Fluid Mattress.

    In 1979 I got a call from a man in Florida. He was a quadriplegic and was looking for a waterbed that could work on an adjustable hospital base. He knew, as many of you do, about the benefits of fluid support.

    I called people I knew in the industry, and finally found a product that claimed to do what we needed. I ordered it. But when I inspected it, I was dismayed It was cheaply made.. The temperature could not be controlled. It came only in cold. I knew a better product could be designed.

    That was 1991. We now have one patent issued and a second forthcoming.

    I believe this product will help people live a more comfortable pain free life. In many instances it will save lives that might be lost to the complications of pressure ulcers. I believe in this mattress.

    I hope this information is useful to you,

    Dave Turner

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