05 Aug

FloBeds visits Latex Supplier Talalay Global

Dave inspects Talalay latex core in production

Visit to Talalay Global (formally Latex International) in Connecticut

Dave visits Latex International again in 2009 and checks out the plant!
This company provides FloBeds with the ingredients to make the best talalay latex mattress in the world.

Dave report to work

Reporting to work.

You, Robot... over here!

Hey you, Robot… over here!

Robot, reporting for duty...

Lets make an Extra Firm Core.

Robot goes to work

Nice and smooth… easy now.

Looking Good

Nice work, if I don’t say so myself.

VP Kevin congratulates Dave on making a great mattress

VP Kevin Stein
congratulates me on my great latex mattress!

Dave makes a core

Oh! I just love this stuff!

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