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Draining a Waterbed


If you follow these simple steps, you will completely drain your waterbed while you read the day's news.


2) Burp all the air out of the mattress. (put towel by valve)

3) Burp out the air again! You must get all the air out.

4) Put cap back on mattress to keep air from going in.

5) Put hose-extension on end of hose.

6.) *Step 6 is only for Upstairs Drain*
Coil hose and bring to bedroom. Open window and lower end that connects to faucet to ground. Point hose outside!

7.) Connect hose to faucet outside. Run water until hose stops spurting, meaning all air is out of hose. Turn off hose, but leave connected.

8.) Take hose-extension end of hose through window to bed. Open valve and insert hose-extension into mattress. (If you've done steps 1-7, you will spill a little water, but have a towel there to catch it)

9.) Disconnect hose from outside faucet and take to lowest spot in yard it will reach.

10) Read the newspaper or go shopping. Your bed will be vacuumed packed :=)

It all starts with a good foundation... made with sustainably harvested pine for the Organic and Natural bed of choice. FloBeds... one of Barbara Barry's favorite things Goldilocks Was Right... FloBeds is Just Right UPS checks out what all these shipments from FloBeds are... a bed in a box! Restored body upon awakening.