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  • FloBeds The Original Natural Personally Engineered Mattress
    FloBeds The Original Natural Personally Engineered Mattress
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    live person guaranteed


    The Original Personally Crafted Latex Mattress... because your body deserves it!
    organic mattress organic cotton & wool sunset organic mattress organic cotton & wool sunset

    Latex Mattress

    We re-invented sleep... for your body:

    From Top to bottom, side to side, and even head to toe--we'll make the latex mattress that works for you.

    customize Natural latex bed organic mattress sleep products
    all talalay organic mattresss

    Talalay Latex Mattresses: Better than the Rest

    For Comfort:
    • Talalay foam rubber naturally conforms to the body.
    • Talalay Latex Mattresses made with layers have a customized firmness for each sleeper and can be adjusted.
    For Sustainabillity:
    • Talalay Latex Mattress products show a considerable reduction of dust mites: 60%--75% in the span of 4 weeks.
    • Talalay Latex mattresses will outlast mattresses made with polyurethane foam.

    What is in a Talalay organic mattress?

    rubber plantation with bucket of latex milk in every FloBeds organic mattress All our latex mattresses are made with Talalay Latex, the premier material in bedding. Talalay delivers a unique buoyant but conforming quality which relaxes muscles and relieves tension, lifting away the pressures of the day while you sleep. Other mattress foams may feel good in the showroom, but start to fail with in the first few years. Talalay lasts five times as long as regular foam, and outlasts regular latex too.

    That's because we spend five times as long making it! How is it made? The liquid latex is foamed and placed into special molds. The molds are sealed and a vacuum is applied, evenly distributing the foamed latex and removing air bubbles and pockets. It is flash-frozen, locking in a consistent latex density from head-to-foot. The mold is heated and latex "cooked" for several hours. After removing the latex core from the mold, it goes through a 5 stage washing process and is then cured and dried. Even though it takes longer to make and costs more, we use layers of Talalay Latex from top to bottom in our FloBed Latex Mattress. This allows you to re-configure your firmness layers to your requirements and always have the superior Talalay close to your body.

    FloBeds pays careful attention to detail at every step in the manufacturing process to make certain this amazing Talalay feel comes through in the finished product and is adjustable and serviceable for the lifetime of your latex mattress.

    Latex Mattresses Personally Engineered and Crafted for You

    FloBeds stocks the widest range of Talalay Latex, from our super-soft convoluted topper to our 5 core options of soft 22 ILD, medium 28 ILD, firm 32 ILD, extra firm 36 ILD and super firm 44 ILD. Because of this you can rest assured we can make a organic latex mattress for you that is too soft or too firm... but our claim to fame is that we guarantee we will get it "Just Right", or your money back. Are you a side sleeper who has issues with your shoulders or hips? Consider adding our vZone layer that is a zone layer made up of individual zones for your body encased in a single organic cotton cover with zippered zone pockets. Just roll it out when you get it. If you find you need it softer or firmer in one place, we will send you, at no charge, the appropriate Talalay Zone to reconfigure your natural latex mattress. Simply unzip the zone pocket and replace with the new firmness. We stock for both our Original Latex Mattress as well as our Natural Talalay Latex Mattress. FloBeds, as Goldilocks says, is always: Just Right.

    100 Day Money Back Guarantee

    100 Day Money Back Guarantee

    If we can't get your Latex Mattress "just right" within 100 days we will refund your purchase price. No restocking fee, no questions asked. Make Sure Your Latex Mattress is always "Just Right" With The Goldilocks Guarantee. Change your firmness anytime for the 20 year life of your new latex mattress. Life happens, change is inevitable... make sure your latex mattress can change with you!

    Goldilocks Guarantee

    Latex Mattress - Exploded View

    The FloBed Natural Latex Mattress

    1. Cover: Made with organic cotton EuroKnit quilted to 1" organic wool. info
    2. Comfort Layer: 2" Talalay latex convoluted for pressure relief, comfort and air flow is the top layer of our Latex Mattress.
    3. vZone Layer: 3" Talalay zones to provide targeted pressure
    4. Core Layer: 3" Talalay latex Soft, Medium, Firm, X-Firm or SuperFirm. Each sleeper gets a Just Right firmness.

    5. Core Layer: 3" Talalay latex Soft, Medium, Firm, X-Firm or SuperFirm. Each sleeper gets a Just Right firmness.

    6. Euro Slat Foundation: Contouring bent beech slats from Europe to provide both give and rotation, responding to the shifting planes of your body The perfect support for your Latex Mattress.

    Cover info Cover

    You can't judge a mattress by its cover... but it's a good place to start. The FloBeds cover euro knit cotton in our latex mattressis made with Organic Cotton four-way stretch cotton knit quilted to Organic Wool. When the Consumer Product Safety Commission ruled that all mattresses sold in the United States must be able to withstand two open flame torches (one to the top for 60 seconds and one to the side for 50 seconds) we refused to add the fire retardant or other artificial ingredients found in today's mattresses. We always used wool on top of our latex mattresses because of its great qualities: comfortable, breathable and it wicks one-third its weight in moisture away from the sleeper. In addition it always allowed us to pass the California cigarette burn test, which was the nation's most stringent test uporganic cotton and wool cover our organic mattress until 2007 and the introduction of the Standard for the Flammability of Mattress Sets (Open Flame Test) Consumer Product Safety Commission - 16 CFR Part 1633.

    We make our covers to exacting standards. They are sized to be 1/2 inch smaller than the latex mattress cores that go into it, holding them slightly compresses to avoid shifting.

    vZone info in the Latex Organic Mattress vZone        vZone cotton encasement

    unzip vZone for latex exchange   vZone latex zones allow you to micro-tune the latex mattress firmness for each zone of your body.
    The vZone latex zones allow you to change the firmness of any zone on your body. Most of us will want to consider the Shoulder Zone, Lumbar Zone and Hip Zone. This is especially important for side sleepers who often complain of shoulder or hip pressure points or an aching back from making the spine bridge the area between shoulder and hip. Your latex mattress should be designed for you!
    We recommend that the lumbar zone always be the firmness of the latex mattress core directly beneath it. With a softer shoulder zone and softer hip zone you will achieve the firmness differential required to provide you with pressure relief. The vZone layer is shipped in one-piece. You roll it out and it is ready to go. The secret is that on the under side of the organic cotton vZone encasement each zone has a zipper to allow the easy change of firmness. The hip zone is perhaps the most important. When we isolate the hip area in your natural latex mattress and change the firmness of just that zone, your spinal alignment is changed. Pressure relief, spinal alignment... no wonder the vZone is our most popular latex mattress.

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