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FloBeds The Original Natural Personally Engineered Mattress
FloBeds The Original Natural Personally Engineered Mattress

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The Original Personally Crafted Latex Mattress... because your body deserves it!

FloBeds, The Original Personally Crafted Natural Latex Mattress

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Latex Mattress

Good for you... Good for the Whole World


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  • AirFrame WaterMattress
  • Components for Somma
  • Draining a Water Mattress
  • FloCore Latex Mattress Owners Manual (PDF)
  • SoftSide Waterbed Mattress and WaterBed Components
  • Somma Flotation
  • Waterbed Conditioner
  • Linens

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    Combined with Organic Cotton and Organic Wool... our Natural Latex Mattress is as clean as it gets! FloBeds... one of Barbara Barry's favorite things Organic Wool from Happy Flo Sheep Restored body upon awakening. Decorators choose FloBeds